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July, 2014:

Moose Snuggles

Someone is starting to enjoy tummy time more and having a moose to snuggle with doesn’t hurt.



Hard Day

This picture captures the 4 pairs of shoes Cooper tried on before settling on boots to go outside to water the 3 pots on our deck.

Most posts show the highlights of raising these two amazing little boys.  This one, is intended to capture a less glamorous day to help keep the perspective on just how wonderful a majority of the days are.

Nicholas up at 11 and 3am for a feeding

Cooper up at 5:30am for the day

SO many tears.  Tears because the other was crying, tears for wanting more oatmeal and being told yes, tears for reasons that only exhausted children could come up with.

Needing to poop.  Today this meant whining “pee on the potty” every 10-15 minutes for nearly 2 hours.  We go to the potty each time, take off his diaper, he changes his mind, and I redress him.  The diaper is our compromise since Cooper doesn’t want to poop on the potty yet, so when he feels like he needs to poop he asks for a diaper.  Most days he will poop within 20 minutes of asking for the diaper.  On days like this the diaper is very cumbersome with so many potty visits and Cooper so grumpy from not being able to poop.

Nicholas scream crying.  Wondered what that sounds like…only play this video if you are curious, otherwise pass and keep looking at cute blog pictures instead.

We didn’t leave the house for fear of Cooper poop crying, tiredness and baby Nicholas screaming outside of our house walls.  It is a catch 22 because days not leaving the house feel twice as long, but sometimes the circumstances really might be worse if you take the show out in public.

Finally nap time…

Evening was good and I am so happy to have this day behind us.

Big Kid Stroller

Today we split up with the boys.  Mama and Nicholas took a long 5 mile walk and he got to enjoy his first big kid stroller ride.  It made me consider purchasing a double stroller with the ease of pushing instead of wearing Nicholas.

Daddy and Cooper went for a short flight and had some bonding time at the airport.

The day ended like most, with lots of fantastic family time.

Baer Cabin

What a wonderful treat.  We got to see Nicole and family during their 48 hour layover in Seattle before heading to Hawaii for vacation.  The Baer family so kindly invited us to their family potluck at their cabin on Lake Margaret to celebrate the Colorado Baer’s time in town.  It has become a tradition to get to be invited to the large all family event as

Cooper enjoyed his first kayaking experience with Daddy on Martha lake

We blew past Cooper’s nap time, by hours, so the boys were just a bit tired on the drive home.



Today we took Cooper to his first donut shop.  Countryside donuts has sentimental value.  I grew up going there every Saturday before heading to the mountain for ski lessons with my family.  This store is a time capsule, nothing has changed in the past 25 years.

Cooper tried a white frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles and loved it.

When we got home Cooper and I burned off our donut calories with a team car wash.

Date Night

The definition of date night has sure changed, but we love them none the less.  Tonight Grandma and Grandpa stayed home with the kids after we put them to bed at 7:30.  We are so tired by the end of the day we decided to stay close and walked to Dairy Queen for a sweet treat.  It was so nice to get couple time and we both look forward to being able to get away for longer and more often, when Nicholas takes a bottle again.

A Sleeping Nicholas

Each night Nicholas looks very similar to this picture when we put him to bed.  Most of the time his eyes are a bit droopier, but you get the idea.   He faces the same way, we turn his head to the left, still trying to get his head re-rounded, and put a binky in his mouth.

In the morning it is always a surprise.  Many times his face is against the front side of the crib and sometimes an arm or two sneak out.  He tends to move to his left and counter-clockwise up and rarely to his right or down.

We are doing a light sleep training with the monitors turned down, but still go in there to give him a binky once or twice a night to help him get back to sleep.  We have to work on having him self-soothe, but with everyone so desperately needing sleep we seem to keep taking the quick back to sleep binky approach.

It is crazy how he can wake up so happy after being in bed for 10 hours without eating, but wake up just a few minutes over 2 hours between feedings during the day screaming because he is starving.

PEPS v2 and Leaving the House

Molly, Nicholas and Graham at 4 months old

Introducing the next round of PEPS kiddos!  As if the PEPS group couldn’t get any more amazing and supportive, it did.  Graham is 3 weeks older and Molly is 2 weeks older than Nicholas.  It has been really nice to go through the ups and downs of being a parent of two with two incredible moms.  Much like when we did these group shots with our first born kiddos, the smiles are short lived at this young age.  I like the second picture even better than the first one.

We are now on day 4 of potty training and decided we are ready to take the show on the road.  Today’s PEPS meeting was at a park and I felt confident with so many other caring friends there that we could pull this off as a team.  I was very impressed by Cooper who, in the middle of playing, yelled out “pee on the potty.”  I must have been a sight as I gave Nicholas to the closest person and went running over to Cooper, scooped him up and ran to the back of our car where we had one of the potties set up.  It was a success, Cooper made it to the potty his first time in public without an accident.  On the way home from the park he said “pee on the potty” again and I made the poor choice to pull over on the highway to have him go.  I will not do that again since it is not worth the danger of being on the side of the road vs. having a wet car seat.

