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October, 2013:

Halloween Pumpkins and a Lion

Our Pumpkin Carving Helper

Nene came to visit us for the long weekend which started off with some fun Halloween activities of carving pumpkins and trick or treating.  Uncle Charlie came over to answer the door while we headed out to trick-or-treat at a few neighborhood houses with Cooper.  This year we made Cooper a lion costume so he could do his adorable lion impression for anyone who asked.

First of the candy loot

Cooper made it to 6 houses which was way more than the one we thought he would have the patience for.  He really enjoyed knocking at the doors and carrying his pumpkin basket.

Cooper and Nene

Pumpkin Patch

Daddy was able to get home from work a little early today so we took advantage of the sunny weather and hit a local pumpkin patch.

Cooper was quick to figure out that the patch was near an airport and pointed out all of the planes flying overhead.

This picture makes me smile, something about it reminds me of a gopher

Returning to the barn with our loot

Patiently waiting to purchase his new pumpkin friend.  Who can resist that face!


PEPs Costume Day

Nolan, Hannah, Cooper, Austin, Jack, Luca and Madeleine

We are quickly learning that there will always be some tears when toddlers are wearing costumes.  This was the best picture of this years costume PEPs gathering.  Last year they were so much less mobile.

Cooper is a lion this year to highlight his amazingly cute “roar”.


We have one tiny tree in our yard so raking up the fall leaves is barely a chore, but it definitely kept Cooper entertained.

Fun with Leaves

For a size comparison here is Cooper with the fall leaves from our yard last year.

I See You Under There

Cooper was playing peek a boo with Daddy under our glass table.


Cooper enjoyed stomping on these colorful leaves on our walk to meet Daddy from the bus stop.  On the way home Daddy had to share his hat to help keep Cooper’s little ears warm, which turned into this adorable picture moment.


Bonus Grandparent Time

Nana and Pop-pop were not leaving until Tuesday so we were able to sneak in a few more adventures while they were here.  We went to visit Daddy at work and enjoyed some great southern food from a food truck near his office.

Daddy and Cooper at his desk

During their visit Cooper took up this new talent of giving a “stink eye.”  He will do it when you ask, but seems to really enjoying giving this look during meal time.  He loves the reaction it causes and usually follows it quickly with a smile.

Great “stink eye” capture Nana!


Kochman Visit

Pop-pop, Uncle Charlie, Kelly, Cooper, Auntie Catherine and Nana

We were thrilled to have all of Rob’s immediate family in town for the weekend.  We enjoyed lots of family time, football, a brewery and Pop-pops yummy cooking.

Nana and Cooper walking to meet Daddy after work

Enjoying some morning Game Day with Nana and Pop-pop


Cooper loved to share Nana’s Almond Roca birthday present with everyone

Cooper was happy to share his latest party tricks with his visitors.

See how fast I can empty my dresser drawer.

Sex Party

I originally had the invite labeled as Gender Reveal Party, but Rob thought it would be much funnier to call it a Sex Party.  He wins, I laughed and so did many others.  This being our second and last baby we thought it would be fun to find out the gender in a different way with a small group of friends and family.  We had Hillcrest Bakery make us this beautiful carrot cake and make the frosting inside pink or blue depending on what the ultrasound technician wrote on the card we gave them.

It’s a boy

You have to watch the video to appreciate Cooper’s face in the last picture.  We would like to think it was everyone cheering and saying it’s a boy that scared him and made him cry, not that he was hoping for a sister 🙂

We were both so happy we had this party as a fun way to celebrate our newest addition and learn together that we will be having a boy!  The video of our special reveal moment.

Some more party pictures and the rest are posted here.

Cooper and Auntie Catherine

19 Weeks

Kochman baby at 19 weeks

This has been a fantastic week for our littlest family member.  Rob and I were both able to feel it move for the first time.  They had said we might not feel it as much because the placenta is on the front, but it has found a way to let us know it is in there.  I have graduated from the belly roll to baby belly stage with “when is your baby due” comments made with confidence from complete strangers.

We had our 20 week ultrasound with the special 3d machine.  We are very happy to report that the heart and all other parts of our little one are looking normal and we have graduated from the high risk birthing center back to our normal one.  This was the best news we could get and we both felt so relieved and lucky to get this news when we know many others are not as fortunate.  They are predicting an 8lb 12oz baby (1 pound lighter than Cooper at birth).

We have decided to wait a little bit to find out the gender of our baby.  We had the technician write it on a card which we will give to a baker.  We will find out when our friends and family do at a gender reveal party in a few days.  Rob’s parents and sister are coming to town this weekend so we thought it would be a great way to find out the gender together.

20 week belly photo