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September, 2014:


Cooper and Daddy have started up swim lessons again.  I think he likes swimming since he took the opportunity to practice blowing bubbles in the squash pan before I cooked them up to make food for Nicholas.

7 months

The next official stats will come at his 9 month doctor appointment.

Physical:  Nicholas’ eyes still look blue, he loves to laugh and giggle at his brother.  He is getting pretty stable at sitting on his own, but pillows behind him are still a good idea.  His hair is a light brown/blonde color and continues to stand up in the back even as it gets longer.  He shows one dimple on his left with a smile.  He loves to blow raspberries and roll around when set on the ground.  We started physical therapy to help correct his head tilt to the right and try to round out his head.  He continues to suck on his pointer finger and thumb of both hands, but we can only tell by the calluses since we rarely see him do it in front of us.

Eating: Nicholas loves to nurse and his ideal scenario is to be fed every two hours during the day. If he is being held in a carrier or really distracted the feeding gap can be closer to 3 hours.  He still doesn’t take a bottle, but we also haven’t tried to give him one either.  Somewhere I read that if they aren’t taking a bottle by this age then they won’t ever take a bottle.  He has started solid food so far eating rice cereal and homemade peas.  The peas were a parenting whoops moment.  I had remembered making food for Cooper, but forgot about the first stage of strained food which I had just bought for him.  We will now use bought strained food for Nicholas to get him started on solids and they will likely be much easier for him to swallow.

Sleeping: Nicholas is still spicing up how each night of sleep goes.  He typically wakes up 1-2 times during the night and nurses back to sleep.  With two middle of the night feedings he is also getting a diaper change between sides so that he doesn’t wake up earlier from leaking out of his diaper.  He has a final feeding at 6:30pm with a diaper change, pjs, sleepsack and book bedtime routine at 7.  Nicholas wakes up around 6 for the day and sometimes a bit later if there was a recent middle of the night feeding.  He loves to sleep on his side (like his Daddy) and usually rolls to his side as soon as we put him in his crib.

7 Month Firsts: Eating solids (rice cereal and peas) while sitting in a high chair, sleeping on his side, being able to sit up on his own and first time to the ocean including toes in the sand

Cousin Birthday

Cooper, June, Paige, Nicholas and Stephen

Today we celebrated June (youngest daughter of my only cousin) turning the Big 1.  She is exactly 5 months older than Nicholas so it will be really fun to watch them grow-up together.  We love visiting their house and checking out all of the goodies in their incredible garden.  This year they have ~5 huge (like the size you see at the state fair) pumpkins growing.



Nicholas might not have words yet, but he can definitely chat it up in his own special raspberry blowing kind of way.

How You Doing?

Today Cooper blew us both out of the water by asking “How you doing Daddy?” completely unprompted.  His vocabulary and social speech skills continue to grow at an incredible rate.  We are taking advantage of Cooper’s love for his learning tower and have given him his first house chore.  He is now responsible for putting away the silverware when we unload the dishwasher.

Last Day in the Sand

Our last day at the beach the weather was a bit more what we expected.  After a weekend of 80 degree weather we had a cooler gray day, but loved the sand just as much.

Daddy and Cooper heading off to get more water to build sand castles

Daddy and Cooper putting “cheese” (dry sand) on top of the sand castle.  Daddy is a bit obsessed with his powdered Parmesan cheese.

Cooper running down the board walk back to our rental house so we can get packed up.

Goodbye Tillamook and Pacific City, it was an incredible weekend!

Flying up the coast on the way home provided some very beautiful scenery.

Beach Bum

Today beach time aligned with Nicholas’ morning nap and we were all surprised that he enjoyed his nap on the sand versus in one of our arms.  This meant that Cooper could enjoy some serious sand castle building time with Mama and Daddy.

Pouring the ocean water into his hole make wet sand for more sand castles.

Waking up to Daddy beach snuggles

First toes in the sand experience.

Family picture at the beach


Our boys enjoying blanket time back at the house

Rob arranged for a babysitter so we could have a date night while we were in Pacific City.  It was really nice to get to have some couple time watching the sunset and then strolling along the beach to the Pelican for beer and dessert.



Pacific City Ocean Adventure

Having little kids allows you to start your day at 6am and easily be to the beach by 8am.  This also gives you the gift of taking a family shadow picture on the beach with the sun so low.

On our first to the beach we gave Cooper a shovel and pail and said he got to dig in the sand that day.  On the walk to the beach there is a spot in the path with rocks and sand.  Cooper set his toys down to play here thinking it was the sandy place we had talked about.  You can only guess how excited he was when he actually got to the beach with endless sand.

Rescuing my boys from the incoming waves.

Getting a little more brave with the waves to get his toes wet with Daddy.


More tummy and play time back at the house while Cooper napped.

After nap we ventured out for dinner.  We had stopped at the grocery store when we landed so we could enjoy most meals at the rental house, but wanted to try the local pub at least once.

Daddy was able to mark off another item on his bucket list, taking the kids to the Pelican brewery.

Cooper enjoys nearly all kinds of food.  This is fantastic for most meals unless you are trying to eat something you might not want to share.




After completing the plane Rob has dreamed of the day he can fly to his favorite beach brewery, Pelican in Pacific City Oregon.  A slightly modified dream was completed this weekend.  We landed in Tillamook, OR and drove 30 minutes to Pacific City.  The airport at Pacific City is small and there are no rental cars so we opted to land where we wouldn’t have to walk our kid and baggage cargo almost a mile to the rental house.

A favorite childhood memory of mine was shared with my kids today.  Watching the cheese moving through the conveyor belt system at Tillamook.

Rob and Cooper really enjoyed the cheese sampling portion of our tour.

Tied with the ice cream eating part of the tour.

Our family loves cheese and ice cream making this our “happiest place on earth” in Oregon.

First Day of Toddler Group

We are back and excited for another year of toddler group.  Fortunately, I am able to bring both boys to class.  Nicholas even has a buddy just two months younger in class that he will soon be able to play with when they both get mobile.  It will be a bit more challenging managing two kids there, but very rewarding for all of us to learn, play and grow together with new friends.