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October, 2012:

Our Tootsie Roll

Our Tootsie Roll

It was a fantastic first Halloween for Cooper.  Rob’s mom, Jane, is in town and his brother Charlie also came over to visit.  We all enjoyed some homemade chili by Jane while Charlie took care of answering the door for trick-or-treaters.  Cooper is still fighting the croup so after some pictures in his costume we laid low and kept him inside this year.  Next year we will hit the streets with him.  Overall a successful first Halloween and hopefully the start to an annual homemade costume tradition.

This picture made me smile because it reminded me of the traditional bride putting on their wedding dress with the family pose:

A Seal

Big Boy

 A seal has joined our family.  Overnight Cooper’s cold turned into croup and he sounds like a very sad seal barking.  We can’t believe with just 3 days in daycare the germs already found him.  I ended up staying home to ensure he could be held, loved and get lots of sleep to try to fight this as easily as possible.  The doctor confirmed our fears that his first winter and being in daycare will mean 3 months of sickness.  I did like his analogy saying his immune system is like a library full of shelves and each cold is adding another book building up that library.  Hopefully we can get these colds out of his system soon and each winter will get better and better.

We were able to also do a weight check when we were there and Cooper is now up to 15.5lbs.  That is a 1.5lb weight gain in 2 weeks after not gaining anything for 2 months!  Looks like feeding him 8oz every feeding is doing the trick 🙂  He is even starting to hold his own bottle some of the time.

When digging up the garden for the winter we found this huge carrot, apparently we can grow big babies and carrots at the Kochman house 🙂

Fall Festival

Skeleton Cooper

Cooper’s second day in daycare was their annual fall festival so Cooper got dressed up in a costume for this big day.  I am happy to report we were able to get to the office in 2.5 hours after waking up, 30 minutes faster than our first day 🙂  Hopefully this will continue to get a little faster as we get more of a routine in place.  The second day of work there were a lot less tears.  I even found a perk… it is much easier to pump when not trying to feed and entertain Cooper at the same time.  Cooper of course is handling daycare like a champ and very open to the welcoming arms of his teachers.

20 Weeks and Back to Work

First drop off at daycare

Wow, 20 weeks went by so quickly!  Rob has reminded me that what makes returning to work the hardest is also what makes me very fortunate, 20 weeks off to be with Cooper.  Today was my first day back to work and it was a tough one.  The tears started last night when we were packing the bottles and didn’t stop until I was home with Cooper again tonight.  The first drop off was really hard, but I was really glad we could do it as a family together.   Cooper was his smiley self and very receptive to the teacher when we handed him to her.

On this first day back to work I was very thankful for how wonderful my friends and family are through the supportive emails, phone calls and a care package (thanks sis!).  I also came back into an office sweet words on my whiteboard and cheerful decorations.  I work with some pretty awesome people.

Cooper will be at the Northup Kindercare for two weeks while we wait for his spot at the Overlake Kindercare to open up.  I visited the Northup Kindercare yesterday and really like the teacher and her passion for giving infants creative experiences at such as a young age.

A+ at Physical Therapy

So Proud

Today we had our second to last physical therapy appointment.  Cooper is doing great on his exercises.  The next strength exercise we are working on is holding his neck up high as he rolls over vs. only lifting it once he is already over.  The last appointment will happen when he is sitting up to ensure he is not “tipping” his head to a favored side.

Tonight we were working in the office and Cooper was so proud of himself for sitting in the big chair all by himself.

Pumpkin Patch

First Pumpkin Patch as a Family of 3

There was a break in the clouds so we adventured out to the pumpkin patch.  Rob showed his fantastic navigation skills getting us through a corn maze without a map (they ran out) and we had fun picking out pumpkins.


Our pumpkin bounty

Full set of pumpkin patch pictures are here.

Double Trouble


Cooper Bath

Today we had the privilege to watch 1.5 yr old Ben at the Miller house.  Adrienne had a doctor’s appointment and Brad had a meeting so Cooper and I headed up to their house in case he woke up early.  Of course Ben woke up early because who wouldn’t if you had the cool Kelly and Cooper in your house 😉  It was an adventure nursing Cooper down the hall as Ben was crying to get out.  Fortunately Cooper continued to be his amazing chill self and let me put him down while I got Ben up and changed.  We continued nursing while Ben ate his breakfast and I gained huge respect for people who have multiple kids, especially close in age. 

Rob and I realized we don’t have many bath pictures of Cooper and captured this shot this evening.  The best part of bath time now is how fluffy Cooper’s hair gets. 

Fluffy Haired Cooper

PEPS Halloween

Nolan, Cooper, Luca, Jack and Madeleine

Today was our last official PEPS meeting and we decided to celebrate Halloween a little early.  I will miss this group the most when heading back to work.  It was so nice to have a regular Tuesday date with some incredible women and their babies.  Cooper and I hope to maintain these great friendships and join their play dates whenever I can take a half day off.

What’s up Doc

Rob and Cooper at the doc

We started the day with a belated 4 month doctor visit (stats are in the 4 month blog post).  Cooper was super chatty and social during our visit.  Each room at the doctor’s office has themed blinds, we were in the Mickey Mouse room for this exciting checkup.  Cooper got 2 shots and one oral vaccine.  The nurse said she had never seen an infant drink the oral medicine so quickly, usually the cold and taste upset a baby, but not our Cooper 🙂

That afternoon Cooper and I headed north to visit a co-worker and her beautiful twin boys Matthew and Nolan who are 2 months younger than Cooper.  It was really fun to meet them and it is crazy how much busier it is with twins than a single baby!

When You Have Rotten Bananas…


Dad and Cooper Cooking

Make banana bread. It was our first family baking experience together, and the end product was some yummy banana bread, perfect for breakfast.

Cooper loved family baking time.