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May, 2014:

PEPS 2nd Birthday Celebration

Today we celebrated our PEPS kiddos turning the big 2.  We feel incredibly fortunate to have met and continue the friendships with these 6 amazing families.

Enjoying the cupcakes during the group birthday celebration.


Group cupcake pic in birth order – Photo credit: Amanda




Dance Party

About the cutest thing you have ever seen…

The song is the Caspar Babypants version of Happy Birthday by the Beatles.

Planting the Garden

Today we tackled planting our garden as a family.  I had previously picked up the plants and seeds from Molbaks during a solo adventure so I could actually take time to read the labels.  My great uncle Nick, was a fantastic gardener and said a garden should not be planted until after Memorial Day.  This year we displayed patience and actually waited to follow his advice and look forward to great results.

First School Birthday Celebration

Today we celebrated Cooper’s birthday at toddler group for his first school celebration.  They are celebrating the summer birthdays this week and next.  He got to put two candles on this cake and was sung to which ended with two “hip hip hoorays” for his 2nd birthday. If we stay in Washington, which we plan to, the school year usually runs until at least mid June so his birthday should still fall during the school year as he gets older.

After nap time we headed to the mailbox and got caught by a few sprinkles.  By the time we got back the rain was definitely coming down so we decided to embrace it.  Cooper changed into rain boots and enjoyed every moment of stomping in puddles and watching the rain race down the storm drain.

3 Months

The next stats will be with our doctor visit at 4 months

  • Physical: Nicholas loves to smile and coo while kicking his legs after a full belly.  He enjoys grabbing for the animals on his playmat, especially the sheep.  Tummy time is getting better and he can lift his head off the ground for a few seconds at a time.  He is wearing size 3-6 month clothes.
  • Eating: He eats every 2 hours usually from both sides.  He typically spits up a fair amount while being burped and about an hour after eating.  We are starting to introduce the bottle.
  • Pooping: Size 2 diapers  seem to do the trick for capturing the content these days, and his frequency has reduced to once or twice a day.
  • Sleeping: Nicholas is a fantastic sleeper going down at 9pm and waking up at 5:30am.  Rob’s alarm clock goes off at 5:20am and the whole house is up by 6:30am most days.  He is trending towards a longer snooze in the morning at 10am and afternoon at 2pm.
  • Crying: He primarily cries before the sleeping part of his 2 hour cycle and after each side when feeding/burping.  He moves quickly from a quiet/sleepy state to crying and sometimes screaming.  This can happen when he wakes from a nap and almost always when he is put in the car.  Some days it seems tied to needing to be burped or poop, but we are still sorting out how to help him consistently.
  • This month’s party tricks summed up in the words of Cooper: “Suck hand” (primarily the pointer finger knuckle on his left hand, even to the point of hickey marks), “Eat Nick-S” or “Eat the Boob” when he is nursing, “Kicking” especially when he is in his bouncy chair during mealtime, “Silly” when he is kicking or talking and “Sad” when he is crying.
  • Nicknames: Rob’s favorite is Mr. Snuggles, Cooper calls him Nick-S or Silly and I like Bumpkin
  • Firsts: Night away from home and visit to Oregon, first hike


Spruce Goose

Daddy and Cooper with the Spruce Goose in the background

McMinnville attracts tourists for both their wine vineyards and the Evergreen Aviation Museum, we were there for the latter.  It is the home of the Spruce Goose (Hughes H-4 Hercules) which is the largest flying boat ever built and has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in history.  This is also the name of the cafe we flew to for each boys’ first flights in our plane.  So it was fitting we went to see the plane the cafe is named after.

Cooper was in heaven at the museum.  Running around saying “airplane” thousands of times and pointing to airplanes in all directions.

There was one non-airplane related piece that caught his attention.  It was the donation funnel, he watched many coins go around and around and insisted on more when each one finally fell.

There was a great kids area with a real airplane (not sure what adult would be crazy enough to fly in such a small plane) and many push airplane toys.

Cooper sitting in a real airplane built for 1

We spent our last morning enjoying a fantastic breakfast at Crescent Cafe, known for their fresh squeezed OJ from 5 different kinds of oranges.  With our early risers we were done with breakfast by 8am and enjoyed the very quiet streets of McMinnville for one final family stroll before flying home.

It was a great weekend and fun first family vacation, ending with both kids taking a snooze on the flight home.

McMinnville, Oregon

For Memorial Day weekend we headed down to McMinnville, Oregon with some friends.  Given Nicholas’ lack of excitement for time in the car we decided to try our luck at the 1.25 hour flight instead.  Daddy introduced Cooper to thumb-wars on the flight down.

Cooper was saying and signing “all done” just as you can see the McMinnville airport through the front window.  It looks like our trip timing was perfect.  It ended up taking 3 hours including time to drive to the airport here, load, flight time, renting a car and getting to the rental house.  Later we learned it took our friends 6 hours instead of 4 to drive this distance due to the Memorial Day weekend traffic.  To say we were happy we flew is an understatement.

We had a fantastic time exploring McMinnville and watching the kiddos play together.  Hearing their laughter as they chased each other from one end of the house to the other made us smile from ear to ear.

Pretend sleeping after all that running

So many books to read


Nicholas was pretty consistent in waking up at 5:30am each morning.  Since he is still exclusively nursing Rob and Cooper were left in the room to snooze a little longer.  One morning Rob woke up to a big “Hi Daddy” and this smiling face staring at him from across the room.  Apparently the furniture didn’t block Cooper’s view when he was standing.

Time at the park was a highlight for the adults and kids.

The slide triggered a bit of static for Cooper’s hair

Family picture, prom style.  Photo credit: Amanda





Sleepy Boy

It has been a week and we believe that is close to being able to call it a habit…  Nicholas has slept from 9pm-5am for one week straight now.  We marked this day with removing the pack ‘n play from our room and doing all diaper changes in his room now.  Daddy gets up at 5:15am daily for work so our house is full of early risers.  Cooper has been getting up around 5 or 6am instead of 7am lately.  About half the time he wakes up before Nicholas does, but we will take a solid 7 hours of the whole family asleep 10-5 without any complaints!

Saying Nicholas

With the complicated words and phrases Cooper has started to say we are happy to report that he now has a brother he calls Nicholas instead of baby.  It was like a switch clicked and he instantly stopped calling him baby and continues to only call him Nicholas now.  It sounds more like “Nick – s” or his grandparents think it sounds like “Nicky” until you hear the trailing “s”.

Nicholas is wearing a Santa suit in May because I think the outfit is cute, but the season/sizing is not aligned correctly for Christmas.  Cooper’s size aligned a little better with the season and he got to wear the Santa suit in December.

I will simple say, “just like Daddy”  and let the picture tell the story…

Tacoma Narrows

We have an upcoming trip to Oregon planned for Memorial Day weekend and wanted to try another family airplane ride to see if this will be an option for the trip.  We flipped Cooper’s car seat around so he is now backward facing in the front seat of the plane.  This is the same way he still faces in the car and he seemed more comfortable on this flight.

The new airplane set-up

We continue to be reminded what a beautiful area we live in, especially when viewed from the sky.

Daddy, Cooper and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

First family fly in dinner at the Tacoma Narrows airport.  Highly recommend the chicken pesto pizza.

When he is not the pilot, he is a super dad doing double diaper change duty on the wing of the plane before we flew home.

Daddy changing Nicholas

Daddy changing Cooper