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June, 2014:

Relaxing in Flight

Holding hands with Daddy makes everything better

Cooper is really starting to relax more during our airplane trips.  We took advantage of Rob working from home to head out this afternoon for another quick family flight.  Today he was looking out the window instead of having his head pressed against the back of the car seat.  We even got him to sing a song and smile at us.


The highlight of all flights for Cooper is getting to see Daddy use the “airplane lawnmower” to push the plane back into the hangar.

4 Months


Length – 26.25″ (90%)

Weight – 16 lbs. 1 ounce (74%)

Head Circumference –  17″ (74%)

We have finally found a stuffed animal to take monthly pictures with to show Nicholas’ growth this first year.  Welcome Wally!

Development:  Nicholas loves to sit up in the Bumbo or on your lap.  His favorite position to be carried is in your arms facing out.  We have started carrying him more in the Bjorn facing forward because his neck is getting so strong and he loves to look around.  Tummy time is actually enjoyable in small spurts for him now.  He loves to grab and bat at the toys on his play mat.  One of his favorite activities is to sit in his bouncy chair, while we eat, and use his legs to bounce/kick the blanket off of him over and over again.

Smiling/Crying: He is smiling a lot more and loves to smile at others while being held by his Mama.  His cries are primarily before falling asleep, waking up after a long nap wanting to eat and when he needs to burp.

Pooping: Predictable two “outfit changers” a day.  One is a morning treat for Daddy to greet him when he gets out of the shower.  Nicholas’ first feeding is typically done in our room so we can keep Cooper sleeping as late as possible.  The second outfit change typically happens after the longer afternoon nap at 3ish.

Eating:  Our boy loves to eat and is pretty consistent about letting exactly 120 minutes lapse before he requests another meal.  It is around this age that rumor has it they may start eating less frequently, but we will have to wait and see.  His last feeding is close to 7:30pm for the night.  Nicholas continues to be less and less of a fan of the bottle.  We are going to keep trying so we can get Mama some freedom and Nicholas some variation in who feeds him.

Sleeping: We are now putting Nicholas down for the night around 8 or 9pm and he is waking up at 5:30 or 6am.  He recently had a cold and has started waking up to eat at 3am each morning. The waking up in the middle of the night has outlasted the congestion so we are going to keep our fingers crossed he will start sleeping through the night again soon.

Notes from our doctors visit:  Nicholas is growing consistently and still on the bigger side of the curve.  He giggled when the doctor did the hip-flexor test.  When we mentioned that he has recently been waking up in the night, the doctor asked if we are considering sleep training.  He felt with his history of crying so much that he will be very difficult to sleep train so if we are interested we should start early.  Note: When we heard this out we started that night 🙂

We had Cooper go first to get his shot and he didn’t even cry.  He started to cry when Nicholas started to cry from his shots though.


Friends Old and New

What a special day.  The boys and I headed to my dear friend Alison’s house to meet her little girl Annika.  Alison is my oldest friend as our parents met in baby group; her birthday is the day after mine.

It is pretty crazy to think that the friends we have made in baby group could be long time friends of Cooper’s and he could get together with them when they have kids of their own.

This afternoon we headed to Madeleine’s house to help her celebrate her big 2nd birthday.  Cooper was extra sweet to her on her special day.

Photo credit: Amanda

He can reach their door bell and was very proud of it.

Photo credit: Amanda

This evening Nicholas and Mama headed to Seattle for bookclub while Daddy and Cooper enjoyed dinner at Taco Time together.  It is definitely more effort to enjoy girl time with a non-bottle taking Nicholas in tow, but totally worth it.  Cooper loved having special Daddy time too.  Daddy ordered Cooper a bean soft taco, but they gave him beef which made quite the mess at the restaurant.  He didn’t feel as bad though since he had ordered the less messy beans in the first place.  Cooper happily finished off the kid soft taco with no trouble…  What are we going to do when his appetite increases?

Yard Inspiration

During the summer break from toddler group we are still meeting at parks and people’s homes.  This week’s home has inspired me.  We have been going back and forth on looking for a new home with a bigger yard.  I was so impressed with what they did with a yard similar in size to our current house.  Cooper fell in love with this digger that was much easier to maneuver than the park version.  My favorite parts of this yard are the path, sitting area and this very creative play space using rubber pieces instead of bark.


The hunt

Cooper is really enjoying picking berries from our yard.  He continues to repeat, no matter where we are at park, friends house, etc., “don’t eat blueberries” since we have to keep reminding him that they are not ripe yet.  It is really funny to see people’s reaction since his comment is completely out of context, but apparently it is on the top of his mind many times a day.

Caught red handed

Special Visitors

We were so lucky to have some very special visitors come to visit today.  Daddy’s Aunt Donna and Uncle Charlie flew in to Seattle to visit before starting their Alaska cruise.  Unfortunately, we forgot to capture a picture of everyone, but as you can see from the picture Cooper was happy to provide the entertainment over dinner.

On Nana and Pop-pop’s last night in town Cooper enjoyed the special story time with them.  During their visit Cooper started requesting to read books on his tummy.

Banana Bread

Each morning that Nicholas doesn’t come in to his room with me Cooper instantly starts asking for him wanting to give him a kiss.  This morning Cooper jumped at the chance to get into Nicholas’ crib for morning snuggles.

While still in their jammies Nana and Cooper made some yummy banana bread together.

Cooper definitely didn’t get the desire to eat super ripe bananas from Mama, mine have to still have some green.

Once we all got ready we headed to Miner park to show Daddy and Nana this cool new park.  Cooper loved going down the super quick slide on Daddy’s lap.

The tickle monsters were waiting for us when we got home.

Nicholas was so spent from the fun day that he fell asleep upright in Daddy’s arms.

Seattle Adventure with Daddy

Cooper showing Nana and Pop-pop around Seattle

Today was Daddy’s big adventure to Seattle with the kiddos and his parents in tow.  I got to celebrate a soon-to-arrive little boy by co-hosting a baby shower for a dear friend in Seattle.  This also meant that Daddy got to bring the entire crew to Seattle so I could feed Nicholas halfway through the shower.  Fortunately, all the stars aligned for their lunch experience at Pike Brewing and he was back with Nicholas shortly after his food arrived and I enjoyed the rest of the shower.

Cooper was very particular with his coloring at the restaurant.  He would take out one color at a time, use it and then put it back before moving on to the next color.

Nicholas can always find the game.

A rare photo capturing our nightly ritual of reading books together as a family before bed.

Park with 3 Grandparents

Pop-pop and Cooper

Nicholas and Cooper were some very lucky boys today getting to go to the park with 3 grandparents.  Nana and Pop-pop are visiting before they take an Alaska cruise and Grandpa came down to say hi to them.

Cooper and Grandpa

It was exhausting for Nicholas to keep everyone entertained.

Nicholas and Nana


Nicholas at 3 months

It seems only fair, if I put Cooper in a laundry basket then Nicholas should go in one too. Both pictures are when the boys are 3 months old.

Cooper at 3 months

Sweet kisses during the laundry photo shoot.