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December, 2012:

New Year’s Eve Kisses

Ben and Cooper

For New Year’s we headed just a few blocks away to our friends the Millers.  We celebrated with drinks, pizza and cupcakes all before 9pm which was perfect for us.  Cooper had his first New Year’s kiss from Ben, I got one too 🙂  Rob and Brad were trying out their cameras in the low light setting with the very active kids.

Ben, Kelly and Cooper


Snowy Flight

Rob and I took New Year’s Eve off to enjoy a 4 day weekend together as a family.  It was chilly out, but the clouds were high so we went for our first family flight since August.  Rob flew us on the beautiful loop near Darrington where we were surrounded by mountains covered in snow and had a great view of the river below.  Cooper slept the first 20 minutes and was awake the last 20 minutes.  We will need to start thinking about how to keep him entertained in the plane on our long trip planned for May.

Chatty Cathy

Cooper loves to sing and talk up a storm.  It is so much fun to listen to him.  He seems most talkative in the car right before he falls asleep or on the changing table at night.  When he isn’t too busy talking, he loves to put his naked toes in his mouth on the changing table.  Oh to be that flexible again…

Eating Toes

Side or Belly

Side Sleeping Cooper

Cooper fell asleep during his nap on his side today for the first time.  This evening he rolled over and slept a lot of the night on his belly for the first time.  It will be fun to see if he is a side sleeper like his dad or a belly sleeper like his mom.  We can now tell how tired Cooper is, if he is super tired he sleeps on his back otherwise he wiggles around until he ends up on his side or belly and then passes out.

Big Boy Chair

Cooper and Dad

After a couple of days of feeding Cooper in the Bumbo we decided it was time to get out the high chair.  Dad makes eating so much fun with lots of sound effects and smiles.  I love this profile picture of both of them, it shows their heads are a very similar shape.

Christmas Light Baby Pictures

On Pinterest there is a link to a blog of very creative holiday photos.  I loved the Christmas light picture taken with a baby who can sit up.  Given that Cooper is little only once I really wanted to try this even though it was after Christmas.  I am so happy with the way the pictures turned out.  Rob did a fantastic job taking these pictures, he exceeded all expectations I had of what we could acutally do ourselves.

Christmas Morning

What a wonderful first Christmas with Cooper.  In the morning we Skyped with Rob’s family and opened presents together.  Here Cooper is modeling his custom pilot hat knitted by Nana.

Rob’s nickname for Cooper of Mr. Cuddles appears to be sticking for the duration 🙂  We received some adorable outfits for Cooper to display this nickname proudly.

Daddy with Mr. Cuddles

We celebrated Christmas with Dimitri, Grandpa and Grandma Valerie over a yummy brunch.

Snuggling with his new blanket

The full set of Christmas pictures is here.

Christmas Eve with the Robinsons

Shannon, Brian, Cooper and Justin the Beaver

The Robinsons invited us to Christmas Eve at their house.  It was really nice to be with extended family and enjoy the many special recipes of my late Aunt Nancy.  Nancy was all about Christmas and celebrating with family making it really fun to reiminise over a nice dinner together.  They gave Cooper a beaver that he absolutely loves to chew on; Rob named him Justin…

Cooper snoozing through most of dinner


Opening Presents

Cooper at his piano

I grew up with a tradition of opening presents with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve and Dad’s side on Christmas day. Rob’s family opens their gifts on Christmas morning. Today we skyped with Cooper’s 3.5 year old triplet cousins who were VERY excited to open their presents from us.  My sister had it orchestrated so we could watch them open our presents, I was less organized and we only opened a couple of gifts from them due to my poor planning.  Next year it will be a better virtual Christmas Eve present opening as now I know what to do 🙂  Cooper received a piano from the Robertson family and he absolutely loves playing it!

200 Days

Cooper Eating Solids

Cooper is 200 days old today, wow!  This means we have fed Cooper over 1,000 times and changed his diaper even more than that.  We have been reflecting on this milestone and how special every day has been since Cooper was born.  Today we introduced him to solids (brown rice cereal) and are excited for so many more ‘firsts’ that we have ahead together as a family.