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July, 2012:

Spagnolo Visitors

Cooper, Edward, Valerie and Joan

We started off the day with a fun lunch on the Microsoft campus to introduce Cooper to my coworkers.  Then Valerie came over with her mom, Joan, and grandpa, Edward, who turns 103 next week.  It is amazing to see so many generations!

We also took this opportunity to get a picture of Cooper with the beautiful handmade blankets that Valerie and Joan made for him.

Cooper, Valerie and her jungle quilt


Oil Change


Oil Change

With the upcoming travel plans, including Rob flying the airplane down to Dallas to get it painted, it was time to finish the to-do list.  Cooper and I helped Rob with the oil change.  This was the first of many future “family” maintenance days at the airport 🙂

Cooper’s Crib


Cooper’s first night in the crib

This past weekend we moved Cooper into his own room and into the crib.  He continues to sleep like a champ, 6-10 hours at night.  We are also sleeping better now that we don’t hear every grunt he makes.   Having a fancy monitor that tells us if he stops breathing makes me feel much more comfortable having him on the other side of the house, but I did cry the first night we put him down in there. 

The other fancy thing we have for his room (given to us by the very generous Robertson family) is a camera that can be moved remotely and shows a great image of the crib even in the night.  The live video works with the iphone or computer, but not my windows phone, so I have to refresh the screen to see if he is moving or sleeping 🙂

We have been very impressed with how much he moves in the crib, even in a swaddle.  After some experiments we have determined he consistently moves counter clockwise and seems to stop once he hits 90 degrees from where he started.  Not sure how this will work when he gets longer than the width of the crib.  There is added pressure now to make sure we put him in the exact center of the crib so he doesn’t hit his head or feet with the nightly 90 degree rotation.

Checking out the New Office

Cooper and Rob in Rob’s new Amazon office

Today we went to visit Rob in his new office.  The views are incredible from his building, you can see from downtown to Lake Union and up to Capitol Hill.

We followed up the office visit with dinner at my favorite restaurant, Cactus and then a post meal walk to Lake Union to watch the seaplanes land.

Enjoying a post dinner snack at Lake Union

Sleepy Cooper

Cooper sleeping on the changing table

I have never felt so rested since Cooper’s arrival!  Last night Cooper slept from 8pm-3:30am and then from 5-8:30am.  I was able to get 8 hours of sleep in just 9.5 hours time.  The longer stretch is pretty consistent these past 2 weeks, but he was following that with 3+ hours of awake time from 3am-6am which cancelled out the benefits of the long stretch.  Rob and I also need to work on going to bed earlier to enjoy more of his longer sleep session. 

I still can’t get over how amazing I felt with this much sleep in one evening.  Now that we know he can do it we will see if it happens again.

For the record here is the previous Cooper at 4am look.  Most of the time his eyes were even bigger.

Previous 4am Cooper

Auntie Kari Visit

Auntie Kari and Cooper

What a great way to wrap up the family visits with Auntie Kari in town.  I think she really enjoyed her time with Cooper and seeing what life is like with a single baby vs. her experience with triplets.  Cooper keeps us busy, but it is nothing compared to the early months with three babies.  She took over the role of expert photographer and got some great shots.  It is easy to forget to take pictures in the day to day routine so it was a great reminder to take the time to capture these memories.  She also does a fantastic job of bringing energy to our daily routine and showing me new and exciting ways to play with Cooper.

Kari, Cooper and Kelly at Pike Place Market

We adventured out to some craft stores and found letters to spell out Cooper’s name for the wall in his room.  I love craft time and it was really fun to get my crafty side started up again.

Kochman Grandparent Visit

Cooper in Nana’s arms

Cooper again was on his very best behavior when Rob’s parents came to visit.  He was extra snuggly with Rob’s mom and really impressed Rob’s dad with his restaurant manners (sleeping).

Pop-pop and Cooper

Nana and Cooper

We enjoyed playing tour guide as Rob’s parents searched for an apartment for Charlie to live in when he starts college up here in August.  We cannot wait to have his brother in town with us.  We enjoyed his dad’s delicious cooking as well as trying out some new restaurants.  Sticking with tradition we also made time to sample new beer and visit the old favorites.

3 Generations of Kochmans

Nene Visits

My mom came to visit this week, which started the two weeks of out-of-town guests.  It was so wonderful to have her here and for her to experience for herself just how cuddly Cooper is.

We started off her visit with Cooper’s third airplane trip, to Roche Harbor.  Full set of pictures here.

First “Field Feeding” in Roche Harbor

She really enjoyed hanging out with Cooper and was very impressed with what a great baby he is.

Nene and Cooper

Rob also started back to work this week, at a new job at Amazon.  We are so thankful for the 4 weeks we had together to bond as a new family.  We miss him at home, but I love how Cooper gets so excited when he hears his dad’s voice when he returns home in the evening.

New Job Celebration Cookies

1 Month Old!

Cooper at 1 Month Old

Wow, Cooper is already 1 month old.  The time has flown by and we fall in love with him more and more everyday!  One month milestones and details.

  • Tummy time: he can turn his head from one side to the other, when he wants to
  • Neck strength: is starting and he can lock his legs to “stand up”
  • Smiling: is becoming more frequent, but it still doesn’t appear to be tied to anything that we do
  • Eyes:  Cooper has some amazingly big eyes that usually come out at bed time.  We love his bright eyed and bushy tailed look
  • Eating: ~40 ounces a day and gaining ~1.75 ounces, both appear to be about double other babies his age.  He eats every ~3 hours and can stretch to 5 hours during the day if he is being held or in his carseat, but wants to eat right away as soon as he is handed off or taken out of his seat.  He enjoys a pacifier and will very happily eat from the breast and take breastmilk or formula from a bottle.
  • Pooping: It is amazing how one little guy can produce so much poop, nearly every diaper. It is a mustard yellow color and looks like it contains seasame seeds
  • Sleeping:  he is starting to have a 5-7 hour stretch starting 7-9pm and it looks like the 2 hour of wide awake time at 2am is passing so he follows the long stretch with the typical three hour window
  • Crying:  Cooper is a very laid back kid.  He typically cries as he passes gas before a feeding and when he is hungry.  He is fantastic in the car, airplane and on walks.
  • Nicknames: Rob’s favorite is Mr. Cuddles or Cuddly and my favorite is Love Bug
  • Full set of first month pictures here.

Tummy time with a dimple

So Big

Flying to visit the Bonners in Puyallup

Paige, Kelly, Michelle, Cooper, and Stephen at the Puyallup airpor

We took full advantage of Rob’s time off and decided to fly to Puyallup for lunch and to meet my cousin Michelle and her kids, Stephen and Paige.  Stephen loves babies, and Paige likes airplanes so it was the perfect meet up.

Stephen and Paige checking out the plane