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April, 2014:

Milk in Eyes

Cooper loves to give Nicholas a good morning kiss, sometimes he is a bit more aggressive.  He can be extra sweet too.

This day marks the first time I put the theory that breast milk heals anything to the test.  Nicholas has a super goopy eye from a clogged tear duct or pink eye.  I called the doctor and they said it was worth trying breast milk in his eye.  I am so happy to report that it worked to clear up his eyes in just a few days!

It is Tuesday so we got to see our PEPS friends at a Kirkland toddler park.  Everyone was here so we took advantage with another group photo.  As the kids are approaching two the pictures are getting even more exciting to coordinate.

Attempt #1

They are sitting youngest to oldest.  We all have the 2 year old toddler energy coming our way and it looks like Cooper will be next by age 🙂

Attempt #2



Juanita Park

One of my favorite parts of Kari’s visit was exploring a new park in Juanita.  Cooper loved walking out on the docks and searching for ducks, birds and turtles with his Auntie.

Sisters and brothers

As an amazing parting gift Kari left me with two kids asleep in their cribs.  This was a first for Nicholas and it lasted 20 minutes!  I definitely need her to come back to enjoy more dual sleeping time.

Cooper loves to say things over and over again.   Auntie Kari left behind two vivid memories for Cooper to keep talking about.  One intentional and one not.  The intentional one was to make up for when we fed Daphne on all fours instead of on her back.  They had to keep feeding her that way for a week after we left, oops 🙂  In response Kari taught Cooper that he should have his eyebrows and elbows cleaned after every feeding in addition to his hands and mouth.  This is still one of my favorite pictures of Daphne.

Cooper kept saying “Auntie, garage door stuck.”  It took me a couple of days to finally figure out why he keeps saying this.  When she was here she kept locking the garage door, like they do at her house, which kept locking us out.  I realize we were talking about this a ton since we couldn’t figure out when the door kept getting locked until Kari said she was the one doing it.

Auntie Kari Arrives!

We ARE so excited, Auntie Kari arrived to Seattle today.  Our first stop on the way home from the airport was lunch at Bamboo Garden.  This is an all vegetarian Chinese food restaurant in downtown Seattle.  Nicholas greeted his Auntie with some cries in the car, but she was still game for trying the restaurant stop if we were.  Cooper’s favorite part was the fortune cookie.  His said “It’s okay to slow down and smell the roses.”

Nicholas loved to snuggle with Auntie Kari.

During her visit we went to the Woodinville library story time and one of our favorite fenced in toddler parks.

Exploring the library outdoor area before story time

Learning to fly like superman on the swing just like his cousins do

Cooper is getting more and more comfortable at this toddler park and even climbed this ladder to get to the slide instead of using the stairs.

Zipper Master

Someone is getting better at undoing zippers and loves to practice this skill during naps.

It Had to Happen…

We started off our day with a fun trip to the Miller house where they have this awesome storm drain that you can throw rocks into.  It is one of Ben and Avery’s activities and Cooper was quick to partake in it too.

After nap Cooper woke up super rosy cheeked, but I figured it was from his room getting too warm from the sun.

Rob had a late night meeting so it was my first time doing dinner and bedtime with both kids alone.  After dinner Cooper was acting pretty lethargic and not his normal goofy self just before bed.  Then just before the final steps of the night time routine he puked 🙁  I was able to get him cleaned up in the bath and with some extra cuddles finished up the routine to get him to bed.  A few hours later we woke up to Cooper crying and found he had puked again.  We quickly stripped Cooper to try to lower his 104 degree temperature.  Rob then frantically did research online and called the nurse to figure out what to do.  We were very lucky to make it 22 months with no puke/fever, but were perplexed on what to do for him now that it did happen.   It was very sad to see our little man feeling so bad, he just laid in my arms while I rocked him.  Even when feeling his worst Cooper’s empathy continued when he was telling us to take care of Nicholas who had woke up crying while I was holding Cooper.  We eventually got everything cleaned up, Cooper cooled down with the help of Tylenol and back to bed.

After spending hours rocking Nicholas, it reminded me how much Cooper has grown in nearly 2 years and how much I miss his super cuddly phase as a baby.

Fortunately, Cooper did not get sick again, but was in desperate need of cuddles the entire next day.  Extra fortunately, Rob was able to work from home that day and spent most of it holding and carrying Cooper around the house.  A much tougher job now that he is closing in on 35lbs.

Rob tried Curious George at breakfast.  He was semi interested.  The first time he introduced the show it was during a nail clipping session and Cooper was laughing non stop.

Here is a picture of our poor boy feeling under the weather.

Nicholas surprised us with a very special gift of his longest stretch of sleep so far, 7 hours between feedings that night!

Symphony and Bloody Nose

Cooper enjoyed his first symphony performance with Grandma and Grandpa in Seattle today.

This day also ended up marking his first serious bloody nose.  I am not sure what triggered it.  During his nap he started crying and I could see him rubbing the mattress on the camera.  I went in his room to find his hands, feet, clothes and one end of the mattress covered in blood.  Lesson learned: You should no longer tilt your head back with a bloody nose, but instead pinch and hold it for 10 minutes while leaning forward.  In the moment, the old tilt back method worked for us.  It happened again overnight, but the scene wasn’t nearly as gruesome since it appears to have happened while he was sleeping so he didn’t get the chance to spread it everywhere.

First Day at Home With Two

Today was Rob’s first day back to work after being off on 5 weeks of paternity leave for Nicholas.  Looking back on these 5 weeks we were able to have some incredible bonding time as a family.  I was reminded, daily, what an incredible father Rob is and that there is no one I would rather go on this parenting journey with than him.  We were able to lean on each other and learn even more about our strengths and weaknesses through so many ‘firsts’ and lots of sleep deprivation 🙂

During the day our friends Tia and Ty came over to visit for a play date.  Amber wasn’t kidding when she said Ty’s name is easy for kids to say.  Cooper hasn’t stopped talking about him and Tia along with revisiting everything they did together during their play date.

This evening Nicholas enjoyed his first tummy time and ended up falling asleep for 2 hours on his belly.

Don’t Forget to Burp

Using a cute picture of Cooper from today because no one needs to see milk puke…

Today I received a friendly reminder in burping.  If you don’t burp after breast feeding on each side you might just see an entire side come back up.  I was trying to go a little quicker to go outside and play soccer with Daddy and Cooper.  When Nicholas was done feeding I was burping him standing in the kitchen.  He then burped up what might be an entire feeding from one boob all over my shoulder, off my bum (does it really stick out that far?) and splashed on the floor.  When I heard the milk hit the floor I knew I had a good sized mess to clean up.