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April, 2015:

14 Months

Development: Nicholas mastered 5 signs in just a week.  He can now say: more, all done, change (diaper changes), milk and eat.  He quickly put his pulling-up skills to the test and started using a walker to walk the entire length of the living room.

Nicholas has started climbing the stairs, but is still working on how to get down them safely.  He loves when you call to him on the stairs like he got caught.  He then rests his head on the stair above him and tucks his arms under his belly with a huge grin on his face.

We read the same book to him every night before bedtime.  One night when Daddy got to the page where we “blow” the dandelion seeds in the air, Nicholas blew on him first cracking Daddy up.   Apparently he is taking notice what happens on that page each night we read it.  Nicholas is more adventurous than Cooper and loves to be hung upside down and go down slides.

Nicholas loves his brother and is watching him all the time.  He will pretty much let Cooper try anything to him so the expression “gentle touches” is used many of times a day here.

Physical:  Nicholas’ hair is getting more of a red tint and the darker parts seem to be growing out.  He still hasn’t had a haircut since it is growing in pretty evenly.  We are keeping him in the 12 month clothes which have so many stains from his high fat diet that we are hoping to start fresh with his diet and 18 month clothes next month.  He is still in size 4 diapers and wears a nighttime diaper overnight.

Eating:  Near the end of this month I have reduced Nicholas’ nursing sessions from 6 to 3.  We thought reducing the nursing sessions would impact his volume of liquid consumed from a cup, but haven’t really noticed a change.  We can get by easily with only changing his diaper 3 times a day due to this low liquid intake.  Nicholas insists on having a spoon too when you are feeding him and much prefers to feed himself over all.  This results in some amazing messes on a very regular basis.  He is signing “all done”, but not before tossing at least a few pieces of food on the floor.  The biggest mess maker is his milk cup, we just haven’t found the right one that can stand the drop, but still work for him to drink from.

Sleeping:  Nicholas is a very light sleeper.  Capturing a picture of him sleeping is a very difficult task when the simple click of the door handle turning usually wakes him.

A rare sleeping Nicholas picture

He is in his bed for 20 minutes or so of “sleeping” in the morning, but I must admit when I do look at the camera during his morning nap he is quiet and not sleeping 80%+ of the time.  Perhaps the end of the morning rest is sooner than we hoped.  He is getting more predictable with the afternoon nap and lets out a cry after an hour, but many times will go back to sleep for another hour if you give him a few minutes to calm himself back down.

A morning “napping” Nicholas

Firsts: Ride in a bike trailer, Pulling up to standing, Cruising with a walker, and Climbing stairs





Getting Dressed

Cooper is starting to enter the “do it all by myself” phase of toddler hood, but it is still moving at a very slow rate.  He can now put his own undies and pants on and take his shoes off.  He used to take his undies and pants completely off every time he used the potty, but it only happens occasionally now (always for #2) which is when you he comes out like the gem above.  Pants and undies on inside out and backwards.

School Pictures

It was Cooper’s second school picture and Nicholas’ first this year at Toddler group.  We were able to get both of these pictures taken on the first attempt with some heavy negotiating leading up to it.

PEPS Hikes

We are loving the organized hikes with our baby group friends.  It has been a great way to explore new parks and trails in the area.

Today Cooper put on the backpack and said he was ready to carry Nicholas.

You always have to make time to checkout the trail critters, like this huge slug.

Nicholas has been enjoying riding on Daddy’s back during the hikes.

How can you not love following behind these almost 3 year old explorers?

There are always surprise gems on these adventures.  This hike it was a perfectly sized wheelbarrow for 4 toddlers.



Bike Trailer

Today we gave the bike trailer a try.  It was Nicholas’ first time in the trailer and he was lukewarm on the experience.  Perhaps it was the fact that his helmet kept moving down near his eyes.  Cooper on the other hand was thrilled for the ride and continues to ask for another any chance he gets.


Someone had mentioned their kiddo eats cereal every morning for breakfast and we realized we had never tried that with Cooper.  He is a huge fan of having cereal in a bowl with milk like Mama and Daddy.  He also loves to drink the milk from the bowl, ie why there are flakes on his forehead.


We are lucky enough to have some incredible friends that do incredible things.  The Kieffers’ are no exception.  They are currently circumnavigating the world by human power:  We love to catch up with them to hear the stories and see the pictures from their most recent leg of the journey.  Safe travels Dimitri and Gulnara!


Like with many milestones Nicholas continues to impress us with his early mastery.  His first time using the walker he cruised across the entire living room floor.  No single or couple steps for this guy.

Once he pulled up for the first time that day he was able to pull up on everything and did so the rest of the day.

Being able to pull up on things makes park time even more fun for Nicholas.

Children’s Museum

Still one of Cooper’s very favorite parts of the museum is getting to drive the bus.

It has been just a few months since we were last at the Children’s museum and it was amazing how much more interactive Nicholas was with the exhibits.  Above he is displaying the baby treadmill as he continuously tried to climb the slide.

Brothers in a whale mouth

Cooper is a trooper when it comes to walking distances and doesn’t complain a bit.  After the long walk back from the museum we suggested adding a few more blocks to our trip and having burgers at Dicks, he was game.

If you would have told me that we would be feeding our 13 month old fries and milkshakes I would have called your bluff.  It is interesting how a “failure to thrive” diagnosis switches your dietary goals for your kiddo.  We now look to pack calories into Nicholas any chance we can.  Apparently he has no problem sucking from a straw when it contains vanilla milkshake.

Haircut in the Big Chair

Cooper is getting to be such a big kid.  I had all of the toys and snacks packed to help “convince” him that sitting in the haircut chair by himself, instead of on my lap, was a good idea.  He needed none of that and sat there happily chatting away with Diane while she cut his hair.

We arrived a little early and enjoyed some teeter-totter time.  After, we learned that Daddy grew up calling this a see-saw instead, just like in one of Cooper’s books.