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July, 2014:

Luv You Daddy

Today melted our hearts.  He said “Luv you Daddy” unprompted when Rob was getting ready to leave for work.   This was the first time he has said I love you to either of us.

Cooper loves to talk and will tell you exactly what he is going to do.  Water table time has now turned into, how quickly can I fill a boat and pour water on my head time.

Our little man loves to eat, here is an example of tonight’s dinner: 8 raviolis, 1/2 cup tofu, 1/4 cup mushrooms, pesto, 20 grapes, 1/4 cup edamame and 40 blueberries.  Yes, we now cook 3 portions instead of just 2 for each meal.

Woodinville Concert

Cooper was in heaven riding this motorized ATV at a friend’s house.  He rode it for nearly the entire two hours we were there until the battery ran out.

We had it on our summer list to go see a concert in Woodinville and tonight was the night.  We got there early enough to find parking easily, enjoyed a delicious dinner (Cooper ate an entire pulled pork sandwich), danced and had some yummy wine and beer.

A dancing Cooper

That evening Cooper pooped on the potty for the second time.  Cooper loves to say “BIG poop” when this happens.  We followed it with a call to Auntie Kari who kindly sang him the “poop on the potty song.”  I promised her when it becomes a regular experience for him we won’t keep calling her to sing 😉  He does say “Auntie is so proud, I am a big boy” each time he uses the potty so something she does is working.

Mondays and Crafts

Cooper and Nene have a special garbage truck bond.  We Skype with Nene every Monday and it seems to be the precise time the garbage man comes by.  This week Cooper had the special treat to get to watch the garbage trucks with Nene in person.  Cooper then had some crafting time with Nene where they made these adorable octopuses.  His favorite part was when she cut the straws into small pieces with the scissors which made the pieces “hop”.

Thanks for the fun visit, Nene!

5 Months

Nicholas is becoming such a happy kiddo, we are loving the smiles and coos that are happening more frequently each day that passes.

  • Development: Nicholas loves the bouncing chair and can use his toes to build momentum and kick blankets off.  He loves to smile in the chair when we sing silly songs together during breakfast and lunch.

  • He is doing a great job of holding his head up and spends some time in the Bumbo chair.  Nicholas now giggles too!  Cooper is the best at getting lots of giggles from his brother.  He loves to grab a hold of the toys on his playmat and put anything and everything in his mouth.  When holding Nicholas facing you he loves to use his toes to try to climb up your stomach.  He prefers to be held facing outwards

We are using this whale to show perspective on his growth in his monthly photos

  • Physical: His hair is a medium brown and starting to stand up on top, his eyes are a lighter blue color and he has one dimple on the left when he smiles.

  • Bedtime routine: Starts at 6:30pm with a final evening feeding, reading 3 books with Cooper, final diaper change, vitamin and jammies.  We then swaddle him in bed and put a binkie in his mouth, turn on the humidifier, fan and monitor and sing him the goodnight song.
  • Eating: Nicholas still eats frequently and quickly.  He enjoys eating every 2 hours once he wakes up around 5:30am.  If we are out and he is in a carrier this can stretch to 3 hours.  After most naps during the day he will wake up screaming for food, but will wake up smiling and happy after going all night long without eating.
  • Sleeping: Nicholas is a good sleeper.  He goes down by 7:30 and wakes up around 5:30.  We have had success sleep training him so he is put down for bed and naps still semi awake instead of completely asleep.  We are using a binky for all sleeping periods and at night we are still getting up 2-3 times a night to put a binky back in his mouth when he wakes up crying.  This is on our list to work on, but in the middle of the night the quick fix of putting a binky in is still winning over listening to him cry over 10 minutes.  Nighttime is much easier for him to soothe himself.  Many naps he still needs some extra bouncing and holding to get him to fall asleep.  I have enjoyed some 20min and even one 2 hour dual nap with both brothers sleeping at the same time in the afternoon.  It is a fun game to guess how we will find Nicholas each morning.  Usually it is against the front railing with at least one arm out and a smile on his face.

  • Crying: This has been a huge change from the beginning.  Nicholas is so much happier more of the time each day.  He is most upset when he wakes up from a nap during the day wanting to eat and when he is ready for a nap.  He typically takes 3-4 20 minute naps a day.
  • Bath time: After bath Nicholas turns into this cute monkey.  Tonight we realized that washing his hair will be much easier in the future when we sit him in the small tub instead of trying to still lay/hold him in my arms which we had been doing when he couldn’t support his head.  It is a way overdue change to the bath routine we both laughed at how long it took us to realize this change was possible.  We are still bathing him about once a week.



Nene’s Birthday

What an exciting day!  We got to celebrate a milestone birthday with Nene.  Cooper started the morning off by helping to make some “brownie birthday cake” for his chocolate loving Nene.

We then hit the local beach for some water, sun, sand and picnic time including the special birthday brownies. Someone loved building sandcastles and someone else loved kicking them over even more.

