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May, 2013:


Cooper’s first time going through the tunnel

It continues to be one of the highlights of our week to spend Tuesday with our PEPS group.  I really enjoy watching Cooper interact and explore with his friends.  Today marked the first baby in our group to turn 1, the others will all follow in the next 6 weeks and Cooper’s birthday falls  in the middle of the group.

Madeleine and Cooper

Austin, Cooper and Luca


Cooper loves to play with his bedroom door.  He will chase to push it wide open and then shut it.  His favorite time seems to be after shutting it when you slowly open it as he looks up at you with a big grin.  Sometimes you get the reaction captured here which is closer to ” I am busy, what do you want.”

12 Month Family Photo Shoot

We headed over to Juanita Bay to meet Chelsey Hawes for a family photo shoot.  We are thrilled with the wonderful pictures she captured.  Here are some of our favorites and the full set can be found here.

My Pinterest inspired prop


Fancy Sushi

Breezy hair in Seattle

This evening we met Rob in Seattle to try out a fancy sushi place.  Cooper did fantastic with his finger food and for a brief moment we actually felt like pretty hip parents.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is even better than the pasta version!

Grandpa Time

Grandpa stopped by today for some play time before we head out on our trip.

First Mother’s Day

What a special day, it was my first Mother’s Day.  Rob spoiled us with a yummy breakfast and a fun family day together.

Cooper was helping to warm up Daddy’s socks before we left the house.


Flying Friends

We had a very special flight to the Spruce Goose Cafe.  We took Rebekah with us and all got to see Chad flying their plane (he is still in the fly-off period where he has to fly solo) for the first time.  Cooper met many new pilot friends and enjoyed a meal outside.

Flying with Chad off our wing

Beer Me

You lookin’ at me?

Redhook is one of the local breweries that we love to visit on sunny days.  This trip we were lucky enough to be joined by Uncle Charlie and later our friends George and Madeleine.

Cooper and Uncle Charlie have a love/hate relationship.  Cooper LOVES to stare at his Uncle Charlie and Charlie would rather do pretty much anything other than interact with Cooper.  We are slowly making strides to bridge this gap, but it is really entertaining to watch these two.

Cooper’s awesome Uncle Charlie

Cooper loved having his friend Madeleine join us today.

Cooper, Daddy, Madeleine and George

Cooper and his very talented drinking/holding Daddy


Meeting Miss Emma

Jen, Emma, Cooper and Mama

While Rob’s cousin Kristina was on a nursing rotation in Seattle we met one of her friends, Jen, who ended up staying in Seattle after their rotation ended.  We were excited to meet little Emma and the louder Red Robin environment proved perfect for Cooper’s new love of using his outside voice at meal time.