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February, 2015:

Nicholas’ Loves

It is amazing how quickly our little guy is moving through his loves.  He has been obsessed for a couple of months now with pulling up rugs and trying to get them in his mouth.  Now that he is able to crawl anywhere his rug love is starting to be replaced by a love for opening/closing doors along with playing with the springy door stops.


Sensory Play

This is the first time I set both Nicholas and Cooper up for the same sensory activity.  They loved playing with water and ice and it appears doing it together made it even more fun for both of them.

Nicholas completed his first finger-painting today.  I forgot about the complexity of finger-painting at an age when they want to put everything in their mouth.


This photo perfectly captures the movement in our house.  Cooper is big into “helping” Nicholas and Nicholas has not quit figured out how to recover from being “helped.”

A family photo from the Superbowl party at the Miller house.  This is just after the heartbreaking last play so we are all a bit bummed.