We have found a solution for poop.  Cooper had not pooped in 3 days and we were getting worried about our typical daily pooper.  When starting the poop dance we asked if he wanted a diaper on and he said yes.   Cooper now says “diaper poop” and we put one on him so he can poop and then he goes back to wearing undies and using the potty for pee the rest of the day.  We are not sure how long we will stick with this diaper solution, but we have heard not to press the issue so we will keep doing it until Cooper requests to use the potty instead.

The highlight of being on Day 4 of potty training is that we now get to see Cooper in his adorable superhero undies.  It was actually a tough task to find undies that were not Disney character themed.  I realized late that if we were potty training we needed undies so I had to head out last minute in search of them.  Now with a few more days to look around Costco is the place to get them.  I have also learned that the original 2T-3T pack fit Cooper, but the 4T size is much easier for him to get on and off.  We are still working on getting him to pull his own pants down and up, but with so much other success, we will take it.

25 Months

Just a little update on the recent changes for Cooper since our 2 year doctor appointment.

Dropped the third milk sippy cup which was before bed.  Now he has milk with breakfast and dinner only

Moved from whole milk to 1%

Bottom 2 year molars are coming through and top 2 year molars are through.  Once these finish we should get a small break in teething

Whenever Cooper picks up his pretend phone and you ask him who he is calling he always says “Auntie”

Favorite books: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction site, Corduroy’s Christmas, Tonka Trucks and the family picture book Nene made

Picture background: If I mention Nene he automatically thinks we get to Skype with her and goes to the drawer to get the computer



Potty Time

Daddy and Cooper reading the potty book while he is on the potty

Cooper has continued to show interest in the potty, that he received for his birthday, using it about once a day.  Rob and I talked it over and decided we should take advantage of Cooper’s excitement for the potty and think about potty training.  After minimal research online and a look at our summer schedule this was the weekend for us to do it.  We opted to try the three day method of potty training.  Day 1: Wear nothing on the bottom and don’t leave the house  Day 2: Wear pants, but no undies and stay close to the house for a quick afternoon activity Day 3: Wear undies and pants and do something in the morning and afternoon.

Day 1 Summary –

The day started at 6am by taking off Cooper’s overnight diaper and telling him he was going to have a pants and diaper free day.

Used gate to block off stairs and front room/dining room area and picked up the rugs.  He could still run circles around the kitchen pantry and head down the hallway to the bathroom.  His trainer toilet was placed by the slider near our kitchen table.

The key to successful potty training is to make sure he drinks a lot so there is lots of pee practicing.  We put out 3 water bottles including two of Mamas that he loves to drink from and ate meals on the floor, picnic style.

The day started with 5-10 accidents, some just 10-15 minutes apart.  We started the day setting a timer to ask Cooper if he has to go potty every 20 minutes, then shortened it to 10 minutes after some accidents.  By the end of the day it was closer to 45 minutes before we asked him.

At 10am Cooper used the potty one time by himself without either of us asking or helping him, we were distracted talking and he stopped playing at his kitchen to walk over and go on the potty.

He had only 2 accidents after 10am, one around 11 and one right after we talked about how there hadn’t been any accidents for hours at 6pm.  We put a diaper on him for his afternoon nap and overnight.

The day turned out so much better than either of us had ever expected.  We all really enjoyed getting to have so much focused family time in a small space.   We loved watching Cooper’s naked buns run like crazy around the kitchen pushing the shopping cart.  We found another reason to love our laminate floors.  At the end of the day we agreed that it was successful and we would continue potty training the next day.

Day 2 Summary –

Snack time during potty training weekend

Today we started the day by bringing Cooper downstairs with shorts and no diaper on.

We put out the other potties so now we have one in the kitchen and both the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms.  We still hung out in the fenced off space all together and ate our meals on the floor again.

He has definitely figured out the routine.  In Cooper’s words…  Go pee on the potty, clap clap hooray, then dump it in the big potty, flush it and wash hands

This afternoon we played outside in the backyard (accident free) for an hour and today he even went on demand twice when Daddy went with him.

He had only one tiny accident and we asked him every hour or so about going potty.  We still used a diaper for afternoon nap and overnight and plan to do this for a while.  He has woken up from both consistently dry, but we aren’t ready to make the big leap yet.

We love this little guy and can’t believe what a fun weekend we had potty training together.  Cooper you continue to amaze and impress us every single day!

The next test begins tomorrow when Daddy heads back to work and Mama tries this on her own.