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February, 2014:

Welcome Nicholas Robert Kochman

We are over the moon excited to introduce the world to Nicholas Robert Kochman.

Nicholas – Kelly has a great uncle named Nicola and we really liked how the named Nicholas sounded with Kochman

Robert – Rob, his Dad and Kelly’s Grandpa are all named Robert making this the perfect middle name representing both sides of our families

Stats: 9lbs 13oz, 20″ long and a 15.1″ head circumference

Nicholas is absolutely beautiful.  We love his long dark curly hair and the adorable tail that he already has at the back of his head.  He has a single cowlick at the top of his head.  His button nose is slightly upturned and he has the baby blue/gray colored eyes.  Nicholas has a nice round belly, thin legs, and a full face.  He was born with very long finger nails and it appears he can curl his tongue, like his Mama.  His cry is a high pitched shrill that instantly happens from sleeping, there is no in-between mode.  He enjoys eating and is really good at it.  Diaper changes are very eventful with an 80%+ rate of peeing and/or pooping during the diaper change.  We (really Rob because Kelly is so lucky to have a husband that does them all) use an average of 3 diapers a change by the time it is done.  It took only one diaper change for Nicholas to pee on his Daddy for the first time.

We are so in love with every inch of our snugly little boy.

Time to Meet Little Brother

Timeline to one of the most incredible days

5:00am – Alarm clock goes off

6:30am – Leave for the hospital

6:54am – Arrive to our hospital room – We were put up in the Post-care wing because all of the beds in labor and delivery were full.  It was such a different experience.  With Cooper we could hear a woman screaming in pain from labor and this time you could hear a pin drop in the quietness.

7:24am – IV in

8:05am – Walk to the operating room.  Rob gets gowned up and Kelly sits on the operating table to get a spinal.  With the spinal it takes effect so quickly that they have to lay you down within 5 minutes.  There were a few tears by Kelly as the reality of what was about to happen set-in.  Once she was laid down and had Rob on one side and the anesthesiologist on the other she was able to relax a little.  They set up the curtain, placed the catheter, cleaned her belly and prepared the rest of the room.  Looking for a focus point, Kelly settled on staring up at the surgery lights wondering why they were so dented, like someone had shot them with a bebe gun.  The doctor laughed saying no one had ever mentioned that before.  Unlike the first c-section Kelly did not have the uncontrollable shaking and was much more aware during the process.  It was noted during the surgery that Little Brother had a “floating head” meaning he wasn’t already stuck in the birth canal.

8:38am – Little Brother is born!  He peed and pooped the moment he was taken out of Kelly’s belly.  His initial oxygen level was 40% so he was given oxygen for 2 minutes where his level was then back up to 99%.  They called a NICU doctor to come check him out and said he might need to go there for an hour for monitoring.  After her review of his status we were ecstatic to have him placed in Rob’s arms.  No NICU time needed.  Rob carried our baby boy back to our hospital room while Kelly was wheeled in the hospital bed by the doctor, nurses and anesthesiologist.  To note about the trip back is that the hospital beds are now power driven instead of pushed manually.

Getting his head measured while Kelly gets stitched back together

9:00am – Back in our hospital room.  Yes, that is right, in less than 60 minutes we walked to the operating room, delivered a baby, got stitched up and were back in our hospital room.

9:10am – First attempt to breastfeed, but our boy was not interested.  Breakfast was then delivered for Rob.  Kelly wasn’t supposed to try to eat or drink until the evening.

9:35am – First successful feeding, followed by a Vitamin K shot for baby

10:17am – Our baby boy’s first sneeze

11:17am – Our baby boy fell asleep in his Daddy’s arms

12:26pm – Footprints taken

12:32pm – First bath with nurse Jessy

1:15pm – Glucose test, low at 38.  All babies over 9lbs get a glucose test after birth and they need 3 consecutive tests with results over 45 to pass.

1:20pm – Second feeding

1:35pm – We decide the name of our baby boy, Nicholas Robert Kochman

2:50pm – Rob changes the first diaper, pee and poop.  Our boy only wore one newborn sized diaper.  After the first diaper change he was moved up to size 1 diapers.

3:35pm – Second glucose test passed with a score of 60

The rest of the evening was filled with more bonding time with Mama and Daddy, feedings, diaper changes and one final passed (50) glucose test at 10:15.  Daddy “enjoyed” three hospital meals and Mama was able to drink some water and eat some graham crackers with pudding by the end of the night ending nearly 24 hours of no eating or drinking.

