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February, 2013:

Signs Someone May Be Teething

Snacking on his high chair

Nothing is off limits to help Cooper get through teething.  These are some of our favorites from the past couple of days.

Reading snacks

If Cooper picks to munch on your finger then you better keep it bent to make sure you get behind his teeth.  Those new little teeth are sharp!

Snacking on mom’s finger

The Boulevard

Avery, Ben and Cooper on the boulevard

We adventured out with the Adrienne and the Miller kids for a chilly early spring walk on the Kirkland boulevard.

Our Little Don King

We are so in love with these big beautiful eyes and stick ’em up hairs

Edmonds Adventure


We wanted to take a family adventure together and ended up heading north to Edmonds.  We had a great time walking along the water, seeing scuba divers, watching the ferries and enjoying lunch at Anthony’s Beach Cafe.  At lunch Cooper was hamming it up, enjoying the extra attention of the wait staff and other customers.

Taking a break or trying to pull off his socks







Tooth #4 – Top Outside Left


We have fangs!  Or at least Cooper’s two outside top teeth have decided to poke through before the more common center top teeth.  He looks adorable as ever and we think the center two teeth are not far behind in poking through.

Here we have captured Cooper’s double cowlick, it looks pretty cool with his spiky hairdo.

Double swirl

Daddy Play Time

Walking home from the bus

Most evenings, when the weather cooperates, Cooper and I walk to the bus stop to meet Rob.  Cooper gets so excited when he sees his dad.  He loves their special play time together.



It was devastating to hear Cooper crying inconsolably for 2 hours straight two nights in a row.  We think the culprit is the top 4 teeth all fighting to come through within days of each other.  Today marked the first time we gave Cooper drugs to help with the pain.  Infant Ibuprofen did the trick and we gave it to him *before* bedtime the third night so he was able to sleep through the night again.  A funny note, apparently infant doses go up to 18lbs, so Rob added a little extra since our Love Bug is pushing the max weight 🙂

In case you were wondering, yes Cooper’s hair is getting longer, but still standing tall, even after a few days between baths.

Cloudy View

First time flying in the clouds

Today we took a family flight to Arlington for breakfast.  It was a quick flight, but we are trying to build up our (my) confidence for our road trip in a couple of months.  It was the first time for Cooper and me to fly in IFR conditions, which is when you rely on the instruments to fly through the clouds.

Cooper fell asleep on the flight home

Raising a Gentleman

Cooper held the refrigerator door open for me tonight, such a gentleman.

Valentines Day

Cooper had a wonderful first Valentines Day and enjoyed eating the paper heart we made together.  Rob and I have a tradition of getting the heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s, but with his diet we had to postpone a year and enjoyed a delicious gluten/dairy free meal at home instead.  Yesterday, we attended Cooper’s first Valentines party at the Johnson house, boy can Diane throw a great party!