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August, 2013:

The Lion

When you ask Cooper what a lion says this is the response you get.  A wide open mouth with some crazy tongue action.   When Daddy reads “Daddy Loves Me” and gets to the page with the  lion on it he always says “roar” and now Cooper is mimicking that.  So cute!

Cooper’s Exciting News

Cooper is going to be a big brother!

We hit the big pregnancy 12 week milestone while in Jackson and are excited to share that we will be expanding our family in early March.  Kelly has been feeling great and experienced no morning sickness and only a little extra tiredness during the first trimester.

Another Fantastic Trip to Jackson

Bath time turtle

Cooper said his third word this trip, turtle!  During bath he loves to play with his turtle and he actually said the word a few times during his baths at the cabin.  So far we have Dada, Dog and now Turtle.

Getting some snuggles from Pop-pop

Annual family photo on the cabin deck

Last year’s photo is here.

Robbie and Charlie getting ready to head home

What a fun week in Jackson with Nana, Pop-pop and Uncle Charlie!   The full set of pictures are posted here.

String Lake Bear Adventure

Ready for some String Lake splish splash

We had a great time at String Lake this year.  We were able to splash around a little in the lake, enjoy a picnic and have a bear/cub visit

Nana, Pop-pop, Daddy and Cooper relaxing at String Lake

Cooper was obsessed with walking back and forth over these roots in the sand, good thing Daddy is so patient!

During most of our stay at the lake we were told there was a mama bear and her cub on the other side of the lake that could be over any time.  We had to keep our food in the bear box and keep our eyes out.  After waiting 30 minutes for rumored bears Kelly decided she and Cooper were getting too hungry and would eat anyway. Within 10 minutes of digging our food out of the bear box the bears were within 50 feet of us! They must love peanut butter and jelly.

Cooper and Mama lunch attempt before the bear visit

Ranger, Mama bear, and the back half of the cub

Hiking Taggart Lake

We really enjoy hiking in Jackson so this year we went to Taggart Lake.  Cooper lasted nearly the entire 4 mile hike in the Ergo carrier with only needing brief Daddy time when we were almost done.  It was a beautiful hike that varied from meadows to forest to the lake.

Taggart Lake


Happy to be in Daddy’s arms and out of the Ergo carrier on the trail

Happy 6th Anniversary to Us!

Cooper splashing in the river when we finished kayaking

We seem to have a tradition of spending our wedding anniversary with family.  It worked out very nicely again this year to have people to watch Cooper while we escaped for a date night. We even got a bonus date day and kayaked down the Snake River while Nana and Pop-pop watched Cooper at the takeout point.

Kayaking the Snake River

Rob with the gorgeous scenery in the Oxbow section of the run

Kelly checking the woods for wildlife

Dinner at The Kitchen to celebrate.

Jackson Hole 2013

Cooper settling in for the flight and loving the headset clip

In mid August we made our third consecutive year trip to Jackson, WY in our airplane.  Crazy how much has changed each year.  From being DINKS, to a baby, to this year traveling with a toddler and Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie settling in for the flight to Jackson

Upon arrival, Cooper was quick to start exploring the different doors/escape options.  It was our first time having to look at the cabin with childproofing in mind and Cooper did fantastic staying out of trouble.

We had a great time exploring the many yummy restaurants, Saturday Market, local park and hanging out at the cabin with family.

In front of the town arch during the Saturday Market

Cooper loved Louie and Gracie

Seeing how happy Cooper was with the dogs makes us almost want to get one… almost.

Cooper loved Nana’s songs, especially the horse riding song

Here Cooper is signing “more” when Nana thought she would get a break from singing 🙂  Nana taught Cooper to click his tongue this trip and he loves to do it.

We enjoyed a lunch and some practice walking time at Dornan’s with this beautiful view

Cooper swinging at the park, finally a smile 🙂


Park walking

We saw a lot of wildlife during this trip including: moose, bear/cub, eagle, deer, marmots and many hummingbirds

Moose in the driveway

We have a Walker!

Oh-my-goodness I am walking!

Cooper really knows how to make the most of his first camping experience.  He decided he would take his first steps on the uneven ground in our tent, of all places.  Daddy and I were sitting across from each other and stood Cooper up to walk to the other person.  After he reached one of us, or crashed just before he did, he would instantly start signing more.  We continued to reset him on his walking path between us (over and over again) until we thought his little legs must be exhausted.

Proud parent first steps video:

Proud Cooper watching his first steps video

Camping at Birch Bay


Daddy and Cooper enjoying some beverages in front of our tent

We took Cooper for his first overnight camping adventure this weekend at Birch Bay.  Our huge 2 room tent came in very handy and allowed Cooper to have his own room.  We set-up the pack-n-play and extra sleeping bags to pad the crawling/play area on his side.  He did really well sleeping both nights and was the first of the group to start the day with his standard 6:30 am wake-up.

Busted… letting Cooper try a bite of Donette (a camping breakfast tradition)

Exploring at Birch Bay: Addison, Alexa, Cooper, Kelly and Anthony

There was a state wide burn ban in effect, even though it poured rain each night.  The Turner family saved the day and brought a propane fire-pit so that the smores tradition could live on (Mama’s favorite part of camping).

Smores time

Thank you Turner, Zimmardi, Conover and Johnson families for another fun camping trip!  Full set of pictures from camping are here.

Speedy Crawling

Before our little man takes his first steps we wanted to capture just how quick he has become at crawling.