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September, 2013:


Daddy was showing Cooper just how spacious his Peapod sleeper is for our upcoming trip to Mexico.

Friday Night Dates

Ben, Cooper and Avery

Daddy has been working incredibly hard so we gave him an evening at the spa tonight.  Knowing that our Friday evening was going to be low key we invited some additional dinner guests over so their parents could have a date night of their own.  This picture really wasn’t staged.  Everyone sat down together and enjoyed their meals, even me!  We followed it by a fun evening of playing.  Overall a great success watching three kids, 2 years old and under.

The Trip to Babies R Us

As many people know I really dislike going to Babies R Us.  It is one of the few stores that makes me anxious before I even get to the front doors.  Today topped all of my past experiences.  I did not realize the consequences that could come from letting Cooper walk through Target a few days ago.  He now really wants to walk everywhere which makes trips with more than one item needed nearly impossible.  The above picture captures the result of putting Cooper back in the cart to finish up our shopping experience.  We were that family with the screaming kid in Babies R Us.

Greetings for Daddy

When the timing works out we walk to the bus stop to meet Daddy on his way home from work.  Cooper is doing a lot more walking and less stroller time on these trips now.  Here is a picture of what Daddy is greeted by when he is walking home and meets us.

Cart Free at Target

We had one item to pick up at Target, swim shorts for Daddy.  Mama had the idea that it would be a great time to try letting Cooper walk through Target instead of using a cart.  Cooper did a great job walking, but loved circling around the displays just a little too much.  I couldn’t believe how quickly he could get out of my site.  This adventure took about 5 times longer than it should have.

And he is off…


Cooper is at such a fun age, he loves to mimic.  Cooper loves to comb his hair like his Mama each morning.

We went to the airport to help put the cowl back on the airplane.  As soon as Daddy put down the cordless screwdriver Cooper picked it up and walked over to the screws in the cowl.

Not Quick Enough

My attempt to run upstairs to grab the laundry basket before Cooper caused mischief downstairs, failed.  In a 2 minute window he opened the pantry door, found the puffs, opened the container and started snacking.  We have now installed a lock on the pantry door too.

Toddler Group

Today was the first day of a once a week toddler group.  There are 18 toddlers in the class, most who are a few months older than Cooper.   He was pretty unsure of the whole thing, but slowly started to warm up.

Mama and Cooper during story time

Cooper enjoying the outdoor bubble machine

Let the art projects begin!

We celebrated completing our first day of toddler class with some pants-off party time 🙂


Just a Little Messier

Cooper confirmed today that he can get much messier feeding himself yogurt verses oatmeal.


Cooper is being raised to love football with a focus on Alabama college football and the Seahawks.  His Great Uncle Charlie and Great Aunt Donna sent him this hand painted Alabama football shirt.  This is his tough guy face.   Are you intimidated?

He is quickly mastering the touchdown pose too.