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June, 2012:

Buff Dude

Cooper is now 3 weeks old and showing his strength.  Looks like I need to work on my swaddling skills.

Dad and Mom Alone Time with Cooper

Thursday I adventured out for my first time away from Cooper with some girl time shopping at the Marysville outlet mall.  Rob and Cooper had some boy bonding time which involved lots of relaxing as captured in this photo.  I must take responsibility for this ridiculous outfit due to an overnight blowout, instead of letting Rob take the fall for the outfit selection 🙂

The next day Cooper and I headed to Babies R Us for my first solo trip leaving the house with him.  We were able to get everything on the list, and he slept very nicely in the Moby wrap during our adventure.

Kelly and Cooper at Babies R Us

Newborn no more

Week 3 has brought some big changes as Cooper continues to be a very good eater.   He has moved from Newborn to size 1 diapers.  Here are our favorite newborn outfits, as he also starts into the 0-3 month clothes.  In addition, Cooper’s umbilical cord fell off confirming his belly button is an inny.

Mom’s Favorite Duck Butt

Dad’s Favorite “Mr. Cuddly”

First Flight

Cooper’s first flight

Today Cooper took his first flight in our airplane.  We took a family trip to Port Townsend to enjoy breakfast at the Spruce Goose Cafe.  They are known for their delicious pie so we ordered a piece of apple and marionberry to go and had a very yummy afternoon treat back at home.  Cooper did great in the airplane and at breakfast.  His head needs to be held up on take-off, but with a little more neck strength in the coming months he should be able to soon hold up his head on his own. 

This also marks my first time feeding and changing him out of our house.  I fed him in the back of the car at Paine Field and we learned the truck is the perfect height for changing him.  It was an odd sound to hear baby coos at the airport instead of the standard airplane engine noise.

Emergency Room :(

Cooper’s Hospital Anklet and Blood Pressure Cuff

Friday night, we had to take Cooper to the emergency room–his respiratory rate was as high as 100/min, whereas 60 is the upper end of normal for his age. After 6 hours in the ER, a chest X-ray, monitoring and blood work they admitted him to the pediatric unit for observation and to figure out what was going on. The good news is that they checked everything, and aside from the fast breathing, he’s perfect. His oxygen saturation is at or near 100%, no fever, no infection, bloodwork all good, chest X-ray negative, echocardiogram looks perfect, as does the brain echo they did. They ruled out all the really bad stuff and monitored him for over 24 hours to make sure he’s safe. At this point, we’re left with the strong possibility that this is just “normal” for him, and that he’ll grow out of it eventually. We’re unsure whether this started on Friday, got worse Friday, or we just noticed it on Friday.

We had a follow-up with his doctor the following Tuesday and he also felt that the tests showed no other signs of concern, but did recommend we not go to Jackson Hole for the upcoming family reunion due to the prolonged time at the higher elevation.

Newborn Photo Shoot, Updates and Redhook







On Saturday we had a newborn photoshoot done with Ashley Fuentes.  She had Cooper downstairs for 4 hours and we never heard a peep out of him.  She is amazing!  We received these two photos as a teaser from the session and posted the full set of photos here:

Cooper update:  He is 98th percentile in height and head circumference and 85th in weight at 9 lbs 13 oz.  He continues to grow at 2 ounces a day vs. the average 1 ounce a day for a newborn.

Kelly update:  I continue to feel better each day from the surgery and stopped taking Percocet just a few days after leaving the hospital.  I did have some extra soreness on one side of my incision and learned that the side the doctor stands on is often much more sore than the other side due to the angle and strength used on that side.  We have started family walks and my pace is slowly picking up from a mosey.  The swelling from 24 hours of IV fluid in the hospital is slowly starting to go down and hopefully in a few weeks my shoes and wedding rings will fit again.  It is still a big adjustment to be sitting with Cooper for an hour every ~3 hours to feed him instead of running around and being more productive at home.  Thank goodness for Rob who is doing so much around the house while I am feeding Cooper.

Rob update: Rob started his 3+ weeks of paternity leave and we are so happy to have this family time together.  Our typical routine is for Rob to burp, “top off” with a bottle and change Cooper’s diaper at each feeding.

We adventured to Redhook for our first meal in a restaurant and had a great time.

Getting Ready for Redhook Lunch and Beer



We wrapped up the weekend with Cooper’s first bath at home, he is not a big fan of bath time.

First Bath at Home

First Week at Home

We are really enjoying all of the snuggle time with Cooper.  Here is my favorite picture from the week.

Rob Burping Cooper

We had two doctor appointments with a lactation specialist, a great benefit of our hospital.  At our first appointment Cooper weighted in at 8lbs 12oz, down 10% from birth and lower than the 9lbs 4oz he weighed when he left the hospital.  They started us on a formula supplement, have us waking him every 3 hours to eat and reduced the time I breastfeed to 10 minutes per side, down from 30-45 minutes.  We went back for a second check-up on Wednesday where Cooper was back up to 9lbs, 4oz.  They didn’t believe the difference since babies are supposed to grow at 1oz a day and he gained 8 ounces in just 2 days.  Who knows if the first scale was off, but we definitely have a growing baby on our hands!As a family, we also ventured out to Target for our first non-doctor outing.

Rob has been a super trooper with my restriction of stair activity he has been cleaning/making all of the bottles and bringing me all my meals upstairs.  It has been frustrating to be so needy, but I also know it will help me heal faster if I follow the doc’s directions.

