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February, 2015:

Nicholas Turns the Big 1!

Can you believe it?  Our littlest man is 1!  It has been one crazy year and we are thankful for all of the memories we have shared together as a family of four.


Length: 29.75 in. (49%)

Weight: 20lbs 7 ozs (17%)

Head Circumference: 18.8 in. (86%)

During his first year Nicholas grew 8″ in height, gained 11 lbs in weight, his head grew 3″ in diameter, and he sprouted 7 teeth, pretty incredible to think about.

  • Development: Nicholas is getting even faster at crawling.  He loves to chase his brother when he runs around the house.  He can pull up on his knees and then inch closer to what he pulled up on using his knees.  He is pointing to things and can sign “all done.”  Nicholas is enjoying some independent play.  He finds it extra funny to hold onto his toes or try to rollover when you change his diaper.  Nicholas loves to chew on everything.  It has been over a month since his 7th tooth came in so we are looking for more pearly whites to poke through at anytime now.
  • Loves: Chasing/watching Cooper, playing with shoes/shoelaces, opening and closing doors, taking his vitamin, crawling everywhere, nursing
  • Dislikes: Being fed from a spoon, pooping, not having Mama in sight

  • Physical:  Nicholas’ hair seems to be getting redder in the sunlight and is growing in very evenly.  He is in size 3 diapers, 12 month clothes and has 7 teeth.  His eyes are still a bit blue, but do seem to change slightly depending on the color of clothes he is wearing.
  • Bedtime routine: We start at 6:30pm by nursing (with a bath every three days or so).  In his room we change him into a nighttime diaper (size 3), give him a vitamin (which he loves), read Nicholas bunny book, put him into a sleep sack, give him head kisses good night and sing a song.  He rarely lets out a cry before falling asleep.
  • Eating/Naps: We start the day with nursing, an hour or so later we have breakfast with brother (typically berries, oatmeal, or yogurt).  Two hours after waking up he will nurse and then attempt a morning nap.  If it happens it is usually about 30 minutes long.  Often there is another nursing around 10:30, then lunch at noon (he loves cold cuts and grapes), then another nursing and a nap for an hour or so.  Funny enough whenever someone else watches the boys Nicholas will take a 2.5 hour nap, but for us he sleeps only an hour like clock work.  We eat dinner around 5:30 or 6, giving him smaller pieces of what we are eating.  He doesn’t drink but an ounce or two a day from a sippy cup even though it is offered at all meals and between.  He enjoys tossing the sippy cup, and plenty of food, off the highchair and Cooper loves to jump down and get it for him, the perfect game.

  • Nicholas loves to run his hands through his hair when he eats.  It is very normal for him to have at least one food item from the meal on the right side of his head.

  • Sleeping: Nicholas is a solid overnight sleeper.  His morning nap is around 20 minutes and afternoon nap is closer to an hour.  He goes to sleep around 7:00 and wakes up at 6:30.
  • Nicknames: Itty Bitty (Mama), Mr. Snuggles (Daddy) and Nickel (Cooper)
  • 12 month firsts: Finger painting, birthday party

Today We Celebrate Nicholas!

The birthday boy is ready to celebrate!

Brunch is served.

The snowflake themed smash carrot cake and guest cupcakes.

Nene provided our childhood birthday tradition of a crafting experience for everyone.

Team Kochman to help blow out the candle.

Our reserved cake smasher choose the single finger frosting eating approach.

Looks like he has a savory over sweet preference eating the chicken before the carrot cake.


In case you wonder who Nicholas looks like.

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate our little Nicholas’ first year!


Party Prep

These two are getting excited for the upcoming Big 1 birthday party this weekend.  I am really going to miss the crawling stage.  Hearing Nicholas’ little hands slapping against the ground and the squeals from Cooper when they are crawling together.  It melts my heart every time.

We celebrated Nicholas’ birthday at toddler group with the birthday ladybug and everyone sang to him.

Good thing Grandma stopped by.  She saved us tons of time by showing us how to use our Cuisinart.  Funny enough, it is one of those wedding presents we don’t use a ton, but we are so grateful we have it. Shredding carrots for carrot cakes is the top use.

Nicholas helped us prepare for the party by reorganizing the water bottle cupboard.

