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January, 2014:

Our Barista

For Christmas Daddy got a coffee maker from Nene.  In just a couple of weeks Cooper has now mastered how to make coffee and loved to spoil Nana and Daddy by making it for them each morning.  Let’s just see how long it stays on the counter before Daddy puts it in reach of Cooper so he can really have him do all the work and bring him coffee in bed 🙂

Nana Time

Eating an apple from a big kid chair

Nana came to visit us one more time before baby arrives.  We had the best of intentions to use her weekend in town to get so much accomplished, but it turns out we were all sick instead.  Nana got lots of Cooper time and gave Mama and Daddy extra rest to help kick their colds.  Looks like the baby prep will be pushed out a little longer.

One thing we are trying to work on is picking-up/carrying Cooper less in preparation of his brother’s arrival and the fact that he is approaching the 35 pound mark.

Wanting to be picked up to check out the cooking action

It is very hard to resist this face though!

The Little Engine That Could

Cooper loves story time and snuggling with his Daddy.  His favorite book is “The Little Engine That Could” because of all the funny voices Daddy uses when he reads it.  During the week we call it “Daddy’s book” so Mama doesn’t have to read it before every nap in addition to bedtime when Daddy reads it 🙂

Maternity Photo Session

An old neighborhood friend of mine is now a photographer ( so we thought we would take advantage of one of her mini sessions for some maternity family photos.  Cooper is consistent when it comes to professional picture days and usually has the hardest mornings when we try to have someone capture the adorable, happy kid that he is.  Today we were given the special treat that he wanted nothing to do with Mama and he would only let Daddy hold or touch him.  Kids are a great reminder to roll with the punches and not take things too seriously 🙂  This mini session gave us exactly what we wanted.  A handful of family shots to show Little Brother and capture this pregnancy for us to remember for years to come.

All pictures from the maternity session are posted at the bottom of the page here.

Lots of Helping These Days

Laundry helping, we are getting this down to a good routine.  He will fill the laundry basket with clothes from the dryer.  We then hand him the wet clothes from the washer to toss into the dryer, one at a time.  Then pop him up on top of the dryer where we again hand him clothes one article at a time to be tossed into the washer.  His favorite is the last one and he often says “up” when we are in the laundry room hoping there is another load of wash to do.

Cooper is fascinated by the dishwasher.  We are still in search of the perfect balance of keeping him out of the dishwasher when the dishes are dirty, but letting him help unload when they are clean.  When it is time for him to help unload you better be on your toes.  The kiddo can yank dishes and glasses out of the dishwasher at an alarmingly fast pace.  Right now we have to make stacks on the counter because there is no time to put them into the cupboard before the next piece comes flying out of the dishwasher from this little helper.

Helping to make biscuits.  One of our biggest challenges in the kitchen is to find ways for him to be a part of the action without being on the counter next to the hot stove.

The highlight of Cooper’s day is when Daddy gets home.  Today they did some bean exploring together to find hidden farm animals and fill up some bowls

The final helping picture of the week is making pizza with Mama.  Daddy taught him to say “pizza, pizza, pizza” so imagine hearing that adorable expression as he is helping to spread out the cheese.

Love Bug

Mama’s nickname for Cooper is Love Bug and Daddy calls him Mr. Cuddles.  Apparently Mama’s nickname is so popular there is a whole display of it for Valentine’s Day.

Bothell Landing

We tried to make the most of the fact that we had to cancel all of our plans due to pink eye and had some family time at Bothell Landing instead.  This is a great location because there is a nice playground, some historic buildings to walk around and a cool wooden bridge to get on the Burke Gilman trail.

Daddy’s artistic bridge photo

Cooper ran up and down this ramp for a good 20 minutes.  Daddy was enjoying taking pictures and Cooper was enjoying the running.  It came to a close when Cooper took a spill probably after getting too tired, but even that Daddy was able to capture on the camera.  He was so happy up until the moment he hit the pavement.

Pink Eye Take 2 and a Ladies Night Out

One year and one week ago, we were all hit hard by pink eye.  Hard to believe, but even with Cooper out of daycare both he and I are battling it again.  Fingers crossed Daddy can stay in the clear.  Fortunately I was no longer contagious and was able to attend a fun PEPS ladies night out to celebrate three upcoming births to expand our PEPS family.  We feel so lucky to have meet such incredible people through Cooper’s baby group.  Good thing he was born when he was!

Gardening Helper and a Tough Nights Sleep

Cooper is definitely at the age where he loves to help with everything and it has been a great test of creativity and patience to figure out how to get him involved in the everyday tasks.  Today we tackled getting some new flowers planted in the front yard.  Each flower I put out in the yard for placement he would bring back to the container.  I wondered what would happen once he had all the flowers back in the container and none to haul back.  He quickly answered that by starting to place them throughout the yard again.  We had to redirect his energy once he pulled the first planted flower back out of the ground, but those first 30 minutes of rearranging the flowers and trying to be faster than he could put them back was sure entertaining.  We really hope he continues to enjoy being outdoors as much as his parents do.

A rough has only happened a handful of times, since he started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old.  Tonight Cooper was up for over 2 hours after being put in his crib to go to sleep.  We tried everything from cuddles to more milk to singing and rocking.  Not sure what was happening to the little guy and it was so hard to not be able to sooth him. Approaching the 3 hour mark after initially putting him in the crib he final fell asleep.  The next morning he woke up normally so it is still a mystery what was going on.


We started off our Whistler adventure with a stop at Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, WA.  Here we met up with the two other families we were traveling with as well as some of my college friends, Joel, Denice and Chris Roselli.  We marked this visit by picking up a new growlette, perfectly Cooper sized.  Cooper surprised us all by enjoying his first pickle when Daddy thought he would get a pucker face and “all done” response 🙂

Cooper’s first pickle

After crossing the border and a stop for meals at Costco we were on our way to Whistler.  The drive was very beautiful with the water and islands on one side and steep mossy mountains on the other.

Our first day of adventure through town was a rather wet, but fun one.  After a group shot in front of the Olympic rings the ladies took off for some shopping and a relaxing lunch while the guys took the kiddos back to the condo for their own lunch and nap time.

Rob, Cooper, Kelly, Amanda, Madeleine, George, Kristen, Austin and Dave – Photo Credit: Amanda

Cooper enjoyed his first taste of, Mama’s favorite, peppermint chip blizzard from Dairy Queen.  He quickly signed “more” 🙂

It was so nice to travel with two other toddler families from our PEPs group.  The kids really enjoyed playing with each other, especially exploring the condo’s stairs and kitchen drawers.  These stack-able balls are our go to travel toy so they have adventured with us during our road/airplane trip to Alabama, Mexico and now Canada.

Madeleine, Cooper and Austin


Bath Time Fun – Photo Credit: Amanda

On the second day in town the guys went skiing while the girls ventured out for a snow day with the kids.  It definitely took some work to get the three kids dressed and on our way, but we worked through the tears together and ended up having a very fun time in the snow.  I am so glad the other families told us to bring a BOB stroller, anything else would have been useless on the “cleared” pathways.

A bundled up Cooper

Cooper took almost a full hour to warm up to the idea of enjoying the snow, but we did get there.  He loved watching his friend Madeleine sledding and would request “more” after she finished each run.  He was much happier watching than participating.  Near the end he was actually smiling as we had him sliding down the hill on his bottom.  Having his Mama right there and the thrill of sliding appeared to be the perfect combination.

A not so happy sledding Cooper

Happy sliding – Photo Credit: Amanda

Daddy enjoying a day on the slopes

All pictures from the trip are posted here.