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August, 2014:

Funnel Cake or Elephant Ear

Funnel cake or elephant ear.  We are a house divided.  Daddy loves the funnel cake and used the argument it originated where Pop-pop grew up to make it Cooper’s first sweet fair food.

New this year at the fair was the petting farm.  It took a little bit, but Cooper worked up to petting a couple of the animals and loved watching them all from a distance even more.


My second favorite fair food is corn on the cob and Cooper loved it too.  We were a match when it came to lunch time meal sharing, the gyro and corn were a hit with both of us.

After wondering the fair for a while we decided to stop for lunch and a little rest while watching the logger show.  I loved watching this as a kid and it was really fun to get to share the experience with my own family.  We wrapped up our fair experience visiting the 4H animals.  The bunnies were the biggest hit with Cooper.

6 Months


Length: 27.01 inches (79%)

Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz (60%)

Head Circumference: 17.91 inches (93%)

We had a good doctor appointment and everything is going as expected for Nicholas.  They did give us a referral to a craniofacial specialist for our concern about his misshapen head.  After meeting with the specialist we are going to do physical therapy and use muscle strengthening and gravity to reshape his head instead of a helmet.

Development: Nicholas is a roller!  He loves to move from his back to tummy and back again.  He usually rolls over to the left from his tummy, but can do it both ways.  He is able to sit for a few seconds before “tacoing” over, where his toes touch his face.  He loves his jumper and loves to giggle when Cooper does anything to be silly to entertain him.  Nicholas is super ticklish, especially under his neck and up his spine.  He loves to stick his tongue out and has started blowing raspberries.  He is enjoying standing while being held and usually quickly turns it into jumping on your lap.  Nicholas is SO grabby.  We dare you to try to drink from a cup when holding him without spilling it 🙂


Reaching “Taco” sitting status

Physical: Nicholas has some adorable rolls.  They don’t jump out at you, but when you look closely they are there.  His skin is red between the folds on top of his wrists, top of his ankles, in his arm pits and under his neck.  His eyes are still blue in color.  One eyelash on his right eye is 50% longer than the others and it has been that way since birth.  His hair is standing up on top and in back, but not in front.  It varies in color from brown to blond depending on the lighting.  His toes are really long and he can grasp them together like fingers.  He gets a blister on the top of his right foot from jumping on it in the jumper.  He can really getting bouncing in his bouncer using his right leg too.  Nicholas has a callus on his thumb and pointer finger of both hands from sucking on them.  We don’t see him suck on them very often, but by the markings he must do it a fair amount.


Bedtime Routine: Nicholas has his “last” feeding at 6:30pm and then we give him a diaper change and vitamin.  We read “I am a Bunny,” lay him in the crib to put the sleep sack on and sing the good night song.  He typically cries right after we leave so we go back in and put the binky back in his mouth.  He can become really upset so we keep trying every 5 minutes until he gets so tired he can fall asleep.  He wakes 1-4 times a night.  Most of the time giving a binky will help him fall back to sleep, but 1-2 times he demands a feeding.  Our day starts again around 5:30.

Eating: Nicholas loves to eat every two hours during the day.  During a feeding his free arm is in motion, searching around for something to hit or grab.  He is still not a fan of a bottle, but we keep trying every few weeks.  This  means that Mama and Nicholas spend a lot of time together.  We are still working on getting Nicholas used to spending more time with others holding him which we could get more naturally if he took a bottle.

Sleeping:  We have moved him to a sleep sack from the swaddle due to his rolling.  He spends most of his naps and night sleeping on his belly.  We put him down initially on his back with his head turned to the left and a binky in his mouth.  He seems to find this most soothing and goes to sleep pretty quickly once you have reached him at the right point of exhaustion.  He typically takes two longer naps a day.  One after the second feeding in the morning at 9 in his crib or a carrier depending if we are out that day.  The second one, we are working on timing to happen when Cooper naps, around 2pm.

Firsts: Time in the jumper, exersaucer, rolling over: one way and both ways, trip to Jackson Hole, using a sleep sack, sleeping on belly







We ran out of excuses, the Kochman family is now a member of the local YMCA.  Step #2 is to use the membership and we did that today.  We timed it for the boys to go to childcare while I went to a group fitness class.  Reading the childcare handouts they suggest trying it for a few minutes at a time to let the kids warm up to the idea of being watched at the gym.  I opted for the “talk it up big and put them in their for an hour+” strategy.   Lucky for me it worked in my favor.  Cooper had no tears despite some other kids screaming as they were being dropped off.  I told him “Mama was going to get big and strong while he played” and he repeated this many times on the way there and home.  Nicholas was tear free initially, but when I stepped out of the class to check on them I could hear his cry from down the hallway.  I checked in and they said he was really tired and they would come get me if he didn’t calm down.  When I came back at the end of class both boys were smiling.  Looks like this will be a great addition to our weekly routine, especially as fall approaches.

