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May, 2015:


This week’s family PEPS hike had nearly full attendance with Grandma and Grandpa joining us as a bonus.  It has been so much fun to adventure out into nature with so many kiddos and see it from their perspective.

We are not the quietest bunch hiking, but we have the most fun.

Nicholas loves to swing.

First Haircut

I was a bit nervous to see how Nicholas would take to his first haircut and tackling dual boy haircuts by myself.  He was an angel, just sitting there so still and taking it all in while Diane cut his hair.  He even wore the cap and didn’t need any of the bribing treats I brought along.  Cooper helped keep his attention by being silly when she needed him to look a certain way.

Cooper’s turn was next and he wore the cape and sat in the chair all by himself.  He did remember that he was offered candy from Diane last time and was quick to check in to make sure that was going to be offered again after a successful haircut.

Our boys sharing the barber chair showing off their fresh new cuts.  Do you think they might be brothers? 🙂

Special Day with Doris

We adventured out to meet a very dear friend of my Grandma’s, Doris Rummel, today. She turns 90 this fall and is exactly how I remember her from 20+ years ago.  I have very special memories of camping with her and my grandparents’ camping group and was excited to introduce her to our boys.  I brought the baby blanket she made for my mom when I was born making this picture even more special.  It sure did make me miss my grandparents, but I am so thankful I got to spend some time reminiscing and catching up with Doris.

15 months


Length: 31.25 in. (48%)

Weight: 24 lbs 1 ozs (68%) – Up 51% from his 12 month appointment!  This makes the oily fatty messes at meal time these past 3 months completely worth it.

Head Circumference: 19.5 in. (98%)

Doctor check-up

Development:  Signing added: “down” by pointing to the ground, “up” by raising his arms and “help” by hitting his chest in a tarzan fashion.  Climbing stairs, can get up both flights in less than 2 minutes.  Can slide down stairs safely, but has trouble getting lined up to get started.  Started cruising on furniture and a little bit between objects.  Nicholas can now pick up something off the floor while standing and stand back up again.

Nicholas is getting so good at stairs he now tries to sneak toys up with him

Nicholas still doesn’t mind riding in the carrier, but he prefers the view when riding on your back instead of front.

Physical: now in 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  His bottom right molar is completely through giving him 9 teeth.  The other 3 molars are bulging under his gums.

Eating:  Loves bananas and yogurt.  Will eat almost anything and eating large quantities.  Still drinks less than 8 ounces s a day with 3 nursings.  Nicholas pretty much insists on having a utensil in his hand when he is eating.  He is starting to sign “eat” when he sees something he wants instead of grunting or screaming which is a very pleasant change.

Sleeps solid 2-3 hours for nap time at 1pm and 7pm – 6:30am overnight.  The morning nap is usually 30-60 minutes of moving around the crib before 20 minutes of sleeping.  During his morning nap is when Cooper and I get ready.

Firsts: Flying a kite and Dentist visit

Last Day of Toddler Group

Today Cooper graduated from Woodinville Toddler Group.  He has been in this program once a week for the past two years.  It was really cute to see him so proud getting his certificate and crossing over the bridge.  We are so proud of how much he has grown during this time and look forward to what new things preschool will bring next year.

First day of toddler group 2 years ago and first day of toddler group this year.

Nicholas definitely warmed up to the toddler group and started making some of the art projects and playing in the sensory tables these last couple of months.  He is still most happy when I am in the room and holding him unless there is something really cool that catches his eye, such as this squirt bottle.

Nicholas will be the one holding the sign next year as he starts his own Woodinville Toddler Group experience.

Pretend Books

Cooper’s imagination has really grown in recent weeks.  We now have two invisible books we read after his 3 standard bedtime books.  The first one is about a boy who goes to the potty.  The second one he takes with him to the potty and we read when he returns.  It is about a boy who goes to sleep.


Today Grandpa and I tackled the boys’ first dual dentist visit.  It was Nicholas’ first time and he did great letting them brush and even paint the fluoride on his teeth.  Cooper showed off his brushing and spitting skills at their kid sized sink.  He was a bit nervous, rightfully so after having his tooth pulled at the last visit, and really didn’t want anything to do with the exam chair or dentist.  She was very understanding and we now have two “fun” dentist visits before the next check-up to help ease Cooper’s concerns about going to the dentist.  Perhaps this will help all of us learn to like the dentist 🙂

Broken – 1 Week Update

Cooper checks Nicholas’ collarbone to make sure that he hasn’t broken his too.  It has been one week and you would never guess Cooper has a broken collarbone except for the fact that he is still wearing his sling.  He had one fall, at toddler group, where his cry made me think he may have re-broken it, but he was better within a couple of hours.

Here he is busy tearing apart cheese sticks for toddler group snack and using both arms pretty equally.  We had to go to the doctor (Nicholas fell backwards in his chair so we were getting his head checked for signs of concussion.  Yes it has been one of those weeks…) and when the doctor was pressing on Cooper’s collarbone he didn’t flinch or react at all.

The sling position after sleeping is usually above his elbow now.  We can change Cooper’s shirt without a complaint now and early on that caused him the most discomfort.




Building “Seattle”

We had heard of the “why” stage and naively thought we might skip it because we were so good at explaining things to Cooper.  Joke was on us.  As Rob put it, “Cooper has adapted “5 whys” for his own use. I call it “500 whys”.”  This has been an incredibly eye opening stage of development making us really thing about exactly “why” something is the way it is.  The increase in asking “why” wasn’t gradual, it just exploded today and is holding steady in frequency.


We love that Cooper and Nicholas appear to enjoy the outdoors as much as their parents do.  Today Cooper helped me tackle planting the garden.  He wanted to dig one of the rows for the seeds.  When the line was more curvy than straight, I took it as an opportunity for the perfectionist in me to let go a little knowing the seeds would be just as happy to grow in a not perfectly straight line.  I then left Cooper in the garden while I pulled weeds nearby.  I heard him talking about digging and making piles.  This is when I realized he was moving shovels full of dirt/seeds all around the garden.  We can only wait and see where plants will be popping up this year.  Planting with kiddos makes it more fun even if it means letting go a little too.