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January, 2012:

21 Weeks – Making Room

This week I have been feeling the little guy move a ton. He definitely lets me know when I am sitting down after moving around for a while since he seems to wake up at those times. Resting and orange juice really gets him moving; he loves a morning shot of orange juice.

Rob and I made not one but two trips to Babies R Us (aka hell on earth due to the bizarre layout and overwhelming feeling I get as soon as I walk through the doors), to see what baby things are out there. We have received a number of hand me downs from our very generous friends and family and were so thankful to realize we now actually have a number of the items we were looking at in the store. He is one lucky little guy to have such fantastic people in his life!

This weekend we made the first step in preparing our house for the baby’s arrival. We switched out our guest rooms so the queen bed is now in the room next to ours and the future baby’s room will be the original purple guest room on the other side of the house. Many people have told us that if we have the space and layout we might get a few more moments of rest at night if we didn’t share a wall with the little guy.

20 Weeks – It’s a boy!

Video of the ultrasound:
Pictures from the ultrasound:

What an exciting week it has been. We had the long anticpated 20 week ultrasound when we found out our bundle of joy is a boy. We didn’t have a gender preference and were thrilled to see that everything is looking healthy. It was also odd to think this could be our second and last ultrasound until we see the little guy in person if everything continues to look good.

Rob was able to feel the little guy move this week for the first time which has been so much fun to share with him.

Let the naming game begin!  If you have suggestions please leave us a comment. We would love to hear them.

Party Hat Snowman

19 weeks – Fluttering, Snow, Rat

In the morning or when I am sitting up my belly is still pretty soft, but each night after a day of eating (I am assuming) it is hard as a rock and much bigger. This picture was taken at night. I have gained 5lbs so far which is on track for someone who had some “room to spare” so I am feeling great about that. I find myself snacking throughout the day and not able to eat as much at dinner. I am feeling more fluttering this week and am pretty sure I can officially declare it to be the baby moving vs. gas. 🙂 Rob and I really looking forward to our 20 week appointment next week, where we will be able to see BK moving again and hopefully get confirmation it’s a healthy baby as well as find out the gender.

What a fun week it has been! I returned from Colorado to a snowy Seattle. I have spent 3 days this week working from home and enjoyed a walk in the snow each day. I also was able to make a little progress against a fear I hoped to never face. Two years ago when moving the lawn mower a rat ran out and I screamed… This week we noticed a hole next to our shed. I bought my first rat trap ever and then learned from Rob how to set a rat trap after his first attempt with peanut butter wasn’t successful. Let’s just say we learned they prefer string cheese, and it was one healthy rat 9″ long (without the tail!). Thanks to Rob and me, the rat is now in the garbage can and I hope I get to put that on the list for things we never have to do again, pregnant or not! I understand this is not related to being pregnant, but a big fear milestone that I felt the need to share 🙂

18 weeks – Pregnancy = Pat down

This weekend marked the 4th airline trip for BK (Baby Kochman). I have been pretty lucky with getting in the line that didn’t make you go through the full body scanner (thanks to Rob’s eagle eyes) until these past two trips. Both times I have opted for the full body pat down instead of the full body scan, not knowing if there are any longer term affects on a baby. Let’s just say I was preparing for the random strangers who could want to touch my stomach in the coming months, but the full body pat down is a little much…

The pat down was worth it because I got to spend a fantastic weekend in Colorado with Nicole and her family. Here we are at the Western Stock show Rodeo, definitely one of the many highlights from the trip!

Wyatt, Nicole, Dylan and Kelly at the rodeo

17 weeks – New Pants

January 4th marked the official first day of maternity pants. Now that I am back at work after some time off for the holidays, I have realized that perhaps there really is a baby bump. I love the full belly panel pants to keep me even warmer during these winter months. Adrienne brought over two bins of maternity clothes for me to borrow, for which I am very grateful. I will be one stylish mama in the coming months!