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July, 2013:

Official Biker

Our biker. Still not a super fan of the helmet, but he kept it on.

It has been on our summer “to do” list and today we finally checked it off.  We (Daddy did all the work) rode with Cooper round-trip in the bike trailer to Redhook for lunch.

Earlier that morning Cooper “helped” daddy get his new airplane car seat adjusted.

Star Wars Party and Standing Up

Cooper loves dogs

We were excited to go visit the Boisvert family to see their new house and celebrate Miss Olive’s 8th birthday.  Cooper loved watching the big kids play and it was great to catch up with some of my college friends.

Cooper trying to get a high-five from Forrest

Cooper wanted to make this visit to Olympia extra special and marked it with two more firsts.  One, by standing up for the first time straight from the ground and second by saying his first word “dog.”  The last couple of days he has been pulling up on us or the couch and letting go when standing so it was just a matter of time.

Our stander

By the end of the night Cooper really got into the star wars theme with this lightsaber.

Thanks for letting us celebrate your 8th birthday with you, Olive!

Baers on the Slough

Group shot: Kelly, Rob, Dylan, Cooper, Brian, Nicole and Wyatt

I look forward to this time every summer when the Baers come to visit Woodinville.  We were very lucky and got to see them before and after their annual trip to the ocean.  Today we headed out for an early morning stroll along the slough.

Cooper loved watching and playing with Dylan and Wyatt



We picked Daddy up from work and headed toward Greenlake for an early brewery dinner.  We were so early, happy hour had not even started at Tangletown.  The reality of having a boy is starting to set in when Cooper ate half my dinner.

An extra full diaper means table side pant removal was required

Cooper did most of the 3 mile walk around Greenlake in the stroller, but we did get some snuggle time in the Ergo when he got a little fussy.


One of Cooper’s favorite things to do after a meal is forage for anything left behind.  Check out that stand up hair.

Sleepy Book

You can never have enough sleeping pictures, right?  Cooper was so tuckered out he fell asleep in the middle of the alphabet book.

Cooper’s World Expands

What was once off limits due to a closed door, is now accessible.  Today Cooper successfully opened the bathroom door and later his bedroom door.  Fortunately, he has yet to master opening a door that opens inward, but we know our time is limited.

More Water Fun

Helping to clean some new garage sale toys

Cooper loves the water and this week we took full of advantage of it.

PEPS play-date: Declan, Jack, Luca, Cooper and Austin

Play-date fun with Benjamin. It was just a little chillier.

Water bowl kitchen utensil fun with Grandpa

So Sleepy

What a doozy of a week, Mama is so sleepy and Cooper is not so sleepy.  For a week straight now Cooper has been “sleeping” (aka in his crib while I take a shower) for 30 minutes at 8:30am and not sleeping the entire rest of the day until bedtime at 7:30pm.  Today he was so cranky that I popped him in the Ergo carrier and walked around outside our house for an hour so he would finally catch a couple of extra zzzzs.

Water Bottle

After a nice walk down to the farmer’s market Cooper realized how much better water tastes coming from my water bottle than his own.