Um, Sure

A few weeks back we had a case of the grunts.  That is when you ask Cooper a question he just makes a noise instead of saying yes or no.  We have been working hard and had great success now hearing a yes or no for our questions.  The way he says “yes” is adorable.  Today the “yes” turned into “um, sure” and we have a feeling this expression is here for the long haul.

Cooper took advantage of the nice weather and beach birthday party to water Daddy’s shoes.

This weekend Cooper and Daddy tackled the grocery shopping while Nicholas and Mama finished up at Target.  Apparently when they were shopping and turned the corner Cooper’s eye lit up and he loudly said “aggs” as they passed the egg display.  Rob said other shoppers in the area gave a big smile to hear him say it so loudly and proudly and just like how his Mama says it.  Looks like he needs to spend some more time with Daddy if we are going to have aggs corrected to eggs.

Slumber Party

Cooper and Nicholas have been very excited to have super friend time these past couple of days.  Madeleine’s little brother has been sending mixed signals on when exactly he wants to arrive.  Above the kids were practicing for their upcoming slumber party.  One day these crazy kids could have a slumber party on the floor together, but for now we are sticking with cribs in separate rooms.

This pictures sums up just how much fun Madeleine and Cooper had.  They were putting each other to “bed” using the blanket to cover the other one up.  I loved watching their creativity when playing together.

Grandpa and Grandma came over one morning to help cart everyone to the blueberry farm for a picking adventure.   While out in the fields I opted to feed Nicholas in the carrier instead of heading back to the car and it went surprisingly well.  Nicholas is really turning into a “go with the flow” kind of kid and we are loving it!

These new play cupcakes came in very handy to help us celebrate baby Elliott’s birthday.


Good Morning

It is always a great way to start the day with these two boys so excited to see each other.

Adventures of a Tomato

Cooper loves helping in the garden.  Two of his favorite activities are digging in the dirt and watering.  I have great intentions to use everything we plant, but again this year the lettuce and peas didn’t get picked.  The berries were managed much better by Cooper.  He has done a great job of tracking when the tomatoes turn red.  When we pick a handful we like to sacrifice one to see what kind of adventure Cooper takes it on.  Sometimes they make it into the house, but today it took repeated jumps over the railing.  On the final jump it split open when it became wedged between the wall and fence.  Now to see what Cooper will do with the carrots and pumpkins when they are ready.

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary today with a Caspar Babypants concert at Juanita beach.  Rob couldn’t believe how packed it was.  Cooper couldn’t believe Caspar wasn’t taking requests and insisted on yelling “yellow submarine” between songs.

Another highlight of Tuesday, in addition to our PEPS meetings, is when Jan comes to clean.  Cooper races upstairs to find her and “help” her vacuum, it makes him so happy.

With so much focus on the kids lately, it’s great to have a day to celebrate just the two of us. We are happier than we ever knew possible and look forward to many more years together!

Headed Home

Cooper loved checking out all of the fancy airplanes on the walk to our plane.

One final picture before we get strapped in for the flight home.

On our way out of Jackson we flew over Rob’s parent’s cabin.  It is about 1/3 of the way up the hill in the center with the sharp switchbacks.

We had an outfit change at the halfway point and were reminded, again, that we really need to plan out clothes for the kids in addition to the adults.  If anyone can pull off conflicting plaid and striped socks with a smile, it is Cooper.

Nicholas wanted a better view than the back of the seat he stares at when we fly.

Family photo on the last leg of our trip headed home.  All smiles.

Schwabacher’s Landing

We tried to hike Schwabacher Landing last year, but the road was closed.  This year they reopened the trail and it did not disappoint.

Photo credit: Bob

Along the flat trail you could see many trees that had been taken down by the beavers and see their dams in the river.

Cooper is catching the shutter bug that both of his parents have.  He was SO excited to use the camera.

We have now solved the mystery of where the professional Teton photo hanging in our house was taken from.  It was definitely on this trail and Rob thinks they used a ladder to get above some of the closer grass and brush in this shot.

Annual family photo on the deck

We have continued the tradition of taking a family photo on the cabin deck.  Perhaps Nicholas is starting to show a silly side of his personality during his first cabin family photo.  It captures another first.  Cooper’s first time giving a black eye and Mama’s first time receiving one, all during an innocent hug last night.

That night Cooper loved Auntie Catherine’s tortilla soup so much he had to drink it straight from the bowl.

This captures Cooper saying “doggie, no barking” to Gracie and Nicholas laughing every time Cooper is acting even a little bit silly.  As soon as Nicholas starts giggling Cooper will do anything to keep it going.