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March, 2014:

First Flight for Nicholas

You know you are an airplane family when one of the early on goals is to sort out when your baby’s first flight will be.  With Cooper it was at 3 weeks and with Nicholas it happened at just over 4 weeks old.  We had our first family adventure of 4 which meant Cooper rode in the front seat with Daddy and I was in the back with Nicholas.

Cooper is still a bit unsure about riding in the front seat.  We think this is due to a few factors, riding forward (he still faces backward in the car), over stimulation seeing everything flying by, wearing a headset (he was fine with this before) and mainly due to the fact that there was a large 6 month gap since he was last in the airplane.

Nicholas did pretty well on the plane with some tears before we took off, but those were not due to the flying.  He handled wearing the headset and the take-off, flying and landing elements of flying like a champ.

We flew to Port Townsend for some brunch at the Spruce Goose, the same destination we went to for Cooper’s first flight.

Nicholas ended the day with some crazy bubbles to celebrate.

Cheese Boys

These smiles and goofy faces are what make my day and make Rob and me some incredibly lucky parents!

Introducing the cheese face

Silly time with Daddy


Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Nicholas is starting to shed all of the extra baby fuzz from his shoulders, forehead and back, but the furry tops of his ears are still present.  His eyes are changing to a blue color and he has lost much of the hair on top of his head.  He enjoys eating every 2 hours during the day and gives a slightly longer stretch or two at night.  Each feeding takes about an hour including the diaper change and burping.  We are starting to figure out his cries and found that they mainly happen before eating,d when needing to burp, during a diaper change and when he wants to go to sleep.

He gets tons of head smooches from his big brother.


Detailed Pictures

This is what happens when you fall asleep and Daddy has his camera nearby.  We wanted to capture some detailed photos of our little guy before he gets too much bigger.

How can you not love these hands?

Grandpa also stopped by for the photo shoot today.

Recently Nicholas has lost much of his hair on the top of his head while keeping the long hair around his head.  He looks like a baby version of an old man.

This year was definitely a unique one for celebrating my birthday.  I have always been a fan of celebrating someone’s special day, including my own, for the entire month.  Having a 1 day-1 month old made the month long celebration exciting and fun in a very unique way this year.  Somehow while watching the kids Rob managed to pull off making this yummy smores brownie dessert and an adorable card.  I am a lucky lady!

PEPS Friends

Every week we really look forward to our time with our PEPS friends.  This was one of my early big adventures out with both kids alone and we made it.

Unfortunately we are missing one of the original baby crew, but felt it was time for another birth order couch photo.  Thanks Amanda for hosting and taking this picture of the kiddos.


A Day at the Beach

Before Nicholas was born Nana helped me layout and hang a picture wall for the bottom of our stairs.  We realized the last picture of Nana and Pop-pop we have was from our wedding so we headed out to downtown Kirkland with photographer Rob to snap a picture of the grandparents and their grand-babies.  I think this picture turned out amazing!  Our wall is now complete.

Cooper loved pushing the stroller around the park.  This picture captures what I look like wearing Nicholas in the Bjorn under a large sweatshirt.  One neighbor asked if I was due soon, not realizing the red thing poking out of the sweatshirt was Nicholas’ hat.

We couldn’t get enough of the ducks and were constantly on the search for more.

Pop-pop got some snuggle time in with Nicholas before flying home.


Auntie Nicole!

We had such a special treat this weekend.  Auntie Nicole flew here from Colorado just to meet Nicholas.  I am very lucky to have such an amazing friend and my kiddos to have such a great Auntie.  A visit with Nicole makes me so happy, it lasts for weeks.  As you can see in the picture Nicholas didn’t hold back any personality while she was here.  Probably because he knew she could handle it 🙂  He did fall asleep in her arms for over an hour during her visit, but we didn’t take a picture of that…

Cooper is still working on mastering the navigation of stairs as you can see from his forehead, but the stink eye look he has nailed!

That evening we ventured out as an extended family to the local Mexican restaurant.  Cooper is showing off his ‘cheese’ face and Nicholas rewarded us with a quiet dinner, snoozing the entire time.

Soccer Skills

Taking advantage of the nice weather Cooper wanted to show Nana and Pop-pop his soccer ball handling skills in the front yard.

Camera time with Pop-pop

We love outdoor time at our house.  Cooper took Daddy and Nana to the Woodinville park to show off his climbing and swinging skills.

Nana and Pop-pop Come to Town

Cooper showing off his ‘cheese’ face with Nana

So exciting, Nana and Pop-pop have come to town to meet Nicholas and play with Cooper.   After a few days of just the 4 of us we were looking forward to having family in town again during Rob’s 5 weeks of paternity leave.  In addition to the always wonderful family time, Cooper loved the additional attention, we all loved Pop-pop’s fantastic cooking and we were very grateful for Nana’s help to stay on top of the kitchen mess.

Pop-pop had the magic touch and was able to get Cooper to eat a raw green bean.  This has been one of the few items on Cooper’s list of food he doesn’t like since we started trying it in puree form with him as a baby.

After their first night in town Pop-pop confirmed Nicholas’ cry is a loud one.  The next morning he said he thought we were going to come tell them we were heading to the emergency room because something was wrong with Nicholas overnight.  We let him know it was the standard diaper change/need to burp/sleepy scream that he was hearing through the wall.

Wingdome with the boys

Cooper, Ross, Nolan, George and Madeleine

Some of the PEPS Dads got together with the kiddos for a night out at Wingdome in Kirkland.  Everyone had a great time and Cooper enjoyed watching the buses drive by while hanging out with his lady friend.