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June, 2013:


Today I learned to clap with Nana. ¬†Apparently Nana’s version of Baker’s Man was so exciting Cooper had to clap along ūüôā

Father’s Day Climb

Happy 2nd Father’s Day, Daddy! ¬†We celebrated Cooper’s awesome Dad by going to lunch at Redhook. ¬†Cooper also wanted to mark this special day by crawling up the stairs for the first time. ¬†He even climbed both flights on this first attempt. ¬†Guessing there will be no stopping him now.

Our little stair climber

Cooper’s Big 1st Birthday Party

What a fantastic day!  The weather was perfect, the company was unbelievable, and it was all for one amazing birthday boy.

It was a 1st birthday party so we got the party started early, at 10am.  It was so much fun to have friends from all aspects of our life together at one time.  Cooper had a great time playing with friends, meeting new people and keeping everyone entertained.

Thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate with us!

Cooper was a bit overwhelmed with everyone looking at him during the cake and birthday singing, but once the attention subsided he really dove into it.

Cake and Singing

Cooper enjoying carrot cake with Nana and Grandma

Daddy even got a keg for my special day

We collected over 200lbs of food for a local charity from his very generous party guests.

All of the first birthday pictures are posted here.

Rob and I ended the day with a date night and biked to a Thai food restaurant for dinner.

Front Yard Picnic

Nene, Cooper, Daddy, Nana and Uncle Charlie

Taking advantage of the weather, we enjoyed a pizza picnic in our front yard. ¬†This is also the first time Cooper had pizza crust. ¬†This happened because I was still eating when Cooper wasn’t and he didn’t like that.

Daddy and Cooper with pizza crust

Cooper was very lucky and for his birthday he got some wonderful presents from family including a drum, puzzle, truck, airplane, handmade growth chart and firetruck.

Nene, Cooper and his new growth chart

Cooper and Daddy with his new toy from Nana and Pop-pop

We ended the night with some pre-party balloon blowing

Nana, Nene and Uncle Charlie


Grandmas Arrive

Cooper keeping the Grandmas entertained during lunch

Both Nene (Kelly’s Mom) and Nana (Rob’s Mom) wanted to come up to celebrate with big 1 birthday with Cooper. ¬†We did an excellent job of keeping them busy during their stay ūüôā

Nene and Nana crafting signs and a hat for the birthday party

1 Year Doc Check-up

Cooper is still healthy as ever and we are so grateful. ¬†Now that we have returned from our trip the doctor is encouraging us to move to whole milk from a sippy cup instead of formula from a bottle. ¬†At 9 months he thought we might skip to 2% milk, but he said we should stick with the full fat version. ¬†He suggested we wait until 2 years to try peanut butter, but without other allergies to date, we shall see if we actually wait that long. ¬†We are going to work on pointing to things with Cooper to see if this starts him pointing, we had not played with him this way before. ¬†We found out that the bumps on his face, arms and legs is¬†Keratosis pilaris,¬†a genetic condition, that doesn’t need treatment.

Today he got 3 shots including the chicken pox vaccine.  It is so fascinating how much has changed since we were kids, when getting chicken pox was expected and they even had contagious parties to spread it.

Skyping with Cousins and Anniversary of Coming Home

We have been Skyping with relatives weekly since Cooper was born.  It is so much fun to see him interacting with everyone over the computer.  Here he is showing off his high-five skills to his cousins.

One year ago today we came home with our adorable little baby Cooper, he is just a little bigger now ūüôā

Heading Home – Cooper 2 days old

At Home – Cooper 1 year and 2 days old


12 Months!

We are so thankful for the past 12 months.  We are the luckiest parents in the world!  Cooper continues to amaze us every single day and brings us more joy and happiness than we ever knew possible.


Height: 32 in. (96%)

Weight: 25.85 lbs. (87%)

Head Circumference: 19.5 in. (99%)

During his first year Cooper grew 10″ in height, gained 16 lbs in weight, his head grew 4.5″ in diameter, and he sprouted 7 teeth, pretty incredible to think about.

