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April, 2013:

Sitting Up

Today we had a pleasant surprise on the crib camera.  Cooper can now move to the sitting up position from lying down.  A couple of times I have been tricked in to thinking his limbs are stuck between the crib bars and gone in to lay him down, but now he manages to wiggle his limbs back to the center of the bed.

Early Riser

Good Morning Send Off to Daddy

Cooper has been adjusting his schedule to get up earlier and earlier each morning.  We are not sure why, perhaps the earlier sunrise?  I loved when we used to get up at 7am.  Now we are starting our day closer to 6am, but the one benefit is that Cooper gets to see Daddy in the morning before he heads to work.


Getting ready with my helper

Today I woke up to a secret squirrel note telling me to be ready by 9am.  Rob was taking me and Cooper on a surprise adventure and he would take care of all the Cooper details.  I was excited and had many questions for Rob 🙂  The dads from our baby group had planned a mani/pedi day for all the moms while they watched the kiddos together.  It even included a home made lunch when we returned from our girl time.

Park time with the Kashis

Emma and Ellie scoped out the park before we arrived to see what Cooper could go on.  They found this dinosaur and the infant swing.  He still wasn’t really  into either option with tears again in the swing.  I guess we will have to just keep trying.  We did enjoy a nice picnic lunch and walk to the lake.

Fun in the Sun with Daddy

We enjoyed some family time in the front yard today when Daddy was able to catch the early bus home.

Daddy and Cooper

Goofy faces

Once we got inside Cooper quickly tried to impress his Dad with his quick crawling skills.  His favorite things to crawl to are the bathroom and Dad, especially when he is holding his cell phone.  You will notice the absence of pants, let’s just say Cooper really loved his bananas at dinner tonight.

Our Old Stomping Grounds

Rebekah, Cooper and Chelsea

Today we returned to Microsoft to meet my amazing friends, Rebekah and Chelsea, for lunch.  It was our first time back as a non-employee and seeing so many familiar smiling faces in the lobby was very fun.  Cooper loved playing with Chelsea’s long dark hair.

Growing Up

The gate is now up and in use

Where has the time gone?  Today Cooper started wearing 18 month onesies (still 12 month pants) and we now need to use the gate we installed a few weeks back.

During lunch today he had his first successful attempt at a strawed sippy cup and enjoyed what I would consider a real meal: tuna, cheese and grapes.

He is also showing us that he can find the one thing in a room he shouldn’t get in to.

The final milestone to mark off for this week is Cooper’s last time in the infant tub for his baths.  He will now be bathing in the big tub which means even more splashing potential.

Last infant tub bath


Nolan, Madeleine, Cooper, Luca and Austin

What a beautiful time of year it is.  Today we adventured an hour north to see the gorgeous fields of tulips with some PEPS friends.  The weather was perfect, the babies were incredibly well behaved and we all had a wonderful time.  We received many comments on how cute all the babies were when we were posing them with the flowers.

Kelly/Cooper, Erin/Nolan, Jillian/Luca, Kristen/Austin, and Amanda/Madeleine

Post Tulip Lunch

This trip also marks another parenting fail…Cooper’s first time eating dirt:

Dirt in mouth in 2 seconds…

The Last of the Breast-Milk


Cooper’s last breast-milk feeding

When Cooper was born I had set a top goal to try to breastfeed him until he was 1.  With an upcoming road trip and the logistics of pumping in the plane my updated goal was to go through the end of May.  I had heard it could take a full month to stop my milk supply so I thought I would start now.  My body must have been ready, within one week I went from 100oz/week of breast-milk for Cooper to none.

It is kind of bitter sweet.  What an amazing gift to be able to provide the single food for your baby, but also fascinating to think how he has matured from only drinking milk to being able to feed himself solid food.  He has always been a great milk drinker, never caring if it came direct from me, a bottle given by me or someone else and whether that bottle contained breast-milk or formula.  This path started when he was just two weeks old and we had to start supplementing with some formula.   The early introduction of the bottle, and his openness, allowed for many people to enjoy the gift of being able to feed him during his first year.

So Close and So Far


So Close

Cooper loves to crawl over to you whenever you have a phone out.  He also loves to explore all parts of our living area with this new crawling talent of his.

So Far