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January, 2013:

Front to Back

Moose Wrestling

The full rollover has been conquered!  Today Cooper rolled from his belly to his back.  Now he is able to get anywhere he wants.  His preference currently is to roll back the same way he came from which works out great for us since that keeps him nicely placed on his blanket and away from things we need to start baby proofing.



Snuggles when sick

What a doozy of a week.  Cooper has been sick, came down with pink eye on Saturday and now is cutting his first tooth.   It can also be considered a trifecta because both Rob and I are sick, and we both got pink eye too.  When we took Cooper to the doctor she asked if we noticed he was cutting 2 teeth.  We hadn’t even noticed and now wonder if the crankiness and cold were due to the teeth.  We will have to wait for the next tooth to see how Cooper handles teething, when hopefully he won’t have a cold, too.  Apparently I always got a cold as a baby when cutting teeth so we shall see if Cooper does too.

7 Months

Stats will have to wait until our next doctor appointment, which is at 9 months.

  • Development: Cooper loves to push up during tummy time, and he is also getting pretty good at sitting up on his own, but we still use a boppy pillow around him to help prevent tipovers.

Tummy time push-ups

  • Physical: His hair is still super fluffy even as it continues to get longer.  It appears brown, blonde and red in different lighting.  He moved from size 2 to 3 diapers and we are now using the top slot on his carseat straps.
  • Bedtime routine: We start at 7pm and give Cooper a 9 oz bottle, change him into a nightime diaper (size 3), read a book, put into sleep sack, head kisses good night and a song.  Cooper may cry for a few minutes, but there are also a bunch of nights he goes straight to sleep.
  • Eating: Cooper is eating 9 ounces every 3 hours. We are feeding him 1/2 formula and 1/2 breastmilk. I did not breastfeed him this month since he has been sick on the weekends lately.  He has started solid food so far eating rice cereal and carrots about an ounce at a time.

Rice Cereal

  • Sleeping: Cooper is still an awesome sleeper and goes down around 7:30pm and we wake him up at 6 during the week and sometimes he sleeps until 7 on the weekends.
  • 7 Month Firsts: Eating solids (rice cereal and carrots) while sitting in a high chair, sleeping on his side or belly and being able to sit up on his own

All of his 7 month pictures are posted here.

Go Seahawks!

Go Seahawks!

Our Sea-Cuddler, nicknamed by dad, helped cheer on the Seahawks to a victory today.  He is currently battling a cold and pink eye so we laid low at home this weekend and Uncle Charlie came over to visit and watch the game.

We ended the day with Cooper’s first real food, carrots.  He loved them and Rob and I are getting excited to try new foods with him as he gets better and better at eating from a spoon.

6 Month Professional Pictures

Rob and I love the pictures of our family that we just received from  They were extra sweet and photoshopped out Cooper’s bloody finger from my nail cutting incident that morning.  I can’t believe how much has changed in less than a month; Cooper wasn’t even sitting up for these photos and now he is a professional sitter 🙂

Daddy and Cooper

Full set of professional pictures are posted here.

Zoo Firsts for Mr. Cuddles and Daddy

Cooper and Dad Hanging out at the Mashruwala’s

Today we started off with a fun football rivalry game for our friends Mary Anne and Rajiv who went to South Carolina and Michigan.  Needless to say our alma maters, MIT and Western Washington, will probably never play a game against each other since Western’s football program was cancelled so we will have to live vicariously through our friends.

After the visit in West Seattle we headed to the zoo.  Rob had never been and we wanted to go with our Microsoft discount.  It was super chilly, but we stayed bundled and enjoyed a very quiet zoo experience since the crowds were pretty small when the temperatures were in the high 30s 🙂  The penguins were loving the weather and the most active (sexually and otherwise); most of the animals were sleeping our hiding indoors from the cold weather.

Dad, Mom and Cooper at the Zoo