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January, 2014:

32 Weeks – Hank the Tank

Today we had the 32 week appointment for little brother.  Everything continues to look great and move along smoothly.  He is now starting to measure big, 33-34 weeks instead of 32 weeks.  Looking back Cooper started measuring big at the 36 week mark so his little brother is definitely getting a head start in the size department.  Little brother is definitely a mover.  As soon as I sit to rest he goes into full gear pushing and kicking.  The placenta is on the front of my belly so we are not supposed to be able to feel him as much, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  The doctor’s guess at this time is that his head is up and on my right side. It is crazy how much movement you can see through my shirt without even touching my belly to feel it.  I have started to have some lower back pain about once a week typically after standing for long stretches of time.  One night I woke up with a charley horse in my calf, so I feel very fortunate that it has only happened once so far.  Overall still feeling really good and usually only waking up once in the night for a restroom stop.  I had wanted to get out and do more walking, but I still feel torn putting Cooper in a stroller for me to get exercise vs. letting him walk for his own exercise.  We walk around the block once a day to get the mail which does take 20 minutes or so, but it definitely can’t count as exercise for me.  The lack of exercise and eating too many sweets could be the primary contributors to me being up 35 lbs. at this point.

Preparing for a Snow Adventure

Guitar buddies

For Christmas Daddy got a new guitar lesson game and Cooper really enjoys playing the guitar with Daddy.

We are getting ready for our first trip to Whistler this weekend.  It has been fun to dig out the snow gear and dust off the (airplane building) fiberglass from Rob’s skiing gear.  We splurged to finally get some snow boots for us and Cooper was happy to model them.

Waders aka Daddy’s snow boots

Mama thought it would be funny to bring Cooper into bath time with only his snow boots and diaper on.  Good thing this kid is such a great sport!

19 Months

Sleeping:  Primarily a nap pose, we don’t know how much longer this bum in the air sleeping will last, but we hope it continues for a while.  Each day we put him in his crib for 2 naps. For the first one around 9am he talks or fusses nearly the entire 30-60 minutes which is when I take a shower and get ready for the day.  His second nap is around 12:30pm and he now sleeps 2-3 hours most days.  We have introduced the alphabet book and Ally the alligator as his nap time buddies, but he doesn’t seem to care if they are in there or not.  It is easy to see how quickly he fell asleep in the afternoon by whether or not these toys and his socks are in the crib or thrown out.  We continue to start our bedtime routine at 6:30 with a bath, then pajamas, milk in a sippy cup while running around playing, brush teeth, change diaper, read books and in bed close to 7pm.  We still use a sleep sack and have nothing else in his crib overnight.  Each night before we go to bed we sneak in to peak at him.  He always looks so peaceful that we just want to pick him up and bring him to bed with us to cuddle.

Language: First clear word, “Stop” from our visit to Houston when talking to the dogs.  He is entering the “No, No No” phase and we are still trying to get him to say the word Yes.  For common words like “More” he is now choosing a preference to say it instead of just signing, but he usually signs it at the same time.

Activities: Climbing onto the coffee table, getting into the childproof cupboard, locking the bathroom door from the inside, drinking from a cup, preferring to go downstairs bumping along on his bottom and using utensils at meals.

I am having a harder time with this age milestone.  He seemed so young up to 18 months, but now that he is 19 months 2 years old seems so close and so old!  Where did the time go?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Cooper loves to pretend anything and everything is a phone.  When the real house phone rings and we answer he will cry until he gets to push the buttons.  We have only made a couple of accidental Cooper phone calls to date.  Today our little entertainer took it to a new level finding “phones” for each ear.

For dinner Daddy introduced Cooper to ketchup for the first time.  He loved licking the ketchup off of the potato without actually eating any potato.

Botanical Gardens

We met up with the wonderful Mashruwala family to enjoy the last night of Christmas lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  It is one of our favorite places to visit.  We even got to try out our new hiking backpack.  Thank you, Robertson family!

13 Hours!

Today Cooper woke up at 8:30am–that is 13 hours of sleep.  Considering we started the week off waking up at 4:30am, this was a real treat and I believe one of the first times he has slept so long.  Daddy did go in at 7:30am to make sure he was still breathing, and we enjoyed some extra snuggle time while we waited for our sleeping beauty to wake up.

Cooper loves playing with Daddy’s new coffee maker box almost as much as Daddy loves his new coffee maker.  Cooper really looks forward to the weekend when he gets to help Daddy make coffee and then smell the yummy stuff in the coffee mug once it is ready.  He can’t say “coffee” enough on the weekend!

Christmas Friends

Cooper enjoyed a final chat with his Christmas friends before they go into hibernation for another 11 months.

A New Day, A New Friend

Cooper’s friend Mr. Red Potato was cooked last night so he was replaced today with a brown potato.

Cooper is showing some love for his little brother in the New Year.



Happy New Year!

Cooper and his new friend from grocery shopping with Daddy, Mr. Red Potato, would like to wish you a very happy New Year.  Hard to believe this little man has brought us so much joy and it has only been 1.5 years.  It feels like he has been a part of our family for years.  We feel very fortunate to be Cooper’s parents.

Some goals for 2014.  1. Create at least one structured play activity each week by researching ideas online and through friends.  Cooper’s mind is a huge sponge and we want to keep him stimulated, plus it is so much fun to watch him learn.  It is easy to fall into a groove playing with the same toys everyday at home.  2. Remember to take everyday one day at a time, especially when little brother arrives to make sure we stay balanced and not get overwhelmed by things we can’t control.  3. Be thankful, we are surrounded by amazing friends and family making it easy to forget just how lucky we are, take the time to tell them.  4. Finally, have fun every day, we only get this time with the little ones once so we need to make the most of it!