We wanted to celebrate the big 1 week milestone so we got Cooper dressed up in his handmade (by Nana, Rob’s Mom) sweater and hat and ate brownies to celebrate this special day.


We ended this first week with another milestone.  After changing over 40 diapers to my ~4 diapers Rob got peed on twice that night.  I also received a special non-diapered poop experience.  Way to crank out two more milestone in the last hours of your first week Cooper! 🙂 Here is our first family photo at home next to the sign that Rob’s parent’s friends had delivered to our house to announce the arrival of Cooper.  We have been very blessed to have many visitors and meals brought to us which has been so helpful as we settle in.

48 more hours in the Hospital

It is crazy to think after delivery we were going to be on our own in just 48 hours.

The morning after delivery between nurse visits we started talking about names and later that afternoon decided on Cooper Ingalls Kochman.

Cooper – My maiden name and a name that would not be continued with the last generation made up of 3 girls

Ingalls – Rob’s mom’s maiden name and that of the grandparents he spent many summers with growing up.

While in the hospital Cooper had a glucose test, photography session, circumcision, hearing test and his first bath.  Rob and I attended their basic parenting class.  I must admit, for nearly all of these 48 hours I was in a fog from the pain medications and just went through the motions I was told to do.  A very bizarre feeling and one I hope I don’t have to go through again.

Routine Hearing Test

Rob was also lucky enough to get to change his first poopy diaper.

With all the baby checks completed, we were officially discharged on Saturday June 9th at 7pm.  We had one last test to pass and that was the car seat installation which Rob passed with flying colors.


39.5 Weeks: I Think My Water Broke

In the 39th week of pregnancy we knew the baby was coming, but just didn’t know when, and kept hoping it would be before the June 22nd induce date.  Our request to the baby was that he come in the morning or afternoon so we could be well rested for the big day… that didn’t happen.

Here is a timeline of the most exciting day for both Rob and Kelly


10:05pm – Rob and Kelly go to bed

10:20pm – Kelly wakes up to use the restroom again, thinking this is going to be a very long night if Kelly is already needing to use the restroom again.  Realizing there was a lot more liquid than the typical restroom stop Rob gets woken up with the news that Kelly’s water has broken

10:40pm – Rob confirms that it is indeed Kelly’s water and calls Evergreen hospital, they confirm we should head in, but we can take our time.  We finish packing the hospital bag, take showers and get last minute items in order including taking a final pregnancy picture to wrap up the series.



12:00am – We arrive at the hospital and are sent to the triage room; it was a very slow night, so we  were the only ones in triage.  Kelly is dilated 3cms and 70% effaced and the baby’s position is still high

1:00am-3:00am – Walk around the maternity wing and Rob made a sandwich/snack run

3:00am-7:00am – Rested/Slept

7:00am – Kelly’s doctor, Dr. Russell, visits and 7:30 a.m. nurse Candace arrives on shift as their 1:1 nurse

7:45am – Pitocin is started, and Kelly receives her first IV.  This would have happened closer to 3am, but a rush of woman arrived very far along in labor they needed to wait for more nursing staff to start at 7am.  Begin more hallway walking.

9:50am – Return from walks and the Pitocin level is now at 10

12:55pm – Kelly is now 6cm dilated and 100% effaced

1:40pm – Epidural is complete, done by an anesthesiologist who flies with some of Rob’s airplane friends–they are everywhere 🙂

2:30pm – Pop remaining bag of water, dilation is 8 cms and baby’s position is at 0

4:35pm – Another exam, Kelly is dilated to 7 cms and the baby’s position to be at -1

7:00pm – Final exam, Kelly is still at 7cms and baby’s head is still above Kelly’s pelvis

7:30pm – Decide to do a c-section, Kelly’s first surgery so she was very nervous and uncontrollably shaking from 30 minutes before going into the room until over an hour after the surgery was complete

8:26pm – Baby boy Kochman arrives into this world.  As he was being pulled out he began to pee all over everything like a sprinkler 🙂  Dr. Russell confirms there is no way he would have arrived vaginally after seeing his size, especially his head size.  Rob was the first to hold baby and brought him over to Kelly, their nurse took fantastic pictures of the whole experience.

He was 9 lbs, 12 oz, 22″ in length (they had to use a tape measure at the end of the scale because he was longer than the ruler on the scale), with a 15″ head circumference. 

Pictures of the birth experience:

39 Weeks: Getting Closer

One week left until BK’s due date!  Rob and I are both convinced he won’t be arriving on or before his due date, but it has still been fun to count down…

Doctor visit: I am 1cm dialated and 50% effaced.  Both stats I could be at for weeks before he arrives, but at least they are small signs he might want to join us sometime this month.  She is also predicting him to be a 9lb 8oz baby.  I didn’t ask if that was at his due date or his induce date (probably because I don’t want to know).

This will be my last week working from the office, and then I will work from home until BK arrives.  We have been enjoying time with friends, with one planned activity a day on the weekends being the perfect amount given the energy that I have for each day.  Until the last couple of days, the rain has held off so we have been walking a couple of miles after dinner, which has been nice, and we look forward continuing it after the kiddo arrives.  I have been driving to work instead of taking the bus this week and didn’t realize how much I counted on my two naps a day.  I have started a new routine this week where I take a short snooze in the evening before Rob gets home.  Rob and I are both busy tying up loose ends at work and getting ready for my 20 week and his 3 week leave.