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September, 2012:

PEPS Potluck


Cooper in Dad’s arms

What a special treat: today most of the people in my PEPS group got together for a full family BBQ.  It was so much fun to meet the dads of the babies we have been meeting with every Tuesday as a baby group.  Thank you to Erin and Ross for hosting the fun event and taking this adorable picture of Cooper.


Family Picnic

Dad and Cooper relaxing in the yard

We are just two days from October, and the weather is in the mid 70’s.  Taking advantage of this nice weather, Rob picked up some Subway sandwiches and we enjoyed a nice lunch in the front yard as a family.

In just 15 minutes

Close Up

Good thing Cooper is cute!  During the morning feeding Cooper spit up all over me when I was burping him.  This seems to be happening more frequently lately and I am not sure why.  Needless to say, after this milk bath I needed to take a shower and get some new clothes.  Once I got cleaned up, it was time for another Cooper feeding.

After this next feeding the excitement continued.  I put him down on his activity mat while I pumped.  Ten minutes later I noticed the leg of his jammies is soaking wet and there is a puddle on the carpet.  Yikes, I quickly get him up and change his diaper, but during the diaper change Cooper peed again all over the change pad and jammies.  How can one baby pee this much?  With the new outfit on I put him in the crib for 5 minutes while I cleaned the carpet and prepared the playmat and changing pad cover for the wash, then it happens.  He pooped out the back of his diaper and all over this new outfit too.  As I was changing him he also got poop on the second changing pad cover.  This felt like one of the longest 15 minutes so far of parenthood and it took me the rest of the day to recover from it 🙂

During one of his later pre-nap screaming sessions I switched from holding him in my arms to upright, where he fell asleep instantly.

Mom with a very sleepy Cooper

Then we ended the day with a few loads of laundry from the morning adventures

Not more laundry

Walking in the Sunshine

Cooper at Greenlake

We have continued to have fantastic weather in Seattle throughout September.  This has been perfect for getting out for lots of walks.  Many times we hit the slough with Loreen, but this time we ventured over to Seattle to meet up with our friends Mary Anne and Caden.  I am happy to report the snap and go stroller successfully made it around Greenlake twice (6 miles).  We went once with MA and Caden and then after lunch and another feeding, Cooper and I hit the pavement again because the weather was just too nice to head home.

Now  it was approaching the end of the work day so we swug by and picked up Dad who helped with the next feeding while we watched seaplanes land in South Lake Union followed by another fabulous dinner at Cactus.

Dad and Cooper at SLU

How to Make a Baby Pee

Checking out the beer

The day started out with the always fun PEPS meeting and then a doctor appointment for Cooper.  His pee had been smelling really strong like apple juice for a few days so they said we should come in and get it checked out.  They wanted a pee sample to check for diabeties.  How do you get a sample you ask?  We have always found during a diaper change that a little breeze seems to do the trick.  In the doctor’s office they have a little bag they put on him and then ask you to feed him hoping that triggers a baby to pee.  At first it didn’t work for Cooper, but then he settled right in peeing in the bag and pooping all over the outside, poor nurse…  We are happy to report that Cooper is not diabetic and everything was as expected.  The doctor even complemented Cooper on his head shape 🙂

We followed up this exciting evening by checking out a new brewery with Shannon (aka my fake cousin) and Brian.  The food, beer and company were all fantastic and it was a great evening out at the Elliot Bay Brewery in Lake City.

WHAT!!! You won’t let me have any beer???

And so it Begins

Like father, like son

Football season that is 🙂  Cooper really enjoys watching football with his dad and has been practising neck strength to make sure he can get the best angle to see the game.

Check out my neck muscles

Do the Puyallup

Rob and Cooper at the fair

What a fun day!  We decided to make it a full day and adventured down to the Puyallup fair.  We enjoyed looking at the animals (Cooper was not as big of a fan of the loud roosters), eating fair food and playing some of the games.

Cooper and Rob at the ring toss

Mom makes me do the silliest things

All fair pictures here.

On our way home we stopped by to visit Aunt Janet and Michelle along with the kiddos Stephen and Paige.  Cooper was pretty hungry and tired at this point, but rallied for a nice short visit.

The evening was finished off with Rob and me playing board games, which I love and made it feel like one of the old weekend nights pre-kiddo.

Cooper did wake up at 11:30pm for another feeding, which hadn’t happened since he was 6 weeks old.  Rob is guessing it happened because we were still awake and we are hoping it was just an off day/night.

Footloose and Swaddle Free

First night swaddle free

Rob has been wanting to put Cooper to bed without a Swaddle for weeks, and I keep coming up with excuses to delay it.  We agreed that the first night had to be on a Friday, so if the evening didn’t go well Rob could be on point to get up.  Well the big day happened on Friday and Cooper slept like a champ.  There was a little more fussing as we put him down, but he slept through the night.

Social Butterfly

Helping make the bed

Today Cooper was a social butterfly.  We had a fun afternoon catching up with my high school friends Jen, Jenni, Megan, and some of their kiddos.  Cooper was wonderful with the kids and loved being held by Jenni.  That evening we also hosted book club where Cooper again was full of smiles for all the ladies.  He also had a fantastic time hanging out with daddy upstairs while I socialized 🙂

Meeting Sophie

Cooper meets Sophie

Today Cooper was introduced to Sophie the giraffe.  I don’t know what it is that kids love about this toy, but Cooper is definitely into it too.  He loves to suck on her nose, ears and legs.

We also had a very nice hour+ walk around Cottage Lake with our friends Amber and Ty, a longer than expected walk since Ty fell asleep in the Ergo carrier we just kept walking to keep him napping 🙂  Cooper also happily slept in his car seat in his snap and go stroller, given to us by Amber.