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April, 2013:


Today we met up with some friends to enjoy the Woodinville sunshine and use up a Jamba juice Groupon.  I love when these single ideas turn into fun adventures.  We had success finding cute clothes at Hanna Anderson and then hit the park for Cooper’s first time in the swing…  We will have to try it again with Daddy next time, that might just be the trick.

Airplane Annual

Rob has been working super hard to get through the annual inspection on our airplane.  Cooper and I would be more bother than help if we were to go up there, but we were able to contribute .012% to Rob’s checklist.  We added seals to the bulkhead to help remove some of the draft we were getting in the backseat.  Next year we will be more helpful Rob, fingers crossed 🙂

Brunch with the Mashruwalas

Mary Anne, Zane, Rob, Cooper, Rajiv and Caden

Cafe Pirouette in Bellevue was a hit for the adults and kids.  The sleepy little babies of last summer are now wide awake almost toddlers, playing and eating with the adults and Zane.

Later today Cooper showed off his accessorizing skills.


Contact Paper


Cooper and Madeleine

Are you one of those people who “pins” things that sound really cool on Pinterest, but the step of actually doing it never seems to be completed?  One of our amazing PEPS friends Amanda invited us over to actually do one of the suggested infant activities.  Cooper and Madeleine loved playing with the sticky contact paper and sticking different objects to it.

It was also a test for me as one of the objects was a cotton pad.  For those that don’t know I have a bizarre aversion to cotton balls, especially the sensation and noise of pulling one apart (Yes, Cooper, when you read this years down the road your mom is scared of cotton balls, but don’t worry I am sure it is not genetic).  It sends shivers down my spine and gives me goosebumps, but I did it because Cooper deserves only the fullest contact paper experience 🙂

Golden Tooth

Can you have a Golden Tooth similar to your Golden Birthday?  If so, today was that special day!  Cooper got his 7th tooth and being born on the 7th that officially makes it his Golden Tooth.  We like to celebrate anything and everything at the Kochman house.

10 Months!

  • Development:  Cooper has just started army crawling, he seems to do a dip to his right where his head gets really close to the ground when crawling on that side.  Perhaps it is his stronger arm.
  • Physical: He now has his two front teeth for a total of 6
  • Foods he has eaten: We have added egg yolks, avocado and cheese.  Cooper loves cheese just like his parents.
  • Firsts: Visiting Phoenix/staying at Nene’s, spring training baseball, army crawling, snow, hike, and Easter egg hunt

All of his 10 month pictures are posted here.


Pants-less Pianist

Cooper decided it was time for a recital between outfit changes this evening.

Army Crawl

Kya, Erin and Cooper

His cousin’s effort to teach him to crawl in AZ have finally paid off.  While visiting our friends Erin and Kya, Cooper felt inspired to make some forward movement.

Video captured here: