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March, 2013:

Daddy Loves Me

Opening presents

Cooper’s favorite part of opening a present is putting the ribbon in his mouth.

Today he got a new book from Nana and Pop-pop called Daddy Loves Me.  
Cooper then showed Nana just how heavy a 99% sized head is.

9 Month Doc Visit

9 months old

Cooper was in such a great mood at the doctor’s office.  He must have known there were no shots at the 9 month check-up.

It is getting a little harder to keep Cooper on the table, especially with that cool sounding paper on it.

A mover and shaker


Bananas and Avocados

Shopping for the perfect avocado

We are working on expanding Cooper’s love of textures.  With Nana and Pop-pop in town, we checked out the Central Market, a fancy grocery store, to find the perfect avocado for Cooper’s first experience.

First Banana

The meal was followed by a concert for the family.

Fun Food Seattle Adventures

Pop-pop, Uncle Charlie, Daddy, Cooper and Nana

We love Greek food and adventured over to Seattle for a very yummy lunch with the whole family.  We followed that with a chilly, but beautiful trip to Fisherman’s Terminal to pick up some fresh fish for dinner.

Fisherman’s Terminal

Seeing Lots of Green

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little early with a party at Diane’s and then again with Nana and Pop-pop.  In our house you do get pinched if you don’t wear green 🙂

Lots of green treats for all the kiddos

Nana and Pop-pop Are in Town

Cooper showing off his barn to Pop-pop

Cooper loved to show off his toys to Pop-pop, and he loved the computer toy that Pop-pop brought with him.

Pop-pop, his computer, Cooper, and Nana

Cooper enjoyed singing songs and snuggling with Nana.

Keeping up the tradition, we ventured out to a new brewpub.

Cooper and Nana at Bellevue Brewing Company

Tummy Time

Cooper’s favorite game is to see how fast he can get off of the blanket between rolling and spinning on his belly.  He still kicks his legs around like a fish out of water and has been able to get his belly off of the ground when he pushes up on his arms a few times.

Sometimes he takes the blanket with him.


No Socks = Sad Cooper

Sad Cooper without socks

During the afternoon Cooper is starting to take longer naps, meaning at least an hour and sometimes two.  To start his nap he usually pulls off both of his socks and enjoys sticking them in his mouth and playing with them.  On this unfortunate day they both fell out of the crib so he was pretty upset when he woke up without them.

Proud New Owner of 2 Front Teeth

Showing off his new chompers

This morning initially woke up at 4:30 am, but we didn’t officially started our day until 6:00 am.  During his morning diaper change we saw that Cooper was now the proud owner of two front teeth.  No wonder he was having a rough morning with both of these big teeth break through his gums at the same time.

Just starting to poke through, both at the same time

Lunch Buddy

Cooper and Cheryl

Today was our first time meeting up with a work friend for lunch since I left Microsoft.  We enjoyed catching up over some yummy sandwiches at Pomegranate.  Cooper loved the people watching, drinking from a big glass and playing with his rings.