11:15pm – Choking scare.  Nicholas had been coughing and sneezing up a lot of liquid all day.  This was the most concerning episode and the nurse reassured us that it was still tied to being a c-section baby and he was continuing to try to get the extra liquid out of his body since he didn’t go through the birth canal.

Final Pregnancy Pictures

Final Mama and Daddy belly picture with Little Brother

Tomorrow we have an early morning as we head to the hospital to welcome Cooper’s baby brother.  We had Nene take our pre-delivery couple pregnancy pictures late tonight and took my final pregnancy picture in the series.

Final pregnancy picture


18 Hours

Nene is in town and it is time to get the final baby preparation items complete.  Just 18 hours until our littlest guy joins our family.  It was a beautiful day out so we headed to a toddler park for some sunshine before the next 48 hours which will be spent in a hospital room. Cooper loved this slide.  It was the perfect speed for him to feel comfortable sliding by himself and not fall off the end.

Daddy is always looking for a chance to take pictures of Cooper and this day at the park was no exception.

Mama getting some final big belly swinging in while Nene pushes Cooper in his own swing.

Cooper loves to snuggle and kiss his baby brother.  We wanted to capture a couple of these moments before the belly is gone.



To help prepare Cooper for his brothers arrival we have been talking a lot about the baby, introduced a cabbage patch baby doll to play with and have read this big brother book many times.


39 Weeks

Today we had our final doctor appointment.  Everything is still looking great and the doctor is ready to deliver this little guy on Friday.  I asked for one final measurement and my belly is at 41cms for 39 weeks.  This keeps with my “just a little bigger” that I have been measuring these past two months.  My weight is still hovering just under 200lbs/50lbs gained.  It sounds like it is pretty likely our c-section will happen at the time it is scheduled because the hospital has dual delivery rooms to help with any unplanned surgeries that might happen at the same time.

Cousin Visit

Cooper, June, Stephen, and Paige

My cousin Michelle came up to visit with her kiddos.  June was born at the end of September and we have been trying to get together to meet June ever since.  Between colds and schedules it took a long time, but it was worth the wait.  All of the kids enjoyed playing together and June is absolutely adorable.

38 Weeks – Room Is Ready

Reality is starting to set in.  We have one week and one day until our little one is scheduled to arrive.  Having a scheduled arrival date has both advantages and disadvantages.  We have put off many baby preparation tasks, but it is also helping us make them a top priority now that we only have a week left.  I am still feeling good.  Getting less sleep with frequent trips to the restroom and it is getting even harder to get up off the ground.

Nursery “before” picture.  This room was my craft room and the spot for all random things in our house.

Nursery “after” picture.  We are so happy with the result.  We sold a handful of items and donated close to 20 boxes of goods.  My craft supplies are now located in the guest room closet and our master bedroom.  We can not recommend Frog tape enough if you have a painting task, it worked really well.  It worked so well that we had to hand paint over where the dark blue was not painted in the straight line we got from using this tape.

Wiggle Works bday party

Today we went to the play space called Wiggle Works for the birthday party of one of Cooper’s toddler group friends.  We have been avoiding these large play areas trying to stay healthy before baby arrives, but decided this was worth the risk.  It took Cooper a little bit to warm up, but he loved this waterbed type play area pictured above.  He is usually really hesitant on uneven ground and still doesn’t like walking on inflatables, but we think walking on a mat at swim lessons helped him like this one.

Cooper is a big fan of slides and this one with water rushing underneath was very cool.

Rainbow play space

Toddler group had winter break this week so many of the families went to the Rainbow play set showcase for some indoor play time.  It took Cooper a little while to warm up, but soon he found a ladder he could climb and a pretty big slide to go down.  Once he finds something he loves he can keep doing it for a really long time.  It was at least 20 cycles on this play structure.  We will be keeping his location in mind for the next rainy day.

Valentine’s Day

We had our maternity session with Erin Mathias Creations during her Valentine’s mini session.  We couldn’t resist using this adorable prop for a Valentine’s picture.

Cooper had a Valentine’s day party with his toddler group.  He really enjoyed placing a Valentine in each of his friends’ bags and checking out his loot when we got home.

The celebration continued with a Valentine’s party at Aunt Diane’s with more of his friends.

Mama and Daddy even got out to enjoy a nice dinner together on the weekend when Uncle Charlie nicely agreed to watch Cooper.