The weather was so warm that the cool water felt very nice.

We ended the adventure with an outdoor shower.

That evening Nene and I enjoyed a nice dinner out with some of her friends.  Rob kindly brought Nicholas to me at the restaurant for a final feeding while Charlie stayed home with a sleeping Cooper.  This week Nene has focused on trying a bottle with Nicholas a couple of times a day, but still haven’t had much success with him only drinking an ounce at most and more often drinking none at all.

Happy 60th Nene!  We had so much fun celebrating with you and helping you check off your bucket list.

Nene Fun

Cooper (and his crazy morning hair) were so excited to help Nene check activities off of her birthday week wish list.  Today we walked along the boulevard in Kirkland and enjoyed some play time and a snack at the marina park.

In between checking off activities Nene wanted to do Rob and I snuck away during nap time to enjoy a bike ride along the slough.  When we returned Rob gave Cooper a ride in the bike trailer to make sure he still enjoys riding in it.  Next summer we will be able to go on rides with both kiddos in there.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at a Thai restaurant, also on the checklist 🙂  Nicholas prefers to be close to the action where he can grab the food directly from the plate.

Popcorn Song

One of those fun memories you don’t want to forget.  Every time Nicholas starts babbling in the car Cooper says he is singing the Popcorn song, which is one of his favorites.

Fire Station

Throughout the summer we have continued to meet on Wednesday with the families from Cooper’s toddler class.  This week we were treated to a tour of the Redmond fire station.  Cooper was pretty hesitant to climb up and go through the back of the firetruck. but he went through the motions.  He liked when they turned on the lights and wandering around looking at the vehicles.

Cooper gave Nicholas a victorious kiss after making it out the other side of the fire truck.  The firefighters liked his fire truck boots which made Cooper smile.

Most adventures end the same way they start, by sitting on the potty in the back of the car.

We followed the visit with lunch at one of my favorite places, Pomegranate.  Cooper really enjoyed the ranch dipping sauce for the carrots and opted to use his fork instead of the carrots to eat it.

Nicholas loved the restaurant too.

Camping at Blu-Shastin

I will start off by saying in my books this camping trip was a huge success and Rob would say it went all right.  Different perspectives are allowed when it comes to camping with a 4 month and 2 year old.  To help support my view of the trip the above picture was taken at breakfast the second morning and everyone is smiling.  Blu-Shastin was the location of this year’s annual camping trip with the Zimmardi, Turner and Johnson families.  I have great memories of camping with my grandparents in their camping group and love that we are headed down the path to give a similar experience to our kids.

Rob was able to take the day off of work so we could get packed up and headed over early.  We left right at nap time for the 2 hour drive and both boys slept the entire time.  This was our longest car trip since Cooper has been potty trained and with Nicholas who isn’t the biggest fan of being in the car.  When we got there Cooper helped Daddy set up the tent.

He quickly found a friend in Marcus who nicely shared his Nilla wafers with him.  They finished off the box of crackers within 20 minutes with just a little help from others.

Enjoying a hot dog dinner the first night before the rest of the group arrived at the sites.

Cooper loved Bobby, whenever Bobby sat down Cooper would quickly take a seat next to him smiling the whole time.

Preparing for bedtime with some teeth brushing.  Yes, we put Cooper to bed at 7pm and it was this bright out.

Nicholas got to stay up a little later and enjoy his first campfire.

The next morning Cooper felt right at home at the campsite laying on the ground to play with his truck, just like he would do at home.

Daddy and Cooper practiced jumping off the edge of the pool.

Nicholas was less of a fan of pool time.

He did love riding around with Daddy

While Mama, Cooper, Addison and Jenn enjoyed putting their toes in the river

Nicholas slept in the Peapod and Cooper slept in the pack-n-play on one side of our two room tent.

Bedtime the second night was a bit tougher with all of the noise from the other kids and campers.  We finally laid down with both boys to get them to fall asleep before joining the others back at the campfire.

A group kid photo to mark this awesome annual camping adventure!

Cooper, Michael, Addison, Braeden, Marcus, Anthony, Bryce, Alexa and Nicholas

Retirement Party

Some of us have been to a retirement party for Ron Cooper ;), but never the entire family.  His old boss hosted a wonderful party for him at her home.  We were a bit nervous about the long drive to West Seattle at rush hour and the late night dinner, but everything worked out perfectly.  We are calling this night Cooper’s “coming out” party too.  He was a whole new kid, not shy at all after just a few minutes with this group of people he had never met before.  He was singing them songs, running into their arms and all around entertaining the whole group.  It was really fun to see such an outgoing side of Cooper.  We changed the kids into their jammies and left around 10.  We thought Cooper would pass out in the car after being silly for so many hours, but he proved us wrong and stayed up the entire 45 minute car ride home.

Nicholas enjoyed a brief quiet moment in the festivities with a snooze on their living room floor.