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May, 2015:

General Aviation Day

Our own airplane is down for the annual inspection so we opted for visiting the airport to check out General Aviation Day at Paine Field.  We were able to see many of the old airplanes fly, including this Hellcat, which is the type of plane Rob’s Grandpa Chuck flew.  In this picture Great Grandpa Chuck is on the left.

Showing off the double koala carry which has been mastered this past week with our recent injuries.

As always Cooper keeps us laughing.  One of the highlights, perhaps “the” highlight for Cooper of aviation day was checking out what was inside each of the cones on the way back to the car.  He is definitely catching his Daddy’s love of airplanes, but he is also almost 3 so there are many distractions everywhere we go.

Magic Grass

Today, when unloading the car from our Costco trip, the boys sat in this small grassy square for more than 15 minutes.  It was a miracle that Nicholas didn’t take off crawling across the pavement in any direction.  It is probably due to them missing the feeling of grass since we have been reseeding ours for the last month and so we haven’t been playing on it.

Cooper is a big fan of the need to water our lawn 2-3 times a day when it is sunny out while the new grass seeds grow.


The picture we sent to Daddy before we headed to the doctor

A day we were really hoping would never happen in our house.  Cooper’s first broken bone.  As he tells the story “I was trying to tackle Mama.”  We were sitting on the floor of his bedroom doing our normal getting dressed routine which includes some falling over hugs/tackles.  This morning that hug/tackle resulted in Cooper landing perfectly wrong on his left shoulder.  I am at a loss for words; it was on the softest flooring in our house, he fell 2′ at most since I was sitting when it happened and we have done it so many times before.

An x-ray confirmed a “buckled” broken left collarbone.  Luckily Daddy had driven to work that day and was able to come home quickly and meet us at the doctor’s office.  Carrying both kids was challenging, not impossible, but it was so nice to have a 1:1 ratio for Cooper when he got there.

Within a few hours Cooper was in really good spirits again.  We were given an x-small sling for him to wear for 2 weeks.  A highlight of the day was when he saw his reflection in the window and said “I have a purse” with a huge smile.  This kid loves purses and is thrilled that his sling looks like a purse.

For naps and night time Cooper used his alligator to help support his arm.  It took a couple of days for him to really learn what movements would hurt him, but he seemed to adjust very quickly.


Alki with the Mashruwalas

Sunshine and two very brave/partly crazy mama’s resulted in a very fun adventure.  We really wanted to meet the newest member of the Mashruwala family and decided to give the boys a play to dig in the sand at the same time.

We met up at Alki beach where the boys loved digging holes and building sand castles.

Cooper headed back from his water gathering trip.

After the digging wrapped up we decided to be even braver and headed out to eat with 5 kids under 5.  We walked to Fatburger and everyone did impressively well.  We both know we were very lucky to have such success, but it also makes us want to try it again.

Kite Flying

Nicholas’ first time flying a kite.  He had this skill mastered in just a few minutes.  Cooper was really afraid to hold the kite and really didn’t want Nicholas to hold it either.  When inquiring more it came out he was worried the kite would take them away like it did to Curious George in one of the stories.


Cupcake is very special to me, my grandma made it for me when I was little.  A side note, yes the name confirms I have had a sweet tooth my entire life.  It has spent every night of Cooper’s life under his crib.  Recently he has been dragging it out to play with it and today at nap time he asked for it in his bed with him.

We never imagined he would sleep under it and as you can tell from his very rosy cheeks it must have been incredibly warm under there.

To show size of Cooper and Cupcake and how we were suggesting he snuggles with the dog instead of sleeping under it during future naps.