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August, 2013:

14 Months


Super Cheese

This month’s developments:

Standing independently and sometimes getting to the standing position in the middle of the floor

Reaching door handles and opening doors

Still prefers to eat with his left hand, and climbs the stairs leading with his right foot

Now signs “change” introduced the sign one day and he has repeated it ever since without prompting.  He has also added “eat” to say he is hungry instead of using “more”

Saying dog, still not mama

The Olive Hole

Today someone discovered the fun of putting your finger in an olive to eat it.

This was followed by a passport photo shoot for our upcoming Mexico adventure.  Crazy to think this will be the picture on Cooper’s passport until he is 6 years old!  On the plus side, he is now ready for any worldly travels people may invite him on.

Snuggles and Locks

Arm Snuggles

Cooper has just started giving snuggles and it melts our hearts.  He will rest his head on you and make the “ahhhh” sound.

Cooper was surprised today when he went for the chemical cabinet and Daddy installed these lovely locks.  Childproofing is moving to the next level at the Kochman house.

Trying out the new locks

Celebrating Adelind’s First Birthday

Driving around with the birthday girl

Rob’s college friend, Skip, and his family live very close to us.  Their little girl, Adelind, is just 2 months younger than Cooper.

Cooper may have had too much to drink

Cooper was happy to confirm for us that he can definitely say the word dog and really, really likes dogs.


Family Picture at Mt. Rainier

What an amazing family day trip.  Earlier this year we planned out our summer weekends to make sure could get a couple of trips off of our bucket list.  I have always wanted to see the wild flowers at Mt Rainier and this weekend, we did it.  On the way down Cooper kept us entertained nearly the entire 2.5 hour drive, the way home he slept.  It was a very cloudy day so we didn’t even see the mountain until we were just 15 minutes from the Paradise parking lot.  It will be fun to do the trip again on a sunny day when you can see the mountain get bigger as you get closer during the long drive.

Finally above the clouds at the Paradise parking lot

Heading off on our hike along the Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls

Cooper’s first time in the carrier on Mama’s back

Cooper and Daddy at Myrtle Falls

We started to hike to Reflection Lake from Paradise, but the terrain was just too challenging and Daddy (the logical one) turned us around before we were too tired to make it back.  We later drove to the lake and that was a much better option.  It was still a cloudy day once we headed back down the mountain so no Rainier reflection was found at the lake.

Cooper and Daddy hiking back on the Reflection Lake trail

Reflection Lake lunch break


We tend to capture super smiley Cooper pictures and videos.  Just to prove he is a real toddler with a spectrum of moods here is grumpy Cooper.  He usually gets a little cranky around 4:30 each afternoon.  Today was an especially grumpy day and we believe he is either fighting a cold and/or teething.