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November, 2012:



It finally happened with Daddy.  Rob was able to make Cooper giggle.  I have tried for months and have not had success, but tonight on the changing table Rob got Cooper to giggle and it was repeated many times.  It was so cute to watch them.  I look forward to a lifetime full of Cooper giggles.

Fall Leaves


After a nice fall walk in the sunshine I wanted to capture Cooper with the colorful leaves before I raked them up.  Have I said what an amazing baby he is?  He just keeps smiling no matter what picture scenarios I put him in 🙂

5 Months!


Cooper will not have official stats again until our 6 month doctor appointment, but Rob and I feel very confident he will be right back in the top % for weight next  month.

  • Development: Cooper’s neck is getting stronger and he has spent some time sitting in his bumbo chair and still really enjoys standing.  We love how he stiffens his neck in anticipation of being picked up.  Cooper still hasn’t rolled over, but the movements to do so are getting smoother so we are thinking the milestone is getting closer.
  • Physical: His hair seems blond in some light and brown in other, his eyes are still a dark grey/blue color and he still shows two dimples with big smiles.
  • Bedtime routine: Start around 7:30pm with an 8-10oz bottle, change diaper, read a book, put into sleep sack, head kisses good night and a song.  Binkies have primarily been used for nap time and he doesn’t seem to suck on his hands or need a binkie at night.
  • Eating: Cooper is eating 8 ounces every 3 hours with an additional 2-5 ounces at a few feedings each week.  This puts him at 40-50 ounces a day (64oz are in a 1/2 gallon)!  We are feeding him 1/2 formula and 1/2 breastmilk.  On the weekends I typically breastfeed him in the morning when my supply is fullest and can meet his 8oz demand.
  • Sleeping: Cooper is still an awesome sleeper and goes down around 7:30pm and we wake him up at 6 during the week and sometimes he sleeps until 7 on the weekends.
  • Crying: He really only cries when he is hungry or sleepy.  Being in daycare now he seems to be adjusting nicely to being put in a crib for his naps and typically takes 2-3 a day.

5 Month Firsts: Attending daycare, first cold/croup, Halloween costume, fingerpainting and ferry ride

Auntie Kari and the Robertson family are very sweet to Cooper and have given him a book for each of his month birthday milestones, he loves the colorful tissue paper and new books for his collection.

Cooper opening his 5 month birthday book

New Day Care

Today Cooper started at his new daycare which is closer to my work and the one that Rob and I picked out back in March.  The slot finally opened up and it was time to start our new routine.  We loved Ms. Dulce who is the cook and was so sweet to Cooper from 7-9am each morning until the main infant room teacher arrived.

After two weeks in this new daycare, the “grandma” type environment, that I thought I would love, I no longer found to be the best for Cooper.  Each time I went to pick Cooper up they had him laying on a pillow and didn’t share any stories on how they engaged with him when I asked each afternoon.  He is a super chill baby and they always said he was such a good baby, but I realize I want him to be in a place where they encourage him to develop and try new things.  We went back to the original daycare with Ms. Nancy and Ms. Gehan on 11/19 and we are both much happier 🙂


Hanging Out Kochman Style


Robbie, Jane, Catherine, Cooper and Charlie

What do fall Saturdays mean for the Kochman family?  College football.  We started the day with brunch at the yummy Maltby Cafe and watched a number of football games.  Cooper helped us learn that loud cheers = tears.  We were able to get him to sleep for a nice long nap in our bedroom with the sound machine on to help neutralize the sounds of the ups and downs of the football game.

Cooper loved reading (eating) books with his Nana

Nana and Cooper

Ferry Ride for Ice Cream


Jane, Catherine and Cooper on the ferry

Friday was Cooper’s first ferry ride, taken with a goal of finding the best ice cream store per Jane’s research.  Mora’s is located on Bainbridge Island, so Jane, Catherine and Colin joined us for a travel adventure.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Doc’s Marina Grill and then saved room for dessert at Mora’s.  Everyone agreed the ice cream was incredible and my sorbet was the perfect mom dessert; it didn’t melt in the hour it took me to finish eating it, between driving and feeding Cooper.

Catherine, Colin, Jane and Cooper at Mora

On the way home we picked up Rob from his office where we had to do a very quick trunk diaper change.   Jane, who was in the third row, had an up close seat to the exciting action.

Van Gogh


Cooper’s first finger painting

Today at daycare Cooper had the chance to show-off his inner artist with finger paint.  We really loved this about his teacher; she finds activities for all ages to enjoy the seasons.  On Cooper’s report card it also said that he enjoyed playing with leaves at the sensory table and his mood was marked as cheerful 🙂