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March, 2013:

Easter Bunny Found Us

Happy Easter from the “So Big” Cooper Bunny

I am happy to report that even though we were not at our own house, the Easter bunny knew to find us all at Nene’s house.  Each girl had eggs hidden in separate rooms by the Easter bunny and they later hid eggs outside for the adults.  Cooper even had his own Easter goodies on a blanket, thanks Nene!

Fiona, Stella, Cooper and Daphne


Adult egg hunt outside with little girl helpers

We wrapped up the trip with one last attempt at a group photo and headed on our way.  Thanks again for being the super grandma host, Nene!

The full set of pictures from our Phoenix adventure are posted here.

Cousins Arrive!

Stella, Fiona, Cooper and Daphne

How exciting to have Cooper’s cousins come to visit us while we were at Nene’s house.  In the morning we enjoyed some time in her backyard and the girls watered her plants.  After that we packed up and headed out to all of the kiddos first baseball game.  It was a spring training game between the Indians and Reds at Goodyear Ballpark.   The full sun exposed seats, 90 degree heat, and no breeze, means we lasted an hour.

Full crew in the AZ sunshine at the spring training baseball game

We followed up the hot game with some fun family pool time.  Cooper wasn’t allowed in the pool (2+ yrs old only), but he did get to dip his toes in the water for a brief minute.  Everyone took turns being out of the water with Cooper and playing in the pool with the triplets.

When we arrived to Arizona, Nene was set that she was going to teach Cooper to high-five.  I didn’t think it was possible, but she did it with great success and it remains one of his favorite things to do.  We have even had success giving Nene high fives over Skype when we returned.

Auntie Kari, Fiona and Cooper

Sister time with Cooper

First Family Desert Hike

Always looking for a new adventure, we decided to go on a real hike in the desert.  We headed to the mountains to check out Estrella Mountain Regional Park, and did the moderately difficult, 3 mile long, Baseline trail.  Yes, I want to give props to Nene and the rest of us for jumping right in to a moderate instead of easy hike for our first one 🙂  One thing about desert hiking is that there are no shady spots to providing natural resting areas so we would stop randomly in the full sun to drink our water.

Daddy/Cooper and Nene showing off the desert terrain of our hike

Cooper spent most of the hike sleeping in the Ergo carrier on Daddy’s back.  Apparently it was a comfy ride.

Mid-Trail Hiking Group Shot

With all the dust from hiking, it was definitely time for a bath.

All soaped up

A clean and happy Cooper

Desert Golfing

It has become a tradition to go miniature golfing when we visit Arizona.  This year was no exception at Castles N’ Coasters and Cooper played right along.

Cooper holding on for the big shot

Family Pic at the Golf Course

We ended miniature golf by cooling off inside and playing this extra large version of Connect 4.

Cooper and Daddy playing Connect 4

Fly Day

Today was the first time Daddy has flown with Cooper on a commercial airplane.  Cooper did fantastic and ended up sleeping for 1.5 hours of the flight.

Cooper hanging on for the ride from the airport to Nene’s house

Once we got to Nene’s house we had a little birthday celebration for me and got Cooper settled in for the evening.  Whenever we put Cooper down for a nap or bedtime he would start screaming hysterically like he does when he gets a shot 🙁  Perhaps it was staying in a new place.  I am not sure what triggered it, but fortunately he would still fall asleep within 10 minutes.

Family Spring Dinner

The kiddos: Paige, Cooper and Stephen

Pre Cooper we used to host a family dinner at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  We have not had the family gathering in over a year, it was really nice to have everyone together again.

The Family: Michelle, Ron, Charlie, Rob, Cooper, Kelly, Brian, Shannon, Valerie, Stephen, Janet and Paige

Rob took this great series of photos of me holding Cooper while trying to eat a carrot cake cupcake.  Cooper may be interested in a non pureed cupcake for his 1st birthday after all 🙂

Such a fun day

PEPS Chili

Youngest to Oldest at ~9months: Madeleine, Jack, Luca, Cooper, Austin (missing Hannah) and Nolan

As I have mentioned before we feel so lucky to have met such incredible families in my PEPS baby group.  We had a chili cook-off for our second family gathering.  There are some really good cooks in this group!

chili potluck

Turning Into a Blueberry

Cooper decided to feed himself the blueberry mixture this morning.

Bath time quickly followed, here is what Cooper looks like with wet hair, not so fluffy.

Snow Angel

Making a Snow Angel

We finally got a couple of inches of snow and were able to help Cooper make his first snow angel.

Final Product

Airplane Outfit

All dressed up in the airplane outfit Nana made for him (with the toy Auntie Kari made) to wish his Nana and Pop-pop a safe flight home today.