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November, 2012:

Winter Walks

Stroller Bundle

Cooper loves his bear hat made by his Nana to keep him warm on these winter days.  As soon as the rain stops, if it is still daylight out, we try to get out for some fresh air and a walk as much as possible.

Moving Day

Weekday Morning Routine

Every weekday feels like a moving day.  We take 7 bags with us each morning plus one cuddly baby in a carseat.

For Cooper: Diaper bag, bottle cooler, and any daycare clothes/diapers/wipes needed

For Me: Pump, pumping bottles, milk cooler, lunch and computer bag

Thank goodness we are getting a good system down, even if it starts at 4:45am. I pump while Rob gets ready and then Rob makes and packs all of the bottles and pumping stuff while I get ready. Rob then wakes up Cooper, changes his diaper and starts feeding him until he needs to leave to catch his 6:25am bus. Cooper and I are usually out of the house shortly after that or by 7am at the latest.

Morning Feeding with Daddy

Caged Naps

Crib napping Cooper

Cooper successfully takes naps in his crib at daycare, so we are now trying this at home, too.  Previously he could sleep for an hour if held, but only 20-30 minutes if he was put down in his crib.  We have already been lucky enough to get an hour+ long nap on the weekend, which is fantastic for everyone as Cooper is even happier after getting a good nap.  He loves to play with his binky before going to sleep, and he seems to prefer sucking on the side of it most of all.

Roly Poly

Cooper’s first time rolling over

The next big milestone has been reached: Cooper rolled over! It happened on Dad’s watch while I was gone for a pedicure with a girlfriend.  Before returning home I checked my phone to see this picture of one very smiley Cooper on his belly.  While I was gone he rolled over 5 times in a row from back to front both to his left and right side.  It took a little extra encouragement to see him roll when I got home, but he did it and we captured it on video.  His preference is to roll over to his right from his back to belly; he has not conquered the front to back roll yet.



Santa and Cooper

Today we ventured out to meet Santa.  We arrived at Molbaks during their Santa visiting hours and there was only one family in front of us.  At Molbaks you take your own pictures so we were able to get a few cute pictures with just Cooper and as a whole family.   

Kochman Family with Santa

Molbaks is also known for their annual tree made out of poinsettas so we took pictures there while enjoying yummy Kringles and coffee. 

More Marking


Today Cooper threw up on Dad, peed on himself and while waiting for a bath to clean-up from the first tinkle incident peed all over Mom.  Good thing he is so cute 🙂

Black Friday

Cooper conditioning for Black Friday shopping

The day after Thanksgiving has always been such a fun shopping day for me.  The thrill of getting up early and planning out my day.  Amazon doesn’t give the Friday after Thanksgiving as a company holiday so this year Cooper was my shopping buddy.  I must admit I gave up, even though my shopping day didn’t start until 8am, just two stores in and I was done.  I had Cooper in the Bjorn to be courteous to other shoppers, but after getting bumped around at the sock tables at Fred Meyer the thrill was gone.  I have not given up on future attempts, but it may have to wait until Cooper can hold a place in line for me…

So Thankful!


Kochman Thanksgiving

What an amazing year it has been.  We feel very fortunate to have such an amazing son in our lives and are grateful for our little family everyday. 

Our little turkey

We were very lucky to see so many friends and family on Thanksgiving.  My “fake” cousin Shannon and her husband Brian kicked off their holiday visits with us.

Brian and Cooper

Then we enjoyed a fantastic dinner cooked by my dad and stepmom, Valerie.  Rob’s friends, from Houston, the beautiful Mashruwala family, joined us for dinner and brought a homemade pumpkin pie.  Caden, their youngest, is just 1.5 months younger than Cooper and Zane, their oldest, is their amazingly well behaved 2.5 year old.

Zane, Mary Anne, Caden and Rajiv


PEPS Party

At Cooper’s school they had the infants finger-paint so I wanted to try it out when we hosted PEPS.  Cooper’s friends Nolan, Madeleine and Luca and their moms came over for the fun.  I must admit it didn’t go nearly as well as I thought it would (not much color on the paper with the finger-paint), but it was fun never the less.  I really miss these weekly meetings with such a wonderful group of ladies and their adorable babies.

Erin and Nolan

Hall of Fame Grandpa


This evening the whole family made the big trek to Seattle to see Grandpa (my dad) be inducted into the DECA (high school marketing program) hall of fame.  It was fun to get everyone dressed up and see my dad so surprised to get the award and have so many friends and family in the audience.   The ceremony was part of the annual Regional DECA conference so like with most high school events the music was incredibly loud and there was crazy lighting.  We were so glad we brought the airplane headphones for Cooper, he rocked out with the best of them even though he couldn’t hear the music and actually ended up falling asleep in his dad’s arms 🙂