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June, 2013:

Celebrating 7 One-Year-Old Birthdays!

In birth order: Nolan, Hannah, Austin, Cooper, Jack, Luca and Madeleine

What a celebration!  We got together as a PEPS family to celebrate the big first birthday milestone.  Thanks to Erin’s great ROYGBIV idea (indigo was later substituted for pink due to the closeness in color to violet), we had a rainbow themed party.  We made the kids matching shirts and then had a specific colored balloon and smash cake based on their birth order, Cooper is smack in the middle with the color yellow.  Amanda did an over-the-top job hosting the party with so many crafty details highlighting our rainbow theme, it was incredible.

Patel, Cavanah, Kochman, Sadlier, Elliot, Selem and Williamson families

I am reminded every week just how fortunate we are to have met such incredible families through our baby group.  Evantide Photography captured this special day for us including these great group pictures and then some family pictures.

Smash cake time

One of the cutest pictures of the day came when Cooper decided he should put his finger in his friend Austin’s mouth.  He second guessed this idea when Austin bit him, poor guy.

Cooper putting his finger in Austin’s mouth



After Austin bit his finger

Here are a few of our favorite family pictures from the day, you can find all of the professional Evantide Photography and our personal pictures here.

Our Family

Daddy and a clapping Cooper

Cooper and Mama

Cooper and his amazing pouty eyebrows

Welcome Home Daddy!

At the airport

We survived the 9 days, but it is so wonderful to have Daddy back home again!  One of my favorite videos from Rob’s trip was of him and Cooper Skyping, it is so great how technology keeps you connected even at such a young age.

That evening we got a babysitter and Rob and I headed to the Steve Miller concert to help him try to stay awake and adjust back to this time zone.  He was a trooper!  See Cooper, your parents are super cool 😉

Brad Miller (no relation to Steve), Kelly and Rob

Meeting New Friends

Luckily slides don’t seem to scare Cooper like swings do

One of the biggest benefits of staying home with Cooper is having so much time together to explore and meet new people during the day.  Today we headed to Bothell Landing park to meet my friend Theresa, from high school, and her 3 kids.  Her youngest son is 3 months older than Cooper and running around and climbing on everything.  I think Cooper was inspired as he used his newer knee crawling skills to bolt off the blanket and explore the grassy area near a park bench.

Kelly, Cooper, Michael, Caitlyn,Theresa and Henry

Just the kids and you can see Cooper is starting to get some better balance standing now.

Cooper, Michael, Henry and Caitlyn


Popcorn Popper

Cooper with part of the popcorn popper

We know our time is limited, but right now Cooper has only discovered one cupboard door opens in the kitchen.  Within this cupboard he only plays with the yellow plastic popcorn popper top.  Bizarre, but we will take it!

We tried another blogger kid project this afternoon by mixing finger paint together in a baggie against the window.

Painting Fun

We finished the day with a picnic dinner on the back deck.

Not So Happy

Mad Cooper

After capturing mostly smile pictures of Cooper it seems only fair to show his not so happy side.  These tears happened while I ran downstairs to switch out the laundry.  In typical Cooper fashion, the tears faded as quickly as they started when I got back upstairs.

Fortunately, not connected to the sad face above today was Cooper’s last day having formula and drinking from a bottle. We have slowly been adding in more cows milk in sippy cups during the day and today marks the complete transition.  It went really smoothly and Cooper doesn’t seem to mind drinking from a cup instead of a bottle or having cows milk instead of formula or breast milk.

In case you or anyone you know ends up needing to give their baby formula, I cannot rave enough about this ingenious idea by Rob.  In the morning we would use a large water bottle to fill the water to a marked line and then use the scale to weigh out the formula needed.  This allowed us not to lose track of counting scoops or tapping them even and let us make and shake the day’s worth of bottles all at one time.

Scale used for bulk formula making

I signed!

What an exciting day!  After months of signing to Cooper, today he signed back.  He asked for more food during lunch.

I have decided I need to start actually doing some of the very creative kid activities I keep reading about on blogs.  After his afternoon nap we set out some kitchen items for Cooper to explore.  His favorite items were the bowl lid and his kid spoon.  He loved to run items against the lid to hear how it sounded with the ridges.  The measuring spoons were played with more like wind chimes, he loves to make noise!

Time to Celebrate

The Patel Family: Erin, Nolan, Ross and their adopted son, for the party, Cooper

We started the weekend out right with two birthday parties.  Luca, from Cooper’s baby group, was hosting a dual birthday party for him and his dad.  Then that afternoon we headed further south to celebrate Uncle Mike’s birthday.

Birthday Boy Uncle Mike and Cooper

We are so happy that Cooper appears to have no fear of dogs unlike his Mama.  There were two big dogs at the Bonner house and Cooper was so excited to pet and be licked by them both.

Miss Maya and Cooper


Bonding Time

Cooper helping Daddy pack

Cooper and Mama get to have some extra special bonding time over the next 9 days while Daddy travels to India.  We drove him to work on Friday to give us a couple more hours of family time before his trip.  Cooper and I explored Pike Place after dropping Daddy off.

Exploring Pike Place

We stopped during our afternoon walk to take one last picture to wish Daddy a safe flight before he started his 24 hour adventure to Bangalore via Dubai.

Grandma Time

Nene, Cooper and Nana

Cooper loved getting to spend a week with two Grandmas.  The house was definitely noisier as they taught him how to use many of his noisy toys combined with his non-stop talking.  They definitely brought out his chatty side.

So proud to figure out how to turn on the racetrack all by himself

Checking out Kirkland

Nene, Cooper, Nana and Daddy

Daddy met us after work in Kirkland where we enjoyed a nice long walk, some bubble time in the park and a yummy dinner at Cactus.


Cooper, Daddy, Uncle Charlie, Nana and Nene