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December, 2014:


Today was the third time I have taken both boys out for lunch by myself.  We met a few other PEPS friends at Din Tai Fung for dumplings.  I was nervous with an unfamiliar food for Cooper and being outnumbered with both boys.  This lunch was a huge success.  Cooper loved every food put in front of him especially the pork and veggie dumplings and green beans.  Nicholas sat in a highchair and ate two baby food containers of pears and peas, nearly double the most I have ever seen him eat.  It has built my confidence up to eat out with them both again in the future.  After lunch, but before heading home for a nap, Cooper and his friend burned off some extra energy running back and forth in the mall.

10 months

Development: Nicholas can now move from laying down to sitting up on his own.  He chose to first do this in his crib just a few days after we lowered the mattress.  He loves to stand holding on to things, especially his brother’s crib.  He is getting closer to crawling by getting up on all fours, but continues to get one foot stuck in front of his other knee preventing him from moving.  Nicholas now claps and loves to slam his hand down on things, especially his high chair.

The separation anxiety many infants experience at this age is peaking in our house.  Nicholas is not happy unless Mama is not only within sight, but must also be holding him.  This makes it incredibly hard on our visitors.  The weekly attempts at the gym have ended after just 20 minutes due to his crying the entire time.  Nicholas is definitely a Mama’s boy, while it is a wonderful feeling to be so wanted, it can also be mentally and physically exhausting.  He is an amazing cuddler and fits so perfectly in my arms with his head resting on my right shoulder.

Helping to get Cooper up after nap

So happy to be on all fours and doesn’t seem too frustrated to have one foot caught making it so he can’t move.

Physical:  Nicholas now has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.  He wears size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.

Eating: We are still searching for the food combo that Nicholas will enjoy and not constipated.  He has Cheerios  and/or dried yogurt drops at nearly every meal, gets one 3.5 ounce container of pears a day, typically at lunch and that is about it.  Nicholas may only eat one container of puree food a day since he typically turns his head after a few spoon fulls.  He really seems to enjoy finger foods so we are trying out more of those adding in both broccoli and peas this month.  We try puree or finger foods 3 times a day when we are all sitting down for a meal together.

Nicholas’ primary nourishment is still from breast feeding.  He nurses when he wakes up (between 5 & 6am), 2 hours later before his first nap, sometimes around 10, before second nap at noon, when he wakes up from nap around 2 or 3, at 4:30 and for a final feeding before bed at 6:30pm.  Nearly all of these feedings happen at home and are either in the glider chair upstairs or the armed chair in the living room downstairs.  I still use a boppy pillow to help hold and position him while nursing.

Sleeping:  Nicholas has moved from waking up 2-3 times a night to sleeping through the night.  We start the night time routine with a feeding at 6:30 and he is in bed by 7 at wakes up around 5:30am.  The morning nap is close to an hour most days and the afternoon nap is an hour or a bit longer sometimes.

Firsts: Clapping, Teeth #5 and #6, Sitting up from laying down, Finger foods of broccoli and peas, sleeping through the night consistently

Bouncing at Home Depot

Home Depot is our go to store when we are looking to get out of the house for a quick errand.  Today we opted for two carts with the boys.  Cooper is currently in a phase of wanting to look away or give stinky faces when asked to take a picture, but Nicholas was happy to share his excitement for the cart.

Nicholas loves to bounce wherever he can.  My favorite part of the video is his face the last few seconds after Cooper grabs the cart.  Daddy is happily looking at light bulbs while Nicholas is getting his one-socked groove on.

Day After Christmas

We are now on day 3 of opening presents and loving all of this family time together.  We have agreed that we want to continue this extended Christmas tradition as long as the kids will let us spread it out across so many days.  Today the boys opened their presents from us.

Daddy was especially excited to give Cooper this take-apart airplane.  Here Daddy is helping Cooper assemble his first airplane together.   Another drill in our house makes Cooper a very happy boy.  Nicholas loved snuggling with his new frog lovey which will be added to his crib as a sleeping buddy when he gets just a bit older.

Today we worked on adding some color to Nicholas’ room with some new ocean decorations.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was so much fun with our boys.  Cooper woke up talking about wanting to eat the cookie he left for Santa.  Fortunately, Santa left a little cookie behind and Cooper was very quick to ask if he could eat it, not even noticing the new balance bike just inches from the cookie.

Nicholas enjoying reading one of his new books with Daddy.

Grandma and Grandpa came down for some jammie family hangout time where Cooper was quick to show-off his new bike.

How adorable our these boys in their Christmas jammies?  We definitely need to have more jammie days in our house.

