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January, 2015:

Professional Smiles

The last few professional photo sessions have been a bit rough.  No matter how much I build up the excitement of getting your picture taken it seems to instantly disappear the moment we arrive at the location.  Today we have turned a corner and had two smiling boys during the photo session allowing Grandma and Grandpa to pick their favorite from a handful of decent shots.

11 Months


Nicholas is a crawler!  Once he started there has been no stopping him.  He mastered crawling on carpet and our slippery laminate floors without hesitation.

Clapping, high-fives, enjoying contact with others, especially from Mama’s arms, slowly easing up on the stranger anxiety.

Still perfecting the clap

Nicholas has turned an incredible corner at the middle of this month, he is now happy a majority of the day.  We are guessing the combo of sleeping through the night, eating solids and being able to go where ever he wants to has done the trick.  He is now consistently happier and even enjoying playing by himself a bit.

LOVES getting his teeth brushed, neck tickles, playing with his socks, and watching his brother do anything

HATES bath time and seeing Mama walk away when he thinks it is time for some milk

So happy to play with brother’s toys

Physical:  His hair continues to look light brown with reddish highlights in the sunshine.  He was called a “ginger” for the first time by a stranger.  His eyes look blue if he is wearing blue and green if he is wearing green.  His nails grow so fast that we have to cut them weekly at the very latest.

Eating: Eating everything in tiny pieces, not really liking the purees any more.  Entire meals, chicken, green beans, pasta, peas, rice, etc.  His favorite foods are deli chicken and blueberries.  Nurses every 2-3 hours from both sides.  He loves to grab my nose and/or stick his fingers in my mouth with his top arm which is always moving when he nurses.  It is a unique way I know he is growing since just last month he could only stick his fingers up my nose and now he can grab the whole thing…

Still figuring out pooping with lots of screaming for hours/days before it happens.  We are trying every creative solution to get some water in Nicholas, but still haven’t had much success.  We have been trying blueberries and we continue with lots of pears, but neither one are softening things up.  We are optimistic that soon he will be able to drink liquids from a cup of some kind.  It is really hard to see him in so much pain and know there is little we can do for him other than be there with him.


Sleeping through the night, unless he needs to poop or is sick.  Even after a night where we get up with him he very quickly goes back into the routine of sleeping through the night which is wonderful.  His morning nap is a bit of a hit or miss.  Sometimes because of our schedule needing us to leave and other times because he just doesn’t feel like napping.  I will let him cry for 10-15 minutes before getting him and if he falls asleep it is for 30-60 minutes.  His afternoon nap is a bit more consistent now with it lasting an hour and sometimes even two.


Tooth number 7 on 1/15, falling asleep sitting up, crawling, eating everything we are eating








Little PEPS

Nicholas is growing his very own circle of friends with the younger siblings in our PEPS group.  His friends on his left were born just a few weeks before him and those on his right are a few months younger.  As you can see even his youngest friends are getting so big!  Excited for this group to become really good friends just like their older siblings.


Cool dude at the park

We love family time on the weekends.  With the sunshine out we opted to check out two Kirkland parks today.  Cooper’s slide hair reminds us that it might just be time for another haircut soon.

Slide Hair

Nicholas was so tired from the double park morning he actually fell asleep sitting up.  Rob had asked if I saw him on the camera and I had, but didn’t realize he wasn’t moving because he was asleep.  Daddy was paying more attention and went in to help him lay down for some more restful sleep.  This is the first time either boy has ever fallen asleep sitting up in bed.

Yes, he is asleep

The sunshine was still out after nap and Nicholas wanted to celebrate.  We love stripes in our family!


Shopping Helper

Nicholas is all about helping and these days nothing is out of his reach.


We love seeing these brothers having so much fun together.  Now that Nicholas is crawling they are starting to have even more playing adventures together.

Crawling out of Cooper’s room in the morning to go check out the fire truck.

I love taking crib pictures to show the side by side size of the boys growing together.  Hopefully they will love looking back on them as much as I already do.


After that crazy NFC Championship game we decided we needed to take a walk to help unwind again.  We headed out in our coordinated custom Seahawk hats made by Nana and had many smiles from people driving by.

Nana had a special treat for us.  She found one of Daddy’s favorite books from when he was a little boy and they were all able to enjoy it together.  We learned that Nana’s favorite Sesame Street character is Grover and he is the star character of this book.  Thank you for another wonderful visit, Nana!

Creepy Crawler

Making sure that Nana and Auntie Catherine wouldn’t forget their visit Nicholas decided it was a great weekend to start crawling.  He had crawling mastered with his first strides.  Up on all fours, never army crawled, and can pick up and put down objects with ease while crawling.

Nicholas has been very eager to show us that he loves to explore and can cover a good distance quickly.

Adventures with Auntie Catherine

Auntie Catherine came to town for a quick weekend visit while Nana was here too.  She loves children’s museums which was the perfect motivation for us to finally go to KidsQuest in Factoria. We were having a great time and then we found the water section.

We loved the water section.  So much to explore with a stream, musical instruments and water pressure.

Auntie Catherine is magical.  She was able to hold Nicholas without tears and he still had the occasional glimpse of me.  Hopefully this is a sign that the separation anxiety is starting to pass.  It also tells us how awesome their Auntie is and that she needs to come visit more often!

Thank you for the fantastic visit, Auntie Catherine!


Nicholas is a quick learner.  He must know that his big brother doesn’t like avocado so he loves eating it even more.  Often if Nicholas doesn’t finish one of his veggie purees we will give it to Cooper, but the avocado is all his.