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July, 2013:

I Can Open That

Giving Cooper some play time while I unloaded groceries I left him in the living room.  On my return trip from the car Cooper greeted me from the front porch.  Apparently he can now reach and open doors that open inwards (including the front door).  Time to use the deadbolt.

Making Walkers

Trash can walker

Cooper is really into pushing things around and using anything he can as a walker.


Redhook with the Baers


Brian, Dylan, Cooper, Nicole, Kelly and Wyatt

Becoming an annual tradition we met up with the Baers for lunch to catch up at Redhook.  We love this family and always miss them even more after a visit!

Cooper didn’t want to stop giving hugs to Dylan


8th Tooth!


Raspberries can leave a mark

We have been waiting nearly 4 months and today was the big day when the 4th bottom tooth finally came in to balance out the right side.

Celebrating Caden’s First Birthday

Caden and Cooper clapping

It is always fun to visit the Mashruwala family in West Seattle.  Today we celebrated Caden’s first birthday and loved watching him dive right into the cake!  Cooper explored all of Caden and Zane’s toys.  He had two favorites, the soccer ball outside and the walker when we were inside.

Proud walker


First Haircut

Could I look any sadder? The cutting hasn’t even begun.

The first haircut, one of those experiences that can be told through pictures.  We were extra lucky to get to have Diane (Mom of my high school friends Jen and Steph) be his first hairstylist.  Cooper cried during most of the cutting process, but Diane won him over by the end when she let him hold the vibrating trimmers.

Daddy tried everything to make the experience fun

Official hair cutting picture – I believe there is a cheese stick in his mouth at this point.

Finally out of the chair with only a few trims left and still pretty sad.

What is this magical thing that you have placed in my hand, Diane? It almost makes me not so sad.

A happy ending – Diane gets to hold a happy Cooper while he checks out the vibrating trimmers 🙂

Final product from the front

Now mullet free in the back





It works, kind of

Every room in our house has at least one thing that Cooper shouldn’t get into.  Of course it is the one thing he goes for over and over again.  In our upstairs playroom it is the cable cords coming out of the wall.  I was trying to build a box to cover them, but didn’t have much luck.  Rob then pointed out that the box was actually working out really well and completely distracting Cooper from the cables 🙂

Lots of Greats and a Museum

Grandpa, Grandma Valerie, Cooper, Great Great Grandpa Ed and Great Grandma Joan

We had a packed day today.  We started off with family time and a delicious lunch visiting Grandpa and Grandma Valerie on Camano Island.  Grandma Valerie’s mom and grandpa were in town so we wanted to get up there to give them some Cooper time again this year.

On our way home we stopped by the Children’s Museum.  PEPS gave us a gift of a free party at the museum to help us celebrate everyone turning 1.  It was a great time playing with all of our PEPS friends.

Cooper exploring the whale slide

A museum water table = happy Cooper

First Kids Concert

Today we attended Cooper’s first kids concert at Juanita Beach.  It was packed with everyone excited to see Casper Baby Pants!

Yogurt and Library

Sometimes Mama is feeling extra adventurous (or reaches a moment of insanity) and lets me feed myself yogurt.

Checking out one of my favorite cabinets in the kitchen

Today we also had our first library adventure.  Cooper’s first book he checked out was “Big Red Tub” because it had a character named Stella in it, just like his cousin.

Cooper at the Bothell Library