We wrapped up party planning week with a painting date night.  This amazing husband gave me the most creative Christmas present of a pre-planned date a month for 2015.  We are loving this special time together!


We took advantage of having the 1:1 ratio during the week and headed to the Seattle Aquarium.  It was such a wonderful trip I am really motivated now to take on more long day adventures.

We happened to go when there was toddler time.  Cooper enjoyed using ocean themed stamps and painting this rubber fish for an art project.

Who can resist the cutout poses?

This ring of jellyfish was really cool to watch

We stayed so long that we even caught the daily octopus feeding.  Cooper wasn’t a fan of touching the anemones and other sea critters in the touch tanks, but Nene and I enjoyed the experience.

Everyone was in such good spirits that we went out for lunch at Anthony’s.  It was energizing to get out and walk around Seattle in the beautiful sunshine.  It has built up my courage so hopefully I will be heading out for a solo Mama/boys long day adventure again soon.

Nene Time and Boys weekend

Nene came to town a little early for Nicholas’ birthday to help out while Daddy was out of town.  She played hours of dump truck and bulldozer, a new experience given her oldest grandchildren are all girls.

On Saturday we checked out the story time at our local Barnes and Noble.  It was our lucky day, they were handing out duck sound noise makers.  Nicholas loved when Cooper blew on it.  Fortunately, it only lasted a few days before it magically disappeared.

We enjoyed some swinging and a walk at Juanita Beach on Sunday.  Cooper insisted on stopping at all the breaks in the railings to see if his head would fit through the gap.

Another special treat when Nene was in town was for Cooper to get to ride in the big basket of the cart.  Nicholas is getting pretty heavy to carry so I will soon need to find a solution for my solo shopping adventures with these kiddos.  This may be our solution until Cooper prefers to walk along side the cart.

Rob enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in New Orleans with 7 of his college buddies.

Spilled Milk

Cooper has switched to drinking milk from an open cup.  We haven’t had many spills, but when it does happen, he is not a happy camper.

Nicholas gets the craziest hair when nursing.  It comes from the combo of a little sweat and the fleece pillow cover.


Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today, we planted some primroses.  I have learned my lesson and now make sure I have a separate shovel for Cooper and lots of toys to keep Nicholas on the blanket as long as possible.

Mondays are garbage day at our house.  Typically 2 of the 3 come in the morning.  The third one comes at nap time giving Cooper a great viewing angle from bed.

Nicholas wants to get in on the window watching too.

Flight Check

Daddy is educating his future co-pilot on the ins and outs of a pre-flight inspection.  Today we took a shorter flight around town looking for tulips and Grandpa to keep the airplane experience familiar for both boys.

Brother Love

We love these two to pieces!  Every day we are reminded just how much love we have for each other and these two amazing boys.  This firetruck is a favorite toy of both boys.  Nicholas loves to bite the hose on the back and chase Cooper.  Cooper loves to ride on it and use the 6″ ladders to climb up on things.

Somehow we have ended up with 3 stools upstairs.  Cooper has discovered how much fun he can have by digging them all out to walk across them.  Nicholas is a big fan of watching Cooper go across them.  Funny enough, Cooper will only walk up the 2 step stool and down the black one, there is no turning around and going the other way.

Any morning Cooper gets to sit next to Nicholas at breakfast is a fantastic morning in his eyes.  We do this when we Skype or Facetime with family so you can see both boys on the computer at the same time.  Cooper pulls on Nicholas’ chair to make sure it as close as physically possible to him.

This house toy just keeps on giving.  We loved watching how their 3 cousins could play on it together and now it is one our favorites.  We keep it in Nicholas’ room as a go to place to keep them both busy and happily playing together when working on exciting things, such as laundry.

We bundled up and brought out the lawn games to start practicing for the fun the spring and summer sunshine will bring.

Power Outage

This morning we were greeted by a random power outage.  Cooper was very quick to grab a flashlight and check all of the light switches after which he would say “it is not working.”  Please also note the amble light coming through the window.  This kid loves flashlights and any chance to use them.

Someone was so excited to have his first lollipop after dinner that he started re-sighting a page from the Hungry Caterpillar at breakfast.