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December, 2013:

Belated Christmas at Home

Fortunately with the timezone change Cooper helped us start our day nice and early at 4:30am.  We were able to have a yummy breakfast, celebrate our family Christmas and have Daddy ready for work all in time for him to still catch the 8am bus.  It was really nice to open presents in our matching Christmas pajama pants and enjoy each other’s company in the living room lit up by our Christmas tree.

Cooper checking out his new See ‘n Say from the Robertson family

The current thinking is that by traveling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year we will spend both holidays at home for 2014 when we have two little ones making traveling a little more complicated.

Playground Adventure Including Smiles in a Swing!

Near the end of our trip we thought we would spice it up a bit and head out to a nearby park.  We were even so lucky they had a toddler specific park across from the big kid playground.  Cooper loved being able to run around and head down the slides on his own.  He was initially intimidated by the rickety bridge, but was able to get across it by himself before we left that day.  There was a nature walk connected to the toddler park that we enjoyed with Nana.  This spot is definitely on our list to visit again the next time we are in Houston.

Cooper surprised us all by actually smiling and laughing while in the swing.  We may have finally crossed over to enjoying swinging which makes both Mama and Daddy very happy.

For lunch we met with Daddy’s Uncle John and Aunt Jan and enjoyed more family time.

We left bright and early the next morning and seeing the fog out the window at SeaTac we are so thankful the pilots were able to land and we didn’t end up diverting to another city.

All pictures from our Houston adventure are posted here.

Cooper’s Second Christmas

Auntie Catherine, Cooper, Louie, Gracie and Pop-Pop relaxing

Christmas at the Kochman house was perfect.  Lots of relaxation and time to enjoy each others company and our new gifts.  The favorite gift for Cooper, was the first one he opened, a drill.  I don’t think he let go of the handle for at least 3 straight hours.

Cooper and his drill

There was something special about this candy box as Cooper couldn’t drill it enough.

Uncle Charlie was actually happy with how a family picture turned out of him with his siblings.

Looking through pictures for a new digital picture frame.  Cooper still has his drill in hand.

What holiday wouldn’t be complete without some Cooper “stink eyes”

Visiting Daddy’s Family in Houston

It is hard to believe at 18 months old this was Cooper’s first trip to Houston.  We had such a wonderful visit with Daddy’s family and really enjoyed some of the Houston sunshine even if the weather was a little chilly.

It was our first time visiting Nana and Pop-Pop’s new house and getting to hangout at home with Daddy, his siblings and parents.  The two dogs, Louie and Gracie kept Cooper very entertained and helped him practice his “gentle touches.”

Louie and Cooper

Cooper loved chasing Gracie, playing with Nana’s glasses, sweeping and building Lego towers with Auntie Catherine.  Whenever Gracie would start barking someone would say “stop” and Cooper quickly picked up on this making “stop” one of his most clearly spoken words to date.  Pretty funny that “stop” and “no, no, no” are his favorites.  We were trying to introduce “yes” on this trip to spice things up, but that looks like it will take a bit longer.

Cooper catching Gracie on her way in the dog door

Moose pant buddies

Pop-Pop was always up to interesting things in the kitchen that Cooper had to check out.  Cooper took the liberty to help “reorganize” some of the cupboards for him too.

Superman and Pop-Pop hard at work in the kitchen

The kitchen was a popular gathering place for everyone.

Grandma and Grandpa Christmas

Before flying to Houston, Grandma and Grandpa came down to celebrate an early Christmas with us.  We were all spoiled once again and Cooper’s favorite gift was a snail pull toy which he raced around the downstairs while letting out lots of giggles.


We love when it snows at home.  Today it was only going to last through the morning so we quickly got Cooper bundled up and headed out to explore the white stuff.  He was a little less than impressed and didn’t move around all that much, probably due to his many layers of clothes.

Big Cup Drinker

Cooper’s ability to drink from a big kid cup is definitely improving.  We still use a tiny amount of water and only practice every few days since it leads to an outfit change most of the time.

I think Cooper is trying to make me feel less self conscious about the size of my belly by letting his own hangout in these two piece jammies.

Baking Helper

Cooper and I decided it would be fun to bake some gluten free treats for Daddy’s coworkers as part of their Christmas present.  This was Cooper’s first time on the counter “helping” me and he loved it.

Later we hosted a holiday family dinner to see all of the local family’s wonderful faces before people get too busy with their Christmas plans.  Thank you Great Aunt Janet, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Shannon, Uncle Brian, Grandma and Grandpa for coming out for a fun evening.

Cooper was very excited to show off his “row, row, row your boat” skills

Cooper and his first captured “cheese” face with Aunt Shannon and Uncle Brian



We thought this might be the year of Santa tears, but it looks like we might have one more year to wait.  Cooper was definitely unsure of Santa, but did sit there pretty calmly.  We took our pictures at Molbaks again this year and were very excited to see it was the same Santa who reminds me of Cooper’s Great Uncle Ted.  For comparison last years pictures are here.

Cooper and Daddy at the Poinsettia Tree


During swim lessons they have been teaching the kids how to climb out of the pool.  Cooper quickly applied this skill at home to some of our chairs, but today he showed he can also use this on the table.  I took the first picture to send to the family saying it won’t be long before he can get up on the table.  Before I had the email sent you can see what happened.  He quickly got up to a standing position on the table and grabbed the fish food.  In the picture he is signing “eat” since that is what his Daddy taught him the fish eat.

When Daddy came home he was very excited to share his new trick with him.  Cooper was thrilled when Daddy joined him on the table to check out everything happening in the fish tank.