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February, 2014:


Tickle time looks a little different now as Cooper gets arched over Mama’s belly.

Cooper was showing some love for his PEPS buddy Jack during open play in Kirkland.  After Jack left a random little girl came up to Cooper and gave him a hug and kiss.  Apparently Cooper’s sweetness is irresistible, even at this age.

Loving to Be Outside

Now that I stay home with Cooper I continue to be impressed with just how many days have moments of sunshine in Seattle.  It is a different perspective when you can get out at any point in the day vs. only before or after work.  Luckily Cooper appears to love the outdoors as much as his Mama.  We try to get outside everyday with a walk to get the mail at a minimum.  A trip to the mailbox may start with a game of peek-a-boo around the garbage cans and will contain many trips up and down the driveways in the neighborhood.

A Snow Day on a Weekend

The stars finally aligned and we got snow on a weekend so we could enjoy it all together as a family.  The weather forecast said it would not last long so we headed out early in our jammies for some play time.

Fresh Coat of Paint

We have been working really hard these past two weeks cleaning out my old craft room and turning it into a nursery for Little Brother.  Once we were able to get the remaining items in just a few boxes we cleared out the room and painted.  We didn’t mind the original color, but had no touch-up paint to help cover the many marks from the original owners.  We are very happy with the transformation and we will post pictures shortly.

While we were working away painting this room our little sleeping beauty was looking as cuddly as ever next door.

Best Dentist News

Getting to pick out a bouncy ball with his coin after the dentist visit

Back in November Cooper fell and chipped his front tooth.  We have visited a couple of dentist and gathered many opinions and researched the different options we had for dealing with his broken tooth.  In the end we limited our options to the advice of the dentist at Children’s Hospital and opted for a surgery where they would do a root canal and cap his tooth under general anesthesia or pull it once they could see what damage was done when they sedated him.  This surgery was originally scheduled for mid December, but pushed out until the end of January when we learned that a few more weeks probably wouldn’t matter.  As the date neared we really began to question our choice and had another consultation with the dentist.

After the consultation we decided instead of going down the general anesthesia, root canal and cap route we have chosen the wait and see route.  Dr. Mak was very patient with all of our questions and called on many of her peers to get their opinions and thoughts on our surgery options as well.  We felt very fortunate to have her as our dentist for this event.

Cap route summary:

  • This would increase the likelihood that his front tooth could be saved and he wouldn’t spend years with out it until his permanent one comes in
  • Put Cooper under GA and investigate if and how far the break went into his gum
  • Decide if the tooth can be capped or needs to be pulled
  • If it can be capped do a root canal first which weakens the tooth making it more prone to a future break if he hits it again.
  • There is a chance the root canal won’t be successful and the tooth still gets infected and needs to be pulled
  • A cap would need to be redone most likely around age 3
  • There is a very small chance like with anyone of any age going under anesthesia that he wouldn’t wake up – this pretty much sealed the deal for us even if it is a very tiny % chance

Wait and see summary:

  • We need to continue to be diligent in brushing his teeth twice a day
  • Limit the number of exposures to sweets like juices, but not necessarily the volume and brush afterward
  • If we see an abscess we need to get him into the dental office in a day or two – much better than the run to the ER experience we thought we would have to do – unless there is a fever
  • If there is an abscess it will most likely need to get pulled and only if it gets really bad would it impact the permanent tooth, which sounds unlikely if we keep an eye out for it
  • We will schedule regular 3-6 month check-ups to have them keep an eye on the tooth
  • His tooth may turn gray in the coming weeks, months or even a year or more, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be pulled
  • Even if his tooth gets pulled because it is a front tooth they don’t worry about losing the spacing for the permanent tooth like they do the back teeth
  • Being a front tooth he will naturally lose it at 6-7 years old if it doesn’t need to be pulled earlier so the time line is sooner than a molar would be which is better

After we cancelled the surgery they still wanted to see Cooper to check on the tooth.  We left the check-up appointment happier than I ever thought possible.  They said his tooth and gums looked fantastic and agreed that not doing the surgery was a good choice.   We know that there are many parental decisions we will be making his entire life, but this being one of our first larger tests we were very happy with the outcome and professional opinion of our decision.

We are very diligent about brushing his teeth twice a day and will continue to be hoping that we can keep what front tooth he still has until it falls out naturally around age 6.  Even if it does become infected and needs to be pulled we can go through the steps knowing that we did everything possible leading up to that day.



Broccoli and Bubbles

Cooper loves to chase bubbles in our yard and stomp on them when they land in the grass.  On occasion during our walks to the mailbox he will point in other people’s lawns saying bubble.  Not sure if this means he wants to blow bubbles all the way to the mailbox or thinks that bubbles appear in everyone’s yards just like ours.

Tonight Cooper helped feed Daddy his dinner.  Daddy was such a good sport.  Every piece of broccoli Cooper fed to Daddy made Cooper giggle more and more.  After lots of giggles and broccoli Daddy is pretty sure he needs to take a few weeks off from eating that green veggie again.

Crazy Hair

Morning stand-up hairs.  Someone gets crazy stand-up hairs like his Daddy, so when his hair gets long the look gets even more ridiculous!  We can enhance the look with more volume after some nice towel drying following a bath in the evenings.

Yes, seeing these pictures made us realize that getting a haircut should be on the list of activities to do before baby arrives.  We made it to the hairdresser and can now happily report the hair is a little more under control once again.

36 Weeks

Wow, has it really already been 36 weeks only leaving us 3 more weeks until little brother’s arrival?  Yikes!  It really does go so much fast the second time around.  From 34-36 weeks I have had a much harder time sleeping at night and started waking up 5 times through out the night.  This coincided with a 2 week run of colds in our family so I am hoping I can get a few more winks of sleep in before his arrival date now that we are starting to breath easier and cough less.  Speaking of sickness, what do you do with a winter newborn and visitors?  Cooper and all of his friends have a constant runny nose this time of year so it will be interesting.  As one mom-to-be advised, lots of front pack time and I think I may use this strategy too.

At the 34 week appointment I was measuring just one week ahead, the same as last appointment, so the doctor isn’t concerned about size of little brother.  The rest of the tests were looking good and I am up an exciting 40lbs at this point.

Fabric and Ducks

On Nana’s last full day in town we ventured out to look at some fabric options for curtains for Little Brother’s room.  A friend suggested the fabric store at Bothell Country Village and wow is that store amazing!   So much fabric to look at.  We had Cooper walking with us and he did really good looking at all of the bolts of fabric while only selecting a few fat quarters to take in and out of the baskets placed around the store.  We wrapped up the trip with a quick visit to see the on site ducks and rooster.  This will be another stop to add to our family outing list when the weather gets a little warmer.

Super Bowl

Wow, what a game!  Cooper and Mama had a blast watching the game with the Flint family while Daddy and Nana enjoyed actually getting to watch the game while relaxing at home and trying to kick Daddy’s cold.  The highlight of the game for Cooper was getting to play in the plastics draw with Avery 🙂  For Mama it was winning both the 3rd quarter and final score bet on the grid game.   We won big when I was pregnant with Cooper too so fortunately we will be invited back since this is the last pregnancy Super Bowl for this Kochman family.