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November, 2014:

Children’s Museum

Grandpa and Grandma met up with us for a morning of fun at the Seattle Children’s Museum.

Cooper was a big fan of the bus, just like Daddy takes to work, especially since he could put gas in it.

Nicholas working on his Jay Leno impersonation in the fun mirror

Dancing with Grandma and Grandpa

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin

We have a tradition to kick-off the Christmas festivities the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This includes a trip to see Santa at Molbak’s, 2013 and 2012.  We were so happy with the picture that we made it our Christmas card and ordered them that night.

Next we headed to McLendon’s hardware to pick out our Christmas tree.  This year we splurged for a $30 Noble Fir instead of our traditional $20 Douglas Fir.

That evening one of Rob’s college friends was in town to visit from NY.  Cooper loved playing chase with his buddy Connor.

9 months


Length: 28.75 inches (62%)

Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz (34%)

Head Circumference: 18.75 inches (96%)

At the doctor’s office

Development: Nicholas loves to stand up.  He prefers sitting versus being on his stomach.  He loves making different facial expressions and has added “Popeye” to his list of party tricks and does lots of exaggerated sniffing.  Nicholas loves to smack his hands down on things to hear the different noises he can make.

Physical: His eyes are still blue in color.  His hair is standing up on top and in back, but not in front.  It varies in color from brown to blond to red depending on the lighting.  He loves the jumper and prefers to poop in the bouncer.  Nicholas now has 4 teeth with his top two poking through during our Hawaii vacation.

Eating: Nicholas can go 3 to even 5 hours sometimes between nursing.  When nursing Nicholas loves to grab my lower lip and teeth, his free hand is in constant motion.  He has been backed up so we have had a month of just prunes and pears with little to no positive impact on his bowels.  We have switched out the puffs for Cheerios and Nicholas will instantly start bouncing in his chair at the sight of the box.

Sleeping:  Bedtime starts at 6:30pm. He nurses, gets changed, vitamin, read the Nicholas bunny book, turn on the heater/humidifier/monitor, place him in the crib, zip up his sleep sack, and sing our goodnight song.  Nicholas is now waking up to nurse 2-3 times a night.  We rarely use a binky. He naps ~20 minutes in the morning after crying for 15 minutes and naps for an hour in the afternoon.

Firsts: Highchair, top two teeth (4 total), time in a swimming pool, warm ocean water and riding in a shopping cart


We have so much to be thankful for again this year including being surrounded and supported by amazing friends and family.  My annual activity of reviewing the ads for Black Friday shopping included a helper this year.

Bethel, Cooper and Grandma Valerie

We spent Thanksgiving dinner at a family friend’s house where Cooper enjoyed making whip cream for the dessert.

He even got to lick his first beater.

No Fear

Today we went to the biggest McDonald’s type play land I have ever seen.  There was a ball pit, many slides and literally floors of obstacle paths to climb up and through.  We were there with some toddler group friends and family friends.  I was reminded if one of the 6’5″ dads can crawl around, I can too, even with a Nicholas strapped to my chest.  We were all sweating by the end, but also had really big smiles.

Our typically timid Cooper went down this huge 4 story slide following a friend the first time, but then went down by himself a few more times.  Nicholas and I went down once with Cooper, but then opted to wait for him at the bottom the other times.

Cart Buddies

Today Cooper and Nicholas were cart buddies for the first time.  By the end Nicholas was tipping over tired so the next cart buddy trip will need to wait a bit.

Island Bound

Getting ready to take off on our first commercial flight as a family of four.  A friend of ours offered a “friends” deal on their condo in Kauai and we jumped at the chance for some warm sunshine in November.

The flight went incredibly smoothly and before we knew it we were getting ready to land.

We enjoyed 5 days full of time outside in the sunshine, playing in the pool and ocean, eating on the lanai, and taking walks.

Many meals were followed with a run in the grass to burn off some energy.  It is really light here, but the sand and ocean are just a few feet on the other side of those trees.

Both boys were a bit hesitant in the water when we started the trip.  By the end Cooper was jumping off the side and doing some swimming with his floaty with only a light touch from Mama or Daddy.  Nicholas went from crying when his toes touched the water the first day to splashing in chest high water by the end.

The pool had two water slide that we all couldn’t get enough of.

Tons of digging in the sand and building sand castles.  Some days we went straight from watching the sunrise to digging still in our jammies.

In addition to impressing us with the way his hair could blow in the wind like the palms, Nicholas introduced us to Popeye.

Popeye appears combined with some bouncing on his bottom and sniffing.  Right now this is one of our favorite Nicholas facial expressions.

An afternoon stroll around the property

In the evenings Rob and I were able to enjoy some relaxation outside including making drinks out there so we wouldn’t wake the kiddos.

We stayed close to the condo for the most part, but took one day to adventure out to a shall ocean swimming area.

Many sand sculptures were made at the ocean park too.

Nicholas found his two front teeth in Kauai.  His top left poked through on 11/13 and his top right poked through on 11/16.  It only seems right that we make sure we are back in Kauai when it is time for them to come out to complete the process 🙂

We took advantage of our early risers and went out to the sand to watch the sunrise each morning in our jammies.

Rob got his coconut and Cooper thought it was pretty cool.  Cooper shared one of his new expressions with us “cock-a-doodle-you” is what a chicken says…

Cooper wasn’t always up for photos, but Nicholas was a great sport.

Sometimes we could convince Cooper that taking pictures was so much fun that he would join in too.

Daddy and Nicholas (aka Mr. Grabby) time.

We had a bit of a scare (rapid heart rate, stretcher, ambulance, ER, monitored, released) with a trip to the hospital, but were back together again in the afternoon and able to enjoy one more day at the pool before flying home.

Fall Walk

We love this time of year.  Taking walks in the fall and being able to kick up the leaves makes us all very happy.  This year we even collected a big box of leaves and mailed them to our nieces in Arizona so they can also enjoy the joy that playing in leaves bring.  Daily, he runs out of the garage and throws a handful or two of leaves in the air with a giggle before getting into the car.

Cooper still loves to rake and this year, using the push broom, we have added a bulldozer component to our play.

My littlest raking buddy.

The maple tree in our neighbor’s yard produces the most colorful leafs I have ever seen.

Bathroom fun

Cooper is doing a great job at potty training.  He tells us when he needs to go and we are working on building his independence for the process.  Part of the independence means going poop without one of us having to stand there.  He simply calls for us when he is done.  Today we got a bit suspicious when he wasn’t calling for us to come help him and this is why he was so happy to stay in there.


Cooper and Nicholas sharing the spotlight during an impromptu piano recital.

The Learning Tower is a fantastic way for Cooper to see what is happening in the kitchen.  He is obsessed with stirring (just like his Daddy) and today we had to be a bit more creative.  When dinner was too hot to stir we set him up with a bowl of ice and water to keep him distracted entertained.

Nicholas loves to be naked making the bedtime routine extra special.