  • Development: Cooper has started to pop up and crawl on his knees for a few strides before moving back to army crawling, he is getting much quicker at pulling up on the couch, loves to make bubble noises with his mouth, and continues to love peekaboo and no longer needs to hide behind something to get a giggle.

  • Physical: ¬†Cooper’s hair is starting to lay down now, it is being helped along by the length and heat. ¬† He is still in size 4 diapers, 18 month cloths and has 7 teeth. ¬†His eyes are still the blue-gray newborn color, but do seem to change slightly depending on the color of clothes he is wearing.
  • Bedtime routine: We start at 6:30pm with a bath and then an 8oz bottle at 7pm.¬† In his room we¬†change him into a nighttime diaper (size 4), read three books, put him into a sleep sack, give him head kisses good night and sing a song.¬† He still ¬†flips over to his belly before falling asleep.
  • Eating/Naps: We start the day with an 8oz bottle of formula, an hour or two later he will have oatmeal mixed with a veggie puree before taking a nap.¬†¬†Around 11am¬†he will have another bottle of milk. ¬†Then around 12:30 he has some lunch before his afternoon nap (~1 hour long). ¬†He has another 6oz. bottle around 3. ¬†We then give him dinner with us at 5:30 and are moving closer to giving him everything we are eating. ¬†For our cross country trip we kept Cooper on West coast time and he fully embraced this strategy.

Playing with the bottle = milk on the face

  • Foods he has eaten: He continues to eat everything we put in front of him and we haven’t added anything to his not like list since Mama’s pureed green beans.
  • Sleeping: Cooper is still an awesome sleeper and okay napper. ¬†His morning nap is around 20 minutes and afternoon nap is closer to an hour. ¬†He goes to sleep around 7:30 and wakes up at 6:30.
  • 12 month firsts: Crawling on knees, cross country road trip, swimming in a pool, eating from a kids menu, attending a baseball game and birthday celebration.

All of his 12 month pictures are posted here.

Day 15: Birthday Boy is Heading Home!

Birthday Boy getting buckled up for the final travel day ahead.  Heber City is such a beautiful area.  We left on a brisk morning, the first time we wanted our jackets since leaving Seattle.

Goodbye Heber City, Utah

Spying Salt Lake over the mountains

Our halfway stop for the day was Baker City, Oregon.  It was great to stretch our legs and enjoy some fresh air under the nice trees, but we were all anxious to get going again and be home.

Daddy and Cooper with the plane in the background at Baker City, OR

Back in Seattle means back in the clouds

We made it! Home, sweet home.

It was really nice to get home on a Friday and have the whole weekend together before getting back into the daily grind again.  We of course needed to give Cooper a mini celebration on his actual birthday with a candle and brownie after dinner.

Brownie celebration for the birthday boy


Day 14: Olympians

Mama and Cooper on the tour bus at Olympic Park

Today we adventured over to the 2002 Olympic Park where they did the ski jumping and bobsledding events.

Bottom of the long jump

Top of the long jump – it is so steep you can’t even see the markings for the area where you land

Kochman family bobsledding team

The aerial practice pool was the coolest part of the tour. ¬†You can see the bubbles they trigger to cushion the jumper’s landings as they practice their skills all summer long. ¬†If there had been shade in the area, we would have watched them practice for hours.

Crazy, I graduated high school with Jill Bakken (bottom right) the gold medal bobsled winner at the 2002 Olympics

Cooper enjoyed checking out the 2002 Winter Olympics museum with Daddy

That crazy kid of ours is always wanting to pose for photos ūüėČ

We ended our last “no fly” day of the trip with some family time at a park in Park City.

Family time in Park City

Cooper at swing attempt #4, no tears this time, with the comfort of Daddy so close

Cooper getting ready for bed on his last night as a 0 year old

It was so hard to believe that one year ago our amazing Cooper wasn’t even here yet and we were just starting the labor process this night.

Sweet dreams our almost 1 year old birthday boy!