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January, 2013:

Last Day at Microsoft


Cooper and Mom at Microsoft

Excited to start my new journey of staying at home full time with Cooper.  After 11.5 years today was my last day at Microsoft.  Cooper joined me for my last couple hours in the office to meet my office mates and help me pack up my final items.

Meeting New Friends

Cooper, Adelind and Connor

Rob’s college friends Eric and Mimi and their adorable son Connor drove up for the day from Portland, where they were visiting family.  We met up with Skip, Amanda and Adelind to have a fun time hanging out with 3 babies.  We started the afternoon off with a yummy lunch and beers at Redhook and ended it hanging out at our house.  It was great to see everyone, and we just wish New York was a little closer to be able to see more of Eric, Mimi and Connor.  Connor is a week older than Adelind, who is almost 2 months younger than Cooper.

Hanging Out

The college friends and their kids

Rob/Cooper, Skip/Adelind, Eric/Connor

Going for a Ride


Cooper and his daycare friends

Today I picked Cooper up a little later than normal.  Apparently around 4:30 they get to go for a stroller ride down the hallways.  We loved how this picture captures how happy and smiley Cooper is doing almost anything.

Super Eater


Cooper and Dad

Today I took the day off of work to host PEPS, boy do we miss those ladies and babies!  Cooper was so excited by all the socializing that he followed PEPS with a 2.5 hour nap!

When Rob got home it was time for another feeding.  We decided to start off with a 5oz bottle (9oz is a full feeding) before giving him some solids.  He proceeded to drink all of the bottle, have 2 full 2.5 oz jars of food (squash and carrots) and follow it up with another 5oz bottle of milk.  An hour later it was time for bed and Cooper drank another 7 ounces of milk!  We are pretty sure there is no way his diaper will hold through the night and are drawing straws to see who “gets” to go in and see the damage in the morning 🙂


Family Meal


Charlie, Rob, Kelly, Cooper and Jane

Tonight we were sitting down enjoying Jane’s yummy chili when she noticed that Cooper was smacking his lips in his highchair.  We got out a jar of squash and he proceeded to eat the entire thing.  Looks like he wanted to be part of the dinner party.

A Relaxing Sunday

Daddy, Nana and Cooper enjoying a between football playoff game walk

We really took it easy during Jane’s visit trying to get the whole family feeling better and enjoying the time together.  Cooper is catching on to the picture taking concept and loves to smile when you hold a camera or phone up in front of him.

Cooper and Nana


Bigger Clothes and a Highchair

Daddy and Cooper showing off his new jammies

We moved Cooper into 12 month sized clothes, including these adorable new jammies from Christmas.  It is amazing how soft brand-new jammies feel.  We also started him in size 4 diapers (22-38lbs), but might go back to size 3 now that his poops are more solid and may not blow out every time like they did before.

Keeping with tradition, we visited Redhook with Nana and Charlie.

Showing off his new “Mr. Cuddles” shirt while we wait for a table

This was also the first time we had Cooper sit in a highchair at a restaurant.  He did really well, sitting in the chair the entire hour and playing with his links that we attached to the chair cover.

Cooper in his first restaurant highchair

Cranky Pants -> Real Poop


Today, as a welcome present for Nana, Cooper was the crankiest I have seen him in a very long time.  He was inconsolable most of the day.  Poor Nana  was watching him while I worked and did an amazing job with him.  Ultimately we busted out the yoga moves and prunes, desperate to find a solution to the backed up problem.  Cooper had not had prunes before, but after not pooping for 1.5 days, he was in some serious pain.  Nana was lucky enough to change the first real poop diaper and Daddy got the second one.

Nana, Cooper and Justin the Beaver

Later that night Uncle Charlie came over for dinner and Cooper couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.  They had many staring contests that evening.

Cooper checking out Uncle Charlie at dinner

Staring contest

Cooper won


Pearly White #2

Cooper’s bottom two teeth (taken in the airplane a few weeks after they first popped through)

Today Cooper’s second bottom tooth popped through the gums.  It is amazing how sharp these little teeth are when he starts chopping on your hand.

Pearly White #1

First Tooth

Today Cooper’s first tooth busted through the gums; it is adorable 🙂