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August, 2014:

Tomatoes and Football

Cooper was obsessed with Pop-pop’s tomatoes.  We told him he couldn’t touch them until they turned red, so he pulled up a chair to watch them.  He checked on these tomatoes many times a day and would pull up a big chair next to him so any willing adult could watch the tomatoes too.

It is the start of one of the favorite times of year for the Kochman family, college football.

Warming up their touchdown arms.

The rest of the family headed off to happy hour at the brewery and I had a very special nap time treat.  Nicholas joined me in the swing and actually fell asleep for over an hour in my arms.  We both enjoyed the fresh air and I enjoyed the view of the mountains and my baby.

String Lake and Birthday Celebrations

This tow truck and car are the only two toys we brought with us for Cooper.  He played with them for hours in the window sill and loved it when Nana would hook the car up for a tow.

Cooper loved to chat it up with Pop-pop in the kitchen.  Pop-pop made Cooper and the rest of us some very tasty food during our trip.

We headed to String Lake for some water and sunshine time in Grand Teton National Park.

Nicholas enjoyed tummy time with Nana.

Last year repeatedly stepping over a root kept Cooper entertained.  This year it was throwing sticks in the water and then going in to retrieve them for another toss.

It was really nice to have the whole family together in Jackson.  This evening we headed out to The Kitchen to celebrate Catherine and Charlie’s birthday.

Cooper loves to celebrate birthdays!  To get to celebrate two birthdays in one night was a big treat.  They even let him help blowout the candle in their freshly baked chocolate chip cookie dessert.

After bedtime, Nana and Pop-pop stayed home with the kiddos and we were able to go out for some drinks in town with Rob’s siblings to celebrate.


Dogs and Town

Nicholas was welcomed to Jackson with morning sniffs from Gracie.

Cooper loved to pet Louie.  He would call Louie by his name, but insisted on calling Gracie “Doggie, no barking.”

We followed the yummy Pop-pop breakfast with a trip to town for some tourist time.  Nicholas loved walking around town with Daddy, similar to how Cooper did 2 years ago.

What better way to wrap up a trip to town than ice cream cones at 10am 🙂  There were no objections to making this stop from the kids or adults.


After our ice cream treat we headed to Snake River brewery for lunch.  Yes, this day was off to a fantastic start!

Nicholas is making his Daddy and Pop-pop very proud by diving right into this Zonker stout.

Nicholas loved meeting Auntie Catherine and getting lots of snuggles.

This is what nap time looks like on the deck at the cabin, so quiet and relaxing!

Traveling to Jackson

Lining up to land at the Jackson runway

We were on the fence this spring about making the annual trip to Jackson, but ultimately decided to go for it.  The flight out there was uneventful with both kids taking naps and enjoying a couple of toys for entertainment.

This was Nicholas’ first long flight and Cooper’s first flight after being potty trained.  We put Cooper in a diaper and talked about how it was a special airplane diaper that you can go pee in.   Before the halfway stop the airplane got really stinky and Cooper said he pooped.  We almost landed, but decided to tough it out.  When we did land there was no poop in his diaper so we all had a laugh and were glad we didn’t stop for a smelly toot.   The weather provided to be a bit more challenging than the passengers and Rob did an airplane write-up about that  here.

Avoiding the thunderstorms took us on a different flight path that gave us this beautiful view of the Idaho side of the Tetons.

We were greeted at the airport by the entire family: Nana, Pop-pop, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Catherine.  Nicholas was admiring all of the fancy planes and Tetons when he first got out of the plane.

One thing we have learned through our travels is that we need to keep Cooper busy before he goes stir crazy.  This is most likely a trait he inherited from his Mama and/or being 2.  After getting settled in at the house we headed out to check out the farmer’s market at Sno King.

Cooper was a very happy boy when he saw the farmer’s market was surrounding a playground.

Cooking Buddies

Cooking with my favorite kiddos.  This was a first to have them both on the counter and it was action packed.  Cooper loves to stir vigorously, spreading whatever is in the bowl on the counter.  Nicholas loves to grab anything within reach, our plant now has a few less leaves and the measuring cups were continually being moved a little further away.

This past weekend we all got a glimpse into what it would be like to watch the Seahawks game from the charter seats at the Amazon picnic.

With a little longer nap from the boys, I was able to sew a new bag for Cooper’s portable potty seat.  It is funny how my craft projects have changed with having kids, but any chance to be crafty still makes me just as happy.

Splashing with the Whales

We started off the day with a haircut at a new location.  We wanted to get Cooper’s haircut super short in preparation for our upcoming summer vacations.  She had the coolest set-up with a bin of toys strapped right to the chair and kept Cooper’s attention the entire time.

After the haircut we met our friends the Du family at the Crossroads water park.  This is the coolest water park.  The ground is rubbery and there is a variety of water features to run through and play with.

With Daddy in charge, Nicholas got his first swing experience.  It is exciting to see that it didn’t result in tears and he kind of liked it.

Roly Poly

Yes, our little guy is growing up so quickly and has just added another trick to his list, ROLLING!

We have one final one piece outfit with a Cooper bottom.  He topped off his outfit with a matching binky from Nicholas.

26 Months

Today Cooper is 26 months old.

He is talking all the time now and continues to be more outgoing outside of our house.  He enjoys waving to the neighbors and saying hi to random people.

Potty training continues to be a success using a diaper for nap, overnight and requesting one to poop in each morning.

Nicholas is a love/hate relationship.  He loves to make him giggle and bring him toys, but hates when he takes up Mama time, especially for nursing.

Favorite saying, “Me do it by myself,” when it comes to hand washing, buckling his highchair and many other things

The previous attempts of me trying to help Cooper say his name resulted in him saying Ka, Ka, Pooper.  I am happy to report that he is now able to say Cooper when prompted, but still says Pooper when saying his name on his own.


Cooper has loved picking the strawberries, blueberries and especially raspberries from our yard.  When I found out my best friend’s extended family has a blueberry farm it sounded like a fun adventure.

Cooper loved eating the blueberries.  His bucket stayed about as full as it is in this picture even after 30 minutes of picking 🙂

I got a bit wrapped up in picking blueberries and didn’t recognize the potty dance from Cooper.  This resulted in his first full pee accident since his first day of potty training.  We cleaned up quickly and went right back to picking.

Leg squeeze update: Third time is the charm.  After a second time of what I thought was Cooper cuddling with my leg he again was actually pooping yesterday.  I am happy to report that today I have finally caught on and knew what was going to happen next.

During Nicholas’ snooze in the swing Cooper “helped” him sleep by bringing him all of his toys.  Nicholas was pretty happy to wake up to so much entertainment at his fingertips.

The Pose

You know that adorable family pose with the kid holding on to their parent’s leg.  We tried this at our maternity session with Cooper, but he really didn’t want much to do with his mama that day.   This morning I was making his breakfast and Cooper came over and started snuggling my leg.  It made me smile thinking about that picture we tried for.   Then I looked down at him and saw his face.  Oh wait, I know that face, it is the poop face.  Yup, 6am poop in his undies, the day will only get better from here.

Today is a milestone.  Cooper has been potty trained for 1 month now.  He is really good about going pee on the potty and telling us when he needs to use the potty.  He can even hold it a decent amount of time if we are in the car and can’t pull over right away.  Today’s above incident marks only the third poop in undies incident which seems really good.  He still goes potty every 30 minutes or so in the morning and then goes for 4+ hours in the afternoon without using the potty.  He is dry after nap and in the morning he is dry unless we take too long to get him after he wakes up.  Cooper impresses us everyday and this potty training experience is just another way he shows what a smart, observant and body aware boy he is.