We decorated sugar cookies together for a fun family activity.

Cooper only decorated and ate one cookie, but did use two entire containers of sprinkles doing so.  Check out those fingers and how thick the sprinkles are on that cookie!

We then opened presents over Facetime with Daddy’s family in Houston.  It really warms our hearts that, through technology, Nicholas and Cooper get to share special events with their family that live all over the country.

Good night from our family to yours this Christmas holiday.

Christmas Eve

It is tradition with my side of the family to open presents on Christmas Eve.  We Skyped with my sister and opened up our gifts so it could be as close to opening presents together as possible.

Cooper is starting to get more into Christmas so this year we decorated a cookie for Santa and left out a carrot for the reindeer.

Hopefully Santa appreciates a pre-sampled frosted cookie.

Stockings are hung, treats are out and we are ready to call it a night.


Our cutie pie added another trick to his list.  We have a clapper on our hands.  Nicholas will even do it on command like a seasoned pro.

Tooth fairy

On the evening of Christmas Eve Eve Cooper mentioned his tooth hurt.  When we took a look we saw the abscess on the gum above the tooth he broke 14 months ago.  We were aware this could happen, but thought we were in the clear by now.

We were very fortunate that the Children’s dentistry we have been working with was open on Christmas Eve.  That morning we headed in for an appointment and left Nicholas at home with Nene.  We both wanted to be able to focus on Cooper and understand our options knowing something major would need to be done.  We had three options:  1. Root canal – with a 60% success rate, meaning he wouldn’t be back to have it pulled if it works.  2.  Use Versed (a memory forgetting drug) the following week and schedule to have the tooth pulled.  3.  Use no medication and have the tooth pulled today.

With Cooper’s communication skills so strong we opted for option 3 knowing we could talk through the experience and not have him have to worry about that tooth ever again.  They had said it would be most hard on us, the parents.  The dentists were amazing during the 10 quick procedure doing most of it with just a little distraction of Thomas on the TV.  When it came time to pull the tooth, after the local was given, Rob held Cooper’s arms while they pulled the tooth.  Cooper was upset briefly, but as soon as it was out he was extra cuddly and said he wanted to go home.  When we were heading out to the car, randomly, Santa Claus hopped out of a Microsoft Shuttle driving by and gave Cooper an etchasketch with an elf waving to us from the vehicle behind.  It was so bizarre, but Cooper really didn’t see phased anymore by the event and was really happy with the reindeer and penguin rubber duck he got from the dentist office (we get at least one duck every time we visit).  We told him he could have ice cream when we got home and he was pleased with that.

When we got home he told Nene that he was sad at the dentist, but was happy now and his tooth didn’t hurt.

We talked with Cooper about how the tooth fairy was going to be a special passenger in Santa’s sleigh that night.  Nene and I crafted a tooth fairy pillow and we were ready for a double overnight visitors.  With Cooper being just 2.5 we opted for the tooth fairy to bring him watercolors and may switch to money and other traditions in ~4 years when his other teeth start coming out.

Zoo Lights

After a fun day of spinning around with Nene at a park we headed to Seattle to check out the Christmas lights at Woodland Park Zoo.

We kicked off our evening in Seattle with some very delicious Thai food with Shannon and Brian and their niece Lily.  The kids loved the lights and we think this could kick off a tradition with the Robinson family.  The highlight for Cooper was seeing the real reindeer at the zoo.


A Crafty Christmas

Crafting makes this Mama very happy.  It was a priority for me to get some “me” time for holiday crafty fun.  Many of the projects had helpers along the way, but thanks to Daddy and Nene the projects were all completed.

After catching up with my dear friend, Jen, I was once again inspired by her craftiness.  She shared these adorable serving dishes she bought at IKEA and showed me just how easy it was to make them.  I headed out that week to buy the letters, pens and even made the longer trip to IKEA with both kids to make this happen.

This is Cooper’s third Christmas and the third year I have said I would make him a stocking.  It finally happened and I am very happy with how these simple and cheerful stockings turned out.  Now we all have handmade stocking, I made Rob’s and my sister made mine.

A handprint ornament with Nicholas was on my must do list for this year. We did this for Cooper too and I love having a personalized first Christmas ornament for both of them.  This project waited until Nene arrived so we could have three sets of adult hands to make it happen.  We also made a footprint ornament so both boys would have a set marking this special holiday.

Somehow their amazing Auntie Kari found time to make the boys their very own felt tree.  This project was on my list for two years, so I was very excited to receive a